throwing stones in the Iron Dome

By tdf, August 7, 2015

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY SOPHIA JONES  (FILES)-An October 23, 2010 file photo shows Palestinian youth is arrested by Israeli soldiers for throwing stones during a protest by foreign, Israeli and Palestinian demonstrators against the Jewish settlement of Karmei Tzur close to the Palestinian village of Beit Omar, north the West Bank town of Hebron. Stone throwing, a symbol of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation, began among the youth in the first Palestinian uprising 25 years ago and still puts hundreds of children as young as 12 in prison, some for months on end. AFP PHOTO/HAZEM BADER

I must have been around 7 years old. Feeling my way through primary school. Knocking around with my posse of friends, chasing the girls and lifting their skirts then running away, not knowing what exactly they had under there, but finding excitement in seeing their pink knickers and getting close to something which all but a few of the boys naturally wanted to see. Always looking upon the elder lads with an awestruck reverence. None more so than a chap called Carl. Thickset, the biggest kid in school, the natural born leader. He had no neck, and looked to me closer to 30 than 11. Perhaps he had been kept back year upon year due to no secondary school showing willing to home him. I always remember him with a jack russell by his side, always off the leash, his closest companion, although that must have come much later for the only animals I ever saw in the school were my stick insects. It seems a tradition with the naturally tough to have the smallest of dogs. Whereas the dangerously rugged often find kinship in pitbulls and staffies, the more comfortable rough justice artists are drawn to jack russels and chihuahuas. The former find an extension of their menace to the world in their canine, whereas the latter possibly project through their hound their more vulnerable, softer essence which is otherwise less readily revealed.

One day he brought the whole school to a standstill, such was his power and position. Rousing the troops, word spread that Carl wanted us all to meet in the playground, where he sat on the wall, flanked by countless kids, all singing, Carl the loudest with his deep, growl of a voice, ‘we shall not be, we shall not be moved’. I joined in, without knowing why. It felt wonderful to simply be part of a rebellion. Which took the teachers the whole afternoon to calm. Carl left not long after, but not before we finally had the chance to speak.

Carl had found me throwing stones at the wall. Put a brotherly arm around me and explained that I could do better than that. For right behind me was a wall of windows of my own classroom. He persuaded me that due to the sunlight, nobody inside could see out and so I should throw my stones at the glass, not hard enough to break, but I could do so without being caught. The kids inside would not know who was doing it, and I could run before the teacher came outside. So excited to have the King speaking to me, a littlun 4 years his junior, that I believed and followed every word. Carl couldn’t throw because as he told me, his arms were too strong, flexing his huge muscles to prove his point. So there I stood, right in front of the classroom window, throwing pebbles at the glass, laughing as I could hear the commotion inside, so sure that they couldn’t see me. With Carl a few metres out of sight, encouraging me to throw more.

I was so deeply shocked, when the window opened and the demon headmaster himself, of all possible teachers, roared with rage
‘daniel P, to my office. NOW’

Looking back now, regaining my position as a 7 year old littlun, I realize it was me, not them, who couldn’t see past the blazing reflection of the Sun.

Carl was nowhere to be seen. Mr Shepherd came storming onto the playground, fearsome fury in his eyes, grabbed me by the collar and pulled me towards his office. I couldn’t explain why I had been throwing stones at the window. And was given the slipper on the back of my thighs for my adventure, then made to stand outside his office for what seemed like hours, with my hands on my head, as the whole school tramped past me on the way to assembly.

At the time, my punishment seemed horrid. Little did I know of the ways of the world…

Late last month, the Israeli parliament overwhelmingly approved and enacted legislation to hand out sentences of up to 20 years for stone throwing palestinians. Only the arabs (of course).

Zionist Prime Minister Netanyahu said
‘Israel is operating aggressively against terrorists, against stone throwers, against hurlers of firebombs and firecrackers.”

“We will legislate more aggressive legislation to this regard, in order to return quiet and security…”

Whilst the old laws imprisoned youngsters chucking pebbles at tanks as they demolished their homes with anything up to two years in the tombs, the new legislation extends the ultimate sentence to 20 years, with 10 years suggested if the ‘terrorist’ was not intending to cause harm, just disrupt police business.

Knesset Member Nissan Slomiansky weighed in with his usual words of spastic wisdom…

“David killed Goliath, the strongest Philistine of all, with a stone. In other words a stone can kill. (T)his dangerous phenomenon of throwing stones must be aggressively eradicated.”

The Israeli counterpart to Winnie Mandela, Justice Minister Eyelet Shaked, added a feminine touch to the discussion…
“(t)olerance toward terrorists ends today. A stone-thrower is a terrorist and only a fitting punishment can serve as a deterrent and just punishment.”

Which seems fairly mild in comparison to her comments prior to the most recent mass slaughter committed by the IDF in illegally occupied Palestine…during which, 2000+ palestinians were killed, over 80% of whom were civilians, many children, the infrastructure smashed back to the dark ages, power plants, bridges, schools, refugee centres, UN headquarters all attacked without mercy. Perhaps such statistics soothe the sick soul of Shaked. I hope not, but believe so. From where did she learn such cruelty??? That MUST be of interest, for when born are we not pure? Guided and schooled by those who nurture us??? Evil is taught not born into our souls.

‘They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.’

If you need an example of how fucked up the world is, it lies in the unflinching support of our own governments for the characters quoted above.

You come to me with tanks, with machine guns, with bulldozers, steal my land, kill my father, my uncle, my brother, and I throw stones, for its all I have to respond with, other than a subservience to TOTAL OPPRESSION and slow genocide. I am 10 years old. I wont let you take my mother, I will put myself in your line of fire, and I have but stones to throw…and for this natural urge to defend my own, as a 10 year old, you will torture me, then imprison me for 20 years? What kind of world is this??? A world in which I want no part…

Let us put aside the disgusting facts…that you and me paid for the illegal invasion of Afghanistan, the destruction of Libya after our leaders invited Gaddafi into the fold then paved the path for him to be brutally despatched and his country transformed into – from even the most objective perspective – a brutal hellbroth. We smashed Iraq into bloody pieces, moved then onto Syria, whose destruction was delayed by Russia, allowing our rape and pillage routine to liven up in Ukraine where we broke bread with the Nazis, fucking Nazis…I mean REAL Nazis…not those who attend the Melbourne ‘riots;’ and pull down their trousers. No, these crowds are rather more menacing…

Our boys in Ukraine…

We couldn’t have our way in Syria. Bloody Russia eh??? Throwing the ‘lets not have war’ bullshit into our grand designs! Yet all it proved was a delay…within months, we found(ed) ISIS! What kind of mind believes a group touring the Middle East with Saudi supplied Toyota pickup trucks, taking selfies as they behead countless infidels, grabbing swathes of Iraq (which our armies lost) and Syria  just appeared out of nowhere???

Convenient carnage, who just happen to be armed and supplied by our allies, in Jordan ( they sacrifice their pilots to be captured and burned alive), Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey….above all others Turkey. Look at the maps. All Isis supply channels lead to Turkey.

WE ARE ISIS, or at least created them and now supply them, likely trade with them…So now Obama the King of duplicity, agrees to use Turkish bases, to launch air-strikes as Turkey attack the Kurds, who are the major fighting force AGAINST ISIS, and the US will create ‘no fly zones’ and ‘safe havens’ for the ‘moderate rebels’ to whom they have supplied millions of $$$$ of weapons…who are ISIS.

Where is your head at? I’m with Assad. I’m with Gaddafi. I’m with Putin. They aren’t invading, they aren’t turning once fully functioning countries into mass graves, launching illegal regime changes, followed by the IMF and World Bank offering loans in exchange for milking the country dry.

It is our governments, who we democratically elect, and their minders found within the military industrial complex, mass propaganda ranks, IMF, international financiers, agricultural death merchants like Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industry, who are killing the world.

Do you want to watch and consume the spoon fed shit of NEWS or learn about the world, and understand that the world is ablaze and we are supplying the matches???

Where to go from here??? I would ask the anarchists…Where I will head on the morrow, infiltrate their ranks, then light a fire, and stand back, watch the flames take hold, hope for the best…

Its okay if you don’t want to fight. Its enough to learn and know and teach your little ones of the struggle we are leaving them to fight. Yet prepare them we must. For a Fight is coming. Its already here. Its the Mayan routine repeated. Slaves and Priests. Do you wish to raise a slave or a…revolutionary???

Seek financial security all you please, buy into the system which you are told offers you security. But know, please fucking know, you and I are paying our governments to kill the world for both us and our children. And the world will respond in kind…

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