seeking a pulse…every coin is a dead kid in Gaza.

May 29, 2021

I am getting long in the fang. A future as a civil servant ‘helping people’ make money. Familial pressure to invest in property, which to do, would move me too far away from the ocean and forest, the only realms where I find true beauty, calm marvel, solace… and that ghoul path to the civil […]

Rumblings from the War Desk…DROP MORE BOMBS!

April 3, 2021

Whilst forging an ever changing bed of sand on the shoreline today, for the hordes were upon me, the serenity of the same niche yesterday transformed into a magnet for the masses- I was curious of the police helicopters taking turns to swoop in low over the crowds revelling in the unexpected final hurrah of […]

Frogmarched towards a prison we were offered and embraced…

December 26, 2020

For many moons, we have been lied to. By our governments By the mass media. By the marketing machines. All are connected. With such intense investment poured into maiming the many of any capacity for critical thinking, it can come as no surprise that the many will accept everything and anything they are spoon fed. […]


September 9, 2020

Just like the Skripal saga, the same platforms all connected to the corporate elite and intelligence agencies in the West are megaphone repeating the condemnation of PUTIN DID IT! Also the same is the complete absence of : motive evidence By the way, where are the Skripals? Those poor souls Putin allegedly tried to have […]

May you live in interesting times…

March 24, 2020

All is silent when the music stops and I have the garden and darkness to consider. No wind. No motion of any nature or wilderness, which is odd and worrying. Meanwhile, whilst the headphones have been donned, and Keny Arkana and Sole have been playing, and I have been ranting to a wicked pixie lady […]

The death throes of an empire…

March 16, 2018

It is becoming a farce. Perhaps this was evident longer ago than I realise. Yet I am well aware that I am not alone in failing to even register a brief chuckle as I watch the West, led as per usual by the mouthpieces in UK and US, stamp their hooves and claw at the […]

North Korea and Horrid Haley

December 30, 2017

With old man Trumpet seemingly hellbent on making new enemies globally by the hour, it is tricky to keep up with who should be worried the most. Mega wench Nikki Haley has been ‘taking names’ at the UN as finally that haphazard US vassals united organisation decided to show a brief, yet welcome, hint of […]

There is a sickness in our souls…

August 26, 2017

I grow tired and tense from my ranting and raging of global affairs, of matters in which my pipsqueak of a virtual and more vocal in the flesh squealing, are as futile as I fear and others suggest. Yet now and then, I come across another, of like mind, like heart, and far more brave […]

The RED ARMY will strike again! Run for cover!

August 21, 2017

What has proven disheartening of my travels through Eastern Europe is to have found the free walking tour guides promoting the same rhetoric as we are given further West. I am talking or the ‘threat’ of Russia. Even with the brutality and savage genocide delivered by the Nazis, the Germans are not considered a threat […]

This is a man (and country) we paid to kill…

July 23, 2017

Gaddafi was a crazed and if pushed, dangerous man. He was a fanatic who not just enjoyed Total Power over his kingdom, he grew to need it, as all great despots lean to. As their command grows to such a tidal wave, that none stand in its path. However…sometimes these men who find themselves in […]