A quick-fire lunch break response to The Guardian’s propaganda office

By tdf, February 2, 2016

‘In Syria, Iran’s militias and Republican Guards are direct participants in the war crimes that the Assad regime inflicts on its own population. Iran’s close ally Hezbollah played a key role in the siege of Madaya, where children died of hunger as a result, and it is part of similar operations elsewhere.’


By now I have wrongly assumed only the brain-dead to be buying into the flood of tripe which the western propaganda machine drowns us with…for after seeing our allies in Ankara exposed as operating a multi-billion $ oil theft routine with IS and Al Nusra, taking out a Russian jet, their grey wolves bringing down a russian civilian airliner and NATO standing by them proudly and smugly, surely only those with misfiring synapses could continue to believe in the media machine connected to that crowd?

Indeed, without Iran, Hizbollah, Russia and to a less clear degree, the PKK and YPK, Syria would by now have followed the fate of Libya and Iraq. When you talk of ‘war crimes against his own people’ where is your evidence for this? Do you not realise that the vast majority of ‘opposition’ are foreign mercenaries paid for by the West, Saudis, Bahrainis and likely Israel? This is not a civil war. Never was.

The US major policy writers outlined plans, publicly available to read, of this exact model of dissecting Syria several years back…



Crunch Syria first, then onto Iran…Yet I suppose the author believes the very basic sleight of hand with this nuclear deal? Have you no idea of history? Of the last decade? Do you honestly believe that after demonizing Iran and its leaders for so many moons, threatening Iran, punishing Iran, Killing their scientists, that suddenly, the West and their Sunni and Zionist pals have said ‘OK, lets play nice now’?

Iran are being set up. The deal is a ploy. Clinton will tell the world, a year from now, or maybe longer, that…

‘we tried everything to work with the iranians, we dropped sanctions, we opened up their economy, we gave them a chance, and now, they have left us no choice but to intervene, a humanitarian intervention…’

So by all means, keep buying into the spoon-fed tripe of the same mouthpieces who lied about WMD, who lied about Bin Laden, who lied about Libya, who lie about Syria, Ukraine, Putin…pretty much demonize and threaten if not destroy ANY country who refuses to bow down as slaves, allow their country to be pillaged and support total global hegemony of the Judeo-christian and Sunni Wahhabi Savages power bloc.

So well done for doing your bit for the destruction of more ancient cultures!…

and well done for mentioning the siege of Madaya without even hinting at who the SAA were laying siege to. I will help you balance out the story…In Madaya, as well as in many other horror-shows presently showing in Syria, the SAA is fighting against the most brutal cadres of foreign mercenaries collected on the planet, armed by Nato and saudis, paid by NATO and saudis.

Al nusra…IS…and their other brand names are keeping the people in these cities hostage, they are executing by the hundred, burning people alive, slaughtering all infidels, imposing wahhabist sharia law…so tell me, what do you expect the SAA to do to cure these ills? Bomb the cities from the air? or lay siege? or head home? leave the civilians to be burned alive, maybe on camera if they are lucky…?

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