These last 7 days….

February 1, 2024

These last 7 days have plumbed new depths of depravity and wretchedness… These next 7 must be recovery of control at the helm of this dangerously listing ship. Zac’s special gathering, an adventure, many strangers, no doubt all curious if not simply thoroughly decent – perched on the frontier, proper wild ocean framing the scene […]

gems in the MEgA ROugH>>>ICe CreAM

January 9, 2024

In a world where millions are listening to the skittle faced ghoul mong Mr Tickley Tekishi9, I dont need to go too far back to find when hippetyhop still bounced and meant something in spirit and street poetry. I’ll delve beneath the former mainstream… The story of a talented kid…who lost his brother in a […]

Gems In the MegA ROugh VOl XIXIIXXXVV- Clear BLUe SkiES

December 9, 2023

Clear Blue Skies, the one eyed  man living amongst the blinded eyes, is lonely, a life spent seeking homely… feelings are all that ever matters. most have eyes, yet dont speak from the heart,,, …. ……We are focused on making the most of our luck, many here buy more TVs, bigger cars with GPS and […]

BAptiSM of The SubLIMe – Where the water meets the land is where I find my sanctuary…

November 16, 2023

Currents of warm then cool roaming the shallows after arriving from the endless horizon, The flesh squeals with vitality, Mind awash with deluge from all directions of wilderness, Senses and spirit aflutter within the weightlessness wandering, Rising falling in rhythm to the lunar symphony sung by the sea, Baptism of serenity, Here I am at […]


November 14, 2023

I need to turn to the old gods…. and the humans, closest to my outline of species>>>> Sagan was an incredible offering of how amazing we could be, more meaningul, valuable with every word, than the focus on actors and influencers of celebrity morons I have never heard of, nor do I want to know […]

Rick IS

November 6, 2023

I realise now why I’ve been reluctant to write anything I could call even vaguely a eulogy,  a farewell,  for I struggle to think and let my heart catch the meaning,  let alone to write or say out loud ‘Rick Was’.  The time of mourning remains too thick a veil for me to yet loosen […]

Finding my tribe…Ode to Rick

November 2, 2023

It has proven a troubling, challenging, hideous, appalling few years…not due to the COVIDTRON/…that was more curious, not lifechanging… Carnage on two wheels, snapped neck, emerging from the hospital with a cage drilled into my skull…. Timeline muddled. After the last giving all but my prime devotion to a cause of romanticc madness, we were […]

The most exciting ride, sponsored by the most profitable death CUNT CORPORATIONS.

August 19, 2023

‘take the knee’…support the SPAZ movement, with walls being built by the government. Messages sent on social media for all the products built by capitalism. Rules Guns Rules Guns…and yet look see! the financing is coming from JP Morgan and Chase>Take the kids to DISNEY>>> The most exciting ride, sponsored by the most priofitable death […]

i need to get home to…Neptune

July 7, 2023

I am trying to recover from repeated gruesome wounds, Was already leaning to cynical, drawn hugely to everything but human Nature, finding solace of heart soul and… the human in me, dissolved in the waves, and the moon still somehow alive in the daylight, like my dreams come alive in the wake. I am too […]

A child of Venus trying forlorn to GET HOME///

June 13, 2023

Best begin with a bounce! flashes of feral wild wanabe human,. The pulse of something echoed ever in all of the wilderness… A heartbeat pounding, ancient gods haphazard conjured… as I am squealing, ‘find me a ticket to VENUS…’ Such is the furious spin of my compass, it comes to time travel, back to my […]