Obama – A presidency of Tyranny.

By tdf, December 23, 2016

Whilst many seem prone to sharing carefully conjured collages of Obama, presenting the pigfucker as a decent man, who has done so much good for the world, I hold a different view…one which has not been hoisted upon me, but one of logical analysis of Reality. And so, I ask of you, solely to ponder the following facts. Before adding a facebook share and like to the onslaught of mass disseminated tomfoolery carefully designed to keep you believing, against all odds, in the system…

A global assassination program of drone warfare.

Obama has been responsible for signing off on countless kill-lists, which target by drone strike, not just suspected terrorists, but those who could potentially become or find contact with suspected or alleged terrorists. The term ‘terrorist’ can be defined in this context as ‘a threat to US assets’. Which could prove to be a father of five in the tribal regions of Pakistan. He farms, attends the mosque, and word has been given, through torture, of an Iman preaching anti US hate speech at the mosque. And so…let us call him Hasan…he attends the mosque one night, zero talk of anti US sentiment, just the usual koran routine, and as he traipses home, smiles as he sees the goats and his two sons running towards him, an explosion erupts, smoke, his eardrums dead, just silence and carnage as he is flung to the floor…he opens his eyes to find his two boys reduced to a mangled, smouldering scattered pile of limbs…the shock is horrific, he thinks of his wife and daughter, who come running out the shack, and another explosion strikes…all that remains when the smoke clears, as Hasan runs to the shack, are smouldering bloodied embers of all but his daughter, her legs gone, her face blackened, but she seems alive…with nobody to help…Indeed, this is the work of Obama. And his drone strike program.

A brilliant report of such things can be found here>


The official death toll of this global assassination program during Obama’s Presidency, those targeted offered no trial, no warning, is set at around 5000, yet is likely far higher…perhaps as close to 10-20000.

The destruction of Libya

Libya was the richest African state. With free health care, free education, massively subsidised electricity and gas, a blossoming literacy rate, ever decreasing child mortality, with eagerness to both further devolve key decision making to local councils and to unite Africa to escape from Western debt rooted control. Obama oversaw, with major assistance from Clinton, the desolation of that country of that people, bombing it back to the dark ages, stealing the gold, oil and water…and finding sickening joy in seeing the leader of such a blossoming country and culture brutally tortured then killed. Obama presided over the transformation of a thriving country into a dead zone…

Without doubt there were some bothersome issues with mainly the warped use of power of Gaddafi’s sons…but the country was still peaceful, people could live and thrive. And they retained the infrastructure and system to build. Until Obama approved the mass destruction of Libya.

Who gave Obama the right to destroy Libya?


Maidan happened after the dodgy, by all measures, yet democratically elected leader and his team decided to say No Thanks to an EU economic deal which would bankrupt the country, instead choosing to go with the Russian deal. Soon after we found poison wench Nuland handing out bread to ‘protestors’ in Ukraine, as the CIA armed certain groups and likely inserted their own assets to morph the engineered ‘revolution’ into the killing of police and soldiers. The new ‘leaders’ were chosen by Obama’s administration. This is beyond crazed conspiracy theory…as it comes straight from the horses foul mouth:>>>

This is the US assistant secretary for Europe and Eurasian affairs, openly deciding the government make-up of Ukraine. And adding in for good measure, when concerns are raised of possible EU opposition, ‘Fuck the EU’…It was not Russia who decided the Ukranian government, it was the US. Which tells any right minded individual who engineered ‘the uprising’.

As for the people Obama’s team decided to put into power…they were and remain openly neo nazi, have tortured and killed scores of those who resist their rule, engaged in genocide, burned people alive and proudly commemorate nazi heroes…

With the East rising up in opposition to nazi rule, a region predominantly ethnic russian, the Crimea was targeted by Obama’s darlings. A swift referendum was held, yes yes! the same routine afforded the Scots and the UK in recent times. The result was an overwhelming 96% victory for reintegration to Russia, of which Crimea had been a part for aeons. This was called an ‘invasion’ and ‘annexation’ by the West, yet there was no war, there was a referendum. Just like many took part in recently for BREXIT and formerly for Scottish Independence. When the enslaved have a referendum, it is fine and dandy, but when our enemies do so, it is completely ignored by Western media, and instead used to confirm and punish Russian Expansionism.

The Russian Black Sea fleet has been stationed in Sebastopol legally for many moons, and had a lease on the military port until the middle of this century. They did not invade, they were already there, legally. And so, to refer to Crimea returning to Russia, through a referendum monitored by scores of international observers, as an ‘annexation’ is plain wrong. It is merely a show of people consuming the mainstream media mantra, without stopping to question anything.

There was also the MH17 attack, which was immediately pinned on Putin. And led to further sanctions. With so few people able to consider what the hell could Putin and the separatists possibly gain from taking down a civilian airliner full of westerners? Nothing. Global condemnation assuredly. Further isolation. Neither of which could be considered a gain. It made zero sense for Putin or the ‘rebels’ to incur the wrath of the world and it made huge sense for the enemies of Putin, those seeking to isolate and demonise Russia, to validate the ‘uprising’ to further persuade people of their heavy anti Russia stance. This was an airliner, whose flight path was deviated by Kiev, who was shadowed by two ukranian fighter jets just before it was shot down. Yet Obama blamed Putin. And millions to this day still accept this, without questioning for a milisecond Cui Bono?


Obama has overseen, heralded, armed and constantly protected the invasion of the sovereign state of Syria by Jihadist mentalists, who have wreaked havoc, mass slaughter, tortured, raped, destroyed much of the country, caused vast swathes of refugees to head for safe haven. ┬áHe has not done this alone, for the EU vassal states, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and most likely Qatar and Bahrain have also been largely involved in the supply of the foreign fighters who have invaded and caused carnage. Obama’s message has been clear, ASSAD MUST GO. Despite the people re-electing him twice, despite the most obvious forces fighting against Al-qaeda and ISIS and their other brand names proving forces loyal to Assad, despite irrefutable proof of NATO pals Turkey stealing oil, in leagues with the heart eating, head chopping invaders. He has consistently demonised not just Assad, but any other force legally invited by the sovereign leader of a foreign state to assist in the struggle. Millions have been forced to flee, hundreds of thousands slaughtered, resources pillaged. Through all of which, Obama has continued to support the invaders, continued to lie of the reality. The more Russia and Iran have helped Assad to turn the tide, the more muck he has thrown at those two nations. His CIA and security officials have of course joined in the same chorus, and they have become so absent of regard for the people, in Syria or even at home, that they can openly admit their support, or at very best complicity, for the work of ISIS.

yes yes! the US avoided bombing IS oil convoys…out of respect for the Syrian people. These convoys were heading to and from Turkey. Millions of dollars of Syrian natural wealth stolen, Jihadists nourished in supply routes. Thankfully the Russians did more than just watch…hence further demonisation of Russia. How dare Putin attack our IS boys in black! The damn nerve of the man! He MUST BE STOPPED!

We have been supporting ISIS and AL Nusra. From the very beginning.

War on Whistleblowers

Obama has presided over more charges against those brave souls who place their own safety secondary to the good of the many, than the grand total of all previous presidents combined.

Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are the tip of an iceberg of US state persecution of those whose conscience has squealed too loud, those who have decided to accept their fate, by doing what they feel is right in revealing the sinister reality of the US government. Obama has moved to punish and persecute these people.

Whistleblowers are often well aware – the three I mentioned undeniably so – of the repercussions of revealing to the world the wrongdoings of those of which they blow the whistle. None of these men (well man then something else in Chelsea Manning’s case!) have prospered. One is in exile, one is in military jail, one is pretty much under house arrest, leaning on the uneasy decency of the Ecuadorian government. They are the closest we have to heroes. And of course, we are told and directed to demonise them. As we are told and directed to demonise ANYONE who manages a mass dissemination routine of sinister revelation of the brutal wrongdoing of our governments.


Obama has openly supported the Saudi invasion of Yemen. He has armed them, overseen a media blackout on the mass killings, the mass starvation, the destruction of yet another sovereign state. Whilst continuing to pour fuel on the fire, as do the same vassal states such as the UK, France and the House of Saud, a country with one of the most horrific human rights records on the planet, a regime who rank highly on the most obvious exporters of Wahhabi terrorism by any measure.


Obama has done nothing to curtail the slow genocide of the palestinians, Settlement expansion aka destruction of palestinian homes, theft of their land has blossomed unchecked. Mass killings have been defended. The budget of military aid has increased from the US to Israel. Some small time spats for the cameras have taken place, yet the reality is that like any and all US Presidents, Obama has continued to bow down to Zionist control of the mass media, of his own government, of his own script, of their continued, obvious efforts to cause major conflict in the Middle East. To cause unrest in the region which they can control is very much part of the Zionist agenda.

Arms Sales

The US, under Obama, has exceeded all previous levels of supplying weapons to the world…


This goes some way to explain why the US is consistently engaged in creating conflict. War is good business for Obama.

In conclusion…

Obama is not a key decision maker in any power structure. He is a spokesman. He reads off a script, says what he is told to say, spouts lie after lie. Yet let me focus on what he has been the spokesman for, during his presidency.

He has overseen and directed the following global efforts –

  1. The destruction of a prosperous, progressive Libya.
  2. Orchestrated a US sponsored military coup in Ukraine. Placed Neo Nazis in power. Who are the most logical culprits of the MH17 downing.
  3. The invasion of a sovereign state of Syria, supported Jihadists, tried to make deal after deal to protect the Jihadists through ceasefires, then used this to bomb the Syrian troops and fling more much at Russia and Assad.
  4. Expanded hugely the global assassination program where the victims have no trial, no chance, collateral damage aplenty.
  5. Sold more weapons to the world’s worst regimes than ever before recorded.
  6. Nourished nuclear proliferation.
  7. Supported Israel in their slow genocide of the Palestinians. And furthered the Greater Israel Project.
  8. Supported and armed the invasion of Yemen by the Saudis.
  9. Prosecuted more whistleblowers than the combined efforts of ALL Presidents before him.
  10. Orchestrated false flags in Europe and the US designed to garner support for more war and to nourish Islamophobia.

The first black President of the US has waged war upon war, destroyed nations, caused the largest refugees crisis Europe has seen since the nazis, solemnly declared lie after lie and shown TOTAL OBEDIENCE to the very worst powers at play in the shit rivers of humanity. Despite all of which, the masses love him, respect him, for they peek at their phones, consume the MSM message, and have long forsaken the capacity for critical thinking.

By my own reckoning, Obama is the closest I have known to the Devil. The Grand Deceiver. His reign has been one of terror, carnage, mass slaughter and deceit.

I see little difference between the Germans supporting Hitler, as those now supporting Obama…Different colours, same manufactured direction to validate extreme brutality in our name, with our taxes…

And to finish…a few snippets of Obama when someone steals his script…

Obama has overseen the destruction of Ukraine, Libya, Syria and Yemen. He has launched a global mass slaughter by drone program. He is a puppet, but a puppet representing the Death cult of the anglo-zionist power structure. Anyone who can consume the above and still sing his praises is a playful sociopath or provably spastic.


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