Corbyn and the nuclear question…

It has struck me as a dark sign of terrible times to see the leader of the opposition repeatedly questioned, attacked and lambasted on the issue of nuclear war. In a sane world, Corbyn’s longstanding stance of working towards a world absent of nuclear weapons would be lauded, but this is not that world. Instead, we find his personal opinions, many times stated and campaigned for, presented as weakness, as a security threat, as a reason not to elect him…

Any media source which attacks a candidate for his steadfast determination to rid the world of nuclear weapons is on the payroll of the power structure which floods our many screens with the need for nuclear weapons. This includes of course, Israel, and their main slave the US government, and also the military industrial complex of both the US and UK. These corporate sectors occupy number 1 and 2 on the list of manufacture and export of weapons globally, which mainly head to the very warzones we are told are the result of our enemies. It is in the interest of profit and those seeking global hegemony to make war, and to scare people into accepting that more war is needed. For their own protection.

As for Israel, openly supporting ISIS and Al Nusra, they are an undeclared nuclear power. Nowhere near and never a member of the non-proliferation treaty…yet that is another story entirely.

What I wish to make clear is the insanity of a society who values more a leader prepared to launch a nuclear strike, than one who would rather rid the world of the capacity to destroy everything.

Nobody is threatening us with nukes. The only countries who could make any serious nuclear holocaust are Israel, US, UK , China and Russia. Possibly also Pakistan, though such are the defences already in place, it is highly unlikely.

Now the only threat, is of the US/Israel axis marching towards nuclear confrontation with China and Russia. Two countries not in any way launching war after war in foreign lands, but hugely focused on making money, developing their society in all ways. They only have nuclear weapons to deter the anglozionist war machine. And this is precisely why you find in the news constant reports of the Russian threat! And the North Korea threat! The same crowds responsible for threatening these countries, are demonising them to justify not just the threats, but the placement of nuclear weapons to launch a pre-emptive strike to hope to cripple them.

Unfortunately, this is not viable. For in the case of Russia, even a pre-emptive strike against them which knocks down all defences, will lead to a staggering response to annihilate much of the world. And why would they have anything different in place, when it is our allies and our government, who are constantly threatening them?

Why would you want a prime minister prepared to launch a nuclear war?

“any policy which leads to launching a nuclear weapon will destroy the planet”

I couldnt agree more, Corbyn.

The reality is that nobody is threatening the UK with a nuclear strike, the present UK government is complicit with threatening others with a nuclear strike. We have another option…

People are fools to believe that North Korea could launch a nuclear strike against England. They may well have some nukes, but have no interest in using such a weapon, and China would not allow them to do so. They have them because we threaten them constantly and have massacred their people and their land in recent memory.

People are fools to believe that Iran would or could launch a nuclear strike, for even the majority of US intelligence agencies have confirmed that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. And their spiritual leader, which matters hugely in an Islamic society has stated numerous times that to develop let alone use nuclear weapons is against Islam.

This is so simple. If we have nuclear weapons, and we threaten other countries who have nuclear weapons, we become a target. If we have no nuclear weapons, and refrain from threatening other countries with nuclear attack, we are not targeted, we become allies with those unwilling to destroy the planet…

The obvious path to lessen any chance of global apocalypse is to remove that threat, to work with both our so called allies and foes and move towards a nuclear free world. Corbyn wants this, May wants to continue the agenda of the War Machine.

I would prefer a world without nuclear weapons. Wouldn’t you?

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