North Korea and Horrid Haley

By tdf, December 30, 2017

With old man Trumpet seemingly hellbent on making new enemies globally by the hour, it is tricky to keep up with who should be worried the most. Mega wench Nikki Haley has been ‘taking names’ at the UN as finally that haphazard US vassals united organisation decided to show a brief, yet welcome, hint of mettle, when voting down by a legion the Tel Aviv/ Washington decision to deem Jerusalem the new Israeli capital and move the US embassy there.

Hardly the Mayan slave rebellion, but a tiptoe dallied in the Right direction.

What this means in terms of US foreign policy in the Middle East is probably very little indeed. Despite the squawking of Haley…who has somehow managed to make Samantha Power seem like an Florence Nightingale with her demonic drive for war, mass murder and total enslavement…not to the call of Washington’s tune, but that of Tel Aviv. The real power, or at least a major part of the real power, behind the Western War Machine (aka Death Inc.) which has been maiming and slaughtering country after country with impunity, at least until Russia and Iran stepped into the Syrian horrorshow and have steadfastly worked to not just curb the enthusiasm of the anglozionist led invasion, but they have managed to completely turn the tide.

Israel stands up for the ideals of freedom and human dignity? I would hazard a guess that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of palestinians would contest that statement. Those killed, those who lands have been stolen, their homes demolished, their little ones tortured, imprisoned for throwing stones at tanks if not massacred on their way to school. Yet Nikki sings a different tune…

Every single statement Haley makes is a vicious lie for which she will never pay a price in this life, but others will. She is fucking with the existence of millions of lives, and does so flippantly in seething hatred of every possible fibre of morality and ethics.

The general assertion of her viciousness is the following-

We OWN the UN. 

We do not respect the UN unless it does what we say.

We are above international law, because we make the law.

Israel and the US rule the world.

Rather than dissect her demonic demand for ALL others to submit to Zionist will, I will focus on a story which is a little nearer to home…

The situation in North Korea continues to prove worrisome. Whilst many appear to believe that Kim Jung Un is a crazed madman eager to start nuclear war, the reality appears somewhat different. Before pondering the Now, I must mention the still recent enough to be poignantly relevant Korean war.

Between 1950-53, North Korea lost approximately 3 million of its people through bombings by the US and Republic of Korea. The collective punishment effort attacked civilian centres, dams, food and power supply, hospitals, schools…every single element required for survival. The country was left in ruins. This is remembered by the North Koreans, and of course they are reminded of the war crimes and assorted atrocities which they suffered on a regular basis. And so to find those same enemies not just amping up practice but also readiness on their borders to destroy their country, they are left with two choices.

  1. submit to US rule through what means exactly I am unsure
  2. Prepare to fight back if attacked

If someone was outside your house, practising breaking in and killing you and your family, would you offer them a cup of tea or arm yourself to the teeth and warn the would be invaders that you will fight back, try to scare them away? Most sane people would do the latter. Which is exactly what North Korea have been attempting, with their nuclear program and counter threats to the US and their allies in the region.

Here is one of several letters sent recently to the UN Secretary General from the North Koreans (all of which have been ignored, barely made public) –

“I write to you with respect to the worst ever situation prevailing in and around the Korean peninsula, which is making it impossible to predict when nuclear war breaks out due to the US nuclear war equipment of unprecedentedly large scale being massively deployed taking up a strike posture. The United States, based on the deployment of three nuclear powered aircraft carrier strike groups in the sub-region, is holding another joint military exercise with south Korea, involving different types of destroyers and submarines, beginning from November 11, 2017. The U.S. is reactivating….. nuclear capable strategic bomber B-52….and is maintaining a surprise strike posture with frequent flight of B-1B and B-2 formations to the air space of south Korea….The US flung the words of “total destruction”of a sovereign state at the UN General Assembly, the world largest official forum of diplomacy and is now running amok for war exercises by introducing nuclear war equipment in and around the Korean peninsula, thereby proving that the US itself is the major offender of the escalation of tension and undermining of the peace…..Despite this fact, the UN Security Council, whose mission is to ensure the world peace and security, keeps turning a blind eye to the nuclear war exercises of the United States who is hell bent on bringing a catastrophic disaster to humanity, thereby giving rise to a serious concern on the double standard of the UN Security Council.”

They are been threatened with total destruction. The US generally only invades countries who cannot fight back. This is perhaps not the case with DPRK. They may have nuclear weapons capable of causing mega doom…

Interestingly, China and Russia did not use their veto at the security council recently when new sanctions were recently announced. Yet both countries have a vested interest in the buffer remaining between US sponsored Japan and South Korea. My assumption is that they realise there is simply no point in using the veto, as the US will do as it likes regardless and also to ostensibly condemn the regime at large whilst continue to do business suits their diplomatic and economic positions. Russia and China do not obey the US. They have no need to cause a public argument, nor do they seek major warfare, they seek to prosper. As they are doing, and with the one belt, one road project gathering steam, the prosperity of those growing powers will rise swiftly, as will the countries who join with them in their eagerness to create a stunning array of land based and maritime trade routes globally.

The NK issue is a serious one. Nobody wants nuclear war, yet if attacked, what can we expect North Korea to do? We do not know their exact capabilities, but what we do know is that they will not be attacked without a response. What that response could look like, for the region, if not the world, is a harrowing prospect. The most simple solution is for the US to stop threatening, stop practising and readying their forces for annihilation of yet another sovereign state and to move towards diplomacy. That is unfortunately not in their MO.

I do not intend to paint Kim Jung Un as a lovely chap, as his regime as brimming with Namaste love and peace. By all accounts, the society there seems starved, wretchedly herded and brainwashed, but that is not reason enough to kill them all. Bombing for peace is a routine which so many seem to support if not accept, then fall back on the mainstream mantra found on their smart phones in between looking at the latest headlines of The Bachelor and I’m a fucking idiot, Get me out of here! In short, most people conflate vapid bullshit with spoon fed propaganda, and even when the flavour is foul, they ask for seconds, over and over again, then discuss everything other than what matters the next day at work, or briefly with their ‘partners’ before fucking missionary style and sleeping back to back 3 feet apart…nothing of meaning ever truly touching any other or even themselves.

Given the incredible hubris found at the top of power prism and echoed in their stooges, we can look at the world and see the following targets of Death Inc for 2018-

Afghanistan, Syria, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Palestine, Hizbollah (Lebanon/Syria), Donbass…not to mention the continuing carnage in Yemen, countless atrocities clandestinely underway in Africa and usual latin american resource grabbing through supporting the most corrupt regimes possible. This will result, in the very least, in more refugee crises, more mass graves and probably more attacks on our own lands to justify the war effort in far flung foreign countries which have no desire whatsoever to attack us, or anyone else.

It has been a while since the West has suffered any ‘terrorist’ attacks, which worries more than soothes, for it suggests that Death Inc is planning something new and outrageous, before which the ‘attacks’ will suddenly resume. People will be made scared. Fingers will be pointed and war will commence yet again.

Make no mistake, the world is spiralling out of control. Resources are diminishing, the anglo zionist hegemony is more seriously threatened than ever before (mainly economically as growing powers move to deflate the petro dollar and proceed with plans to circumnavigate the western debt money system, yet also, to some degree, militarily…) and they will strike back.

We are not dealing with rational actors, we are dealing with psychopaths so intoxicated with their own power that any suggestion of their position lessening will be met with agony for the many, their own flocks at risk as much as any other. For they care only for themselves. This is evident in Haley’s speeches, she is a perfect example of the true scourge of the planet. Namely pure scum thrust into power by true evil, with zero integrity, zero morality, zero empathy. In short, easily programmable sociopaths. Golems for hire.

The only modicum of realistic hope for the global direction comes from the understanding that money rules. It is a depressing conclusion to ponder that the avoidance of nuclear war could be decided solely by the bankers (there is little profit in total apocalypse). Our survival as a race, as a planet perhaps, is in the hands of the very worst of humanity the world has ever known. Essentially, deals will be made before we destroy ourselves. I hope.

I have already had enough of delving back into the shit rivers of global affairs for the first time in many moons. Nothing has changed for the better, much has changed for the worse. I would rather focus on Nature and Love. Swim naked in the waves, read Wilde on a bed forged of the sand then write prurient poetry for a gallic flame in my heart. Seek nourishment for myself and my loved ones, seek to forge new bonds with all creatures great and small of benign heart and sensitive soul and…hope for the best.

The future looks rather bleak, yet where there is love there is always hope. Solely for those of us lucky enough to be able to nourish that love in peace and with chance of prospering, of making a life. Many millions do not have that chance, and whilst in my heart I wish that we could head to the West bank by the thousands, make a human wall around the refugee camps, to afford the little ones a night of peace, without fear of imprisonment, torture or slaughter, my head suggests that this is naive, it will not happen, as we are too cozy and insulated from the horrors perpetrated in our names with our taxes. In light of which, my own path must be to make the very most of my privileged position, to challenge views and attempt to encourage others to question their own lives as they question me in turn. Only through listening to those who oppose us, through transparent, reasoned debate can we spread and find awareness. Which might well lead to a slow change already underway growing in volume and number.

That change however, that modern carnival of social media uprisings, was long ago co-opted by the very powers which too many of the self proclaimed ‘activists’ seek to destroy, or at least challenge. This is the irony of the social justice warriors, the vapid creeps holding banners in organised marches who dont realise that you dont need to place a label on your facebook page or hold a sign above your head to be morally right in any cause, you simply need to practice your morality and ethics in your every day life with everyone you come across. To treat people as you wish to be treated yourself.

I am aware of many more people who openly plaster themselves with virtual badges of ‘feminism’ and ‘pro gender rights’ who have no idea  (or interest) whatsoever of the millions killed by our governments, let alone the steady poisoning of the planet where we dwell and seem to have little interest in any ‘activism’ other than what is in vogue…Which is saddening, but it makes perfect sense. For if you rule a people, you place yourself in the very best possible position if you are able to direct and control, even fund and agitate, all challenges to your authority. I suppose there is some link to the events regularly staged at the Colosseum; give the masses a vent for what remains of their animal spirit and they are easier to keep down.

Which isn’t to assert that I have no support in my head and heart for gender rights or feminism, quite the opposite is true, I just find it too perfect, therefore likely by design, to find the media full of very clear direction of what to say, what to write, what hashtags to use. And the media is the PR department of Death Inc.

Enough of this mangling of my essence. I shall leave the global war machine alone. For it brings me no joy, and no real revolutionaries are yet in sight, or at least with the resources to truly make a meaningful change. Instead focus on happiness, nature, love, honesty and living life as free and colourfully as possible.


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