HOWLING. Leave the screens alone…

November 29, 2022

My mind moves swift, learns rapid, understands complex and simple…is a high functioning thinking device. A long term fan of everything that causes my thinking to pause and reflect, be challenged, forced to grow… Sagan…Burroughs…not much more of human record has moved me in thought for so many moons. And yet…throwing myself into the ocean […]

burning and turning

November 18, 2022

The world is too long turning and burning in the wrong direction, Our overseer claws on the control panel gone berserk, finally challenged… So we lurch closer to not the nuclear exchange that seems topsoil worry, but the long considered plans to plunder all that is left, which includes not just Europe, but well beyond… […]

echoes from blunted fangs…

October 29, 2022

I used to have hope. prance playful as the sometimes sad presented wild clown, generally jestful, the more I delved deep below the topsoil, the less the circus smiled. Still, I clung to my inert Romeo complex, whilst this cynical questioning of EVERYTHING grew, was nourished further through what I felt was clinging to the […]

A new dawn?

September 23, 2022

I am often staggered by the power of the corporate mass propaganda machine. And must be suffering from some incredible borderline imbecile naivety as I continue to be shocked by how gullible, unthinking and so easily herded the majority of people have long become and continue to be. No matter how many times they are […]

Does the Lightning worry how it looks?

August 30, 2022

  This period of confinement, I had thought to be fertile ground for writing pure and brutal, for my woe has never been so dark and grim. Even now, I find my eyes watering as the flesh winces, the mind recoils aghast, the spirit howls forlorn. I have become so accustomed to this, that I […]

Trust in the dragonflies courting…I smile in a vanity of hopelessness,

June 6, 2022

Who can I trust? Beyond a handful held ever beloved, only the rivers and tides, blizzards and winged beast singsong abounding, when the humans remain aslumber… I still feel the howl of my homosapien kinfolk, beyond any Left or Right.. beyond any identity politics, when their howl…. I hear/feel/find more powerful than Sun or Moon […]

The positivity of paying for a killing…

June 6, 2022

We have been paying taxes towards mass murder, pillage, war profiteering… I am complicit. We all are. And it has all been the KILLING and BOMBING, to line the pockets of our corporate overseers, for too many moons… whilst we at best awkwardly pretend that we pay to slaughter people, somehow for their benefit??? more […]

Schwab is the epitome of EVIL??? Find a Better Way To LiVE…

March 22, 2022

I am appalled and close to dumbfounded by the gullible 99.9% of people who are blindly, believing in the same vile corporate/state very much bedfellows scum, who lied to us about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and that ‘quiet genocide’ in Yemen…I paid for the mass murder and mutliation of these people.     These […]

bumble fluttering with petals for wings…

January 25, 2022

This period of bother, some have aghast, solemn expressed of the agony I must be experiencing and am, and of the fertile ground for torment I was never expecting, ill prepared for, which I should be writing plumbing depths, and offering reflection. I prefer to reveal the reaction to the snippets of pain I never […]

The howl of the feral>>>>

November 9, 2021

Where are the flames in the eyes? the wild heat of passion making fanatics out of us? The same zeal I sense of all non human creatures, a true and all powerful seeking to survive and experience everything? The PANDEMIC which has petered out, yet still, we pay millions of our hard earned $$$$, to […]