Global Affairs UPDATE – No change at the top

By tdf, February 4, 2017

With Trump still less than a month in the hot-seat we have been treated to a multitude of indications of the direction and outlook of his presidency. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly the direction seems pretty much a continuation and worsening of the same agenda ‘presided’ over by Barry Obamistan. Had Clinton been put into this symbolic position of power, I suspect we would be finding close to the exact same agenda, yet it would have been presented very differently, if it was made public at all.

My convictions of the Presidential position proving notional continue to cement. The only difference I can find with Trump is that he has been positioned in such a way as to maintain the status quo yet given scope to be allowed to feel like he is top dog, that he does indeed have some power. Whereas it appeared throughout the 8 year tenure of Obama, that he was nothing more than a slick spokesman, a half decent actor, able to smile and charm, read his script, but little else. Only undone when the teleprompter failed…

Essentially, as demonstrated in the needless, dangerous stance towards Iran – who offer zero threat to the US – Trump is 100% in the pocket of the Zionists. His government are also pursuing carnage in Ukraine. No change on either score. I suppose there is a chance that some internecine battle is afoot between low to mid level factions of the power structure, yet the same crowd remain at the top, and this top I write of, is not to be found in the SHite House.

On a side note, why do the americans persevere with this puerile abbreviation of POTUS? Does the word speak of power? Of a cut above all other leaders? It seems more like the latin word for a pot, or toilet. And I am yet to find an american refer to Theresa May as PMOTUK. Just call him the president, or Trump…As you would with any other world leader.

My one hope for Trump was that he would be given scope to move towards rapprochement with Russia. By which I mean a step towards normalisation of relations. Get rid of the groundless sanctions, curb the enthusiasm to paint Putin as a devil war lord, perhaps the devil himself, plotting global hegemony. Newly minted US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley however, seems to have put this hope to the sword with her first offering at the UN.

Russian Occupation? Russia’s aggressive actions? Return Crimea? Russian separatist forces?

Haley has picked up the notes of her predecessor Samantha ‘Ive got the’ Power and carried on, business as usual, spouting the same lies and allegations completely absent of any proof.

Crimea held a referendum to accede to the Russian Federation, where historically for hundreds of years they have been placed geo-politically. The result in favour was 83%. Russia did not invade Crimea. There were no casualties. A bloodless coup? Or a people immensely and rightfully fearful of been over-run by Washington supported neo nazis in Kiev? When you look at what happened in Donbass, and Novorussia in general, their fears seem to have been very well grounded. The major difference between the two regions is that Russia had thousands of troops already stationed LEGALLY in Crimea, where they home the major naval base for their Black Sea fleet at Sevastopol. Now that would have been nice to remove, for US led NATO. Which was a major part of the thinking behind the US sponsored violent coup of Maidan.

Russia is not at war with Ukraine. Without doubt they are assisting the Novorussians in Eastern Ukraine, offering supplies across the border, perhaps even allowing a small amount of special forces to assist with directing what seems clearly a resistance. Yet they are not at war there. If Russia went to war with the Ukranian army it would be over in hours, if not minutes. Take for example the very brief response to the Ukranian forces shelling over the border in 2014. Russia responded, with a one minute blitz which destroyed a whole battalion…They could crunch the Kiev forces ever so quickly if they wished, or were pushed far enough, which seems the aim. yet they have refrained, refused to take the bait, much to the rage and disappointment of the Novorussians. The majority of whom appear to believe that Russia should be doing a whole lot more to help them.

The timing of this latest apparent upturn in fighting is obviously connected to the neo nazis in power in Kiev taking their turn as chair of the Un Security Council for February (which in itself is surreal). It is also a response to Trump’s words showing eagerness to normalise relations with Russia. Now who do you think would benefit by an upswing in fighting in East Ukraine at this juncture? The Separatists? Or those seeking to further demonise Russia such as the US hand picked regime in Kiev? The answer should be clear. Yet the same absence of logic applies to so many muddled minds. As was seen with the finger pointed at Russia when the MH17 plane was taken down. Who benefited from that atrocity? Russia or those against Russia? Why would Russia or the Novorussians think that to gain global support for their cause they should take down a civilian airliner? ‘hey world! come help us! look we are blowing up your people!’. Nonsense. Plain tripe. Which the many swallow gladly and condemn Putin and the people fighting against proudly fascist hordes who torture, burn and kill at will.

If anyone is left in any doubt of who took over Ukraine, then please, watch this clip of US Assistant secretary for Eurasion affairs openly deciding the next Kiev government. Not Russia, but the US.

No surprise, but even this was somehow blamed on the Russians. As other leaks have been dealt with since. With the White House Press goons basically saying ‘forget the fact that we are deciding the make-up of the Ukranian government, and telling the EU to go fuck itself, what the real issue is here is that this was made public, by the Russians, who are the real enemy here’.

The crowd who decide the government of a country is invariably the crowd responsible for the coup which created the need for a new government. Yet it gets worse…for look at John McCain-

The US senator, truly one of the worst warmongers in the Senate, addressing the crowd with none other than Right Sector/Svoboda head honcho Oleh Tyahnybok.

Other than burning people alive in Odessa, the Right Sector are open supporters of Nazi hero Bandera and have been accused of a morbid catalogue of allegations of torture and murder in Eastern Ukraine. Not isolated incidents, but scores across the region.

McCain wrote a letter to Trump last week urging him to shed more blood…His only stance on any matter is Arm Them, Kill Them, Bomb Them.

“In light of the latest Russian attacks and the prospect of future aggression against Ukraine, I urge you to exercise the authority given to you by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 to provide defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine to defend its territory against further violations by Russia and its separatist proxies,” (Reuters)

Worse still, was the media bow of newly anointed National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn…

Iran has broken no agreement. They were not testing nuclear missile delivery systems. Their military program is hugely focused on defence (same for Russia). And given they have been ear-marked for destruction on many occasions by the Zionists and US, they have many reasons indeed to wish to beef up their defensive measures. Yet as is always the case, ANY country which refuses to bow to the anglo zionist war machine or banks is targeted for destruction.

Iran are a growing power in the Middle East, which the ZIonists simply refuse to abide. For they want all governments around them in chaos. For it suits their agenda; Greater Israel Project and beyond.

Iran have prospered in Iraq, Shia power has grown there, as a direct result of the US led invasion and destruction of a fully functioning state where all religiously focused maniacs were kept in check under Saddam and the country was flourishing, generally safe, with good living standards, education, health care, cheap power…before the sanctions, before the slaughter.

What is also absent from the MSM news is that Hizbollah and Iranian forces are two of the major armed groups demolishing Al Nusra and ISIS in Syria and Iraq. We hear of the YPG, the Kurds, as the most effective fighting force in that battle, because…the US supports the YPG.

On one hand, Flynn is correct. Iran could well respond to any attack by making use of their own elements in Syria and Iraq. Which could attack US personnel and their proxies fighting filthy battles in the region. The general message from Washington is ‘We will not accept anything but your total submission and obedience’. The same hegemonic mantra applied globally.

In terms of what would happen if/when the US attacks Iran…Yes they would cause a major death toll. But Iran is not Iraq. They have a huge, well equipped army and have been preparing for an attack for many moons indeed.

It would be too much hassle to bomb, mine and blockade the Strait of Hormuz. On the other side of the Strait are Oman, Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia, ALL US allies, with US military presence …Yet they could do it, at the cost of extending and expanding any major conflict. Seems unlikely.

Much talk has been heard of Iran responding by sinking a US carrier. Again, it is narrowly possible, but highly unlikely. The military cost of doing so would be enormous. The repercussions even worse. Won’t happen. The price is too high.

The general outline appears to be that Iran would perhaps agitate in the Middle East, to some small degree, yet overall they would absorb the attack, make attempts to avoid any huge war, especially the worst possible scenario of a nuclear strike from Israel or Washington and instead work to intensify its efforts to confirm and expand its sphere of influence in the region and garner global support to strike back politically and economically against the grave injustice and illegality of a US led attack. This would not be another Iraq or Libya, for the US would wish to avoid the huge losses of life and machine which would certainly happen if they were to launch an attempt to invade the country.

Still, it is a worry.

Moving back a step but adding substance…We keep hearing of Russian interference in the American elections, in the BREXIT, in everything possible and bizarre which makes them look evil. Yet I shared above Nuland meddling in Ukraine, then a photo of McCain meddling in Ukraine, and closer to home for my british kinfolk, we find Israel meddling in Uk politics. Pretty much stating that every politician is a member of Friends of Israel lobby, that they are working on taking down an MP who had the nerve to promote support for a two state solution in the horrid, ongoing Israel/Palestine maelstrom. The chap is a ‘diplomat’ at the Israeli embassy in London. Yet there is nothing diplomatic about plotting to take down english MPs. He is clearly military/ some offshoot of mossad.

The response of the UK government was that an apology has been made and Israel are our friend. Indeed.

You want to take down the UK government? No Problem. You want to take over Ukraine? Let’s blame it on the Russians. This is our reality…

Before I finish this sullen scurry through the most obvious of horrors presently at large, I will make a brief mention of the Australian MSM reaction to Trump’s rage at the deal Barry signed in regards to refugees. The Aussie journalists can continue to soil themselves with talk in the broadsheets of ‘handing Trump his arse’ and ‘Turnbull showing true blue aussie shirt fronting’ yet its mong talk. Nothing more, nothing less. Hence the White House spokesman repeatedly referring to the Australian PM as mr Trimball. hohoho!. Australia is seen on the world stage as a stooge of Washington, for obvious reasons. Times have changed. For here in the barren hunk of rock we call home in the Southern Hemisphere, the US rules the roost, not England as of olden times. We receive a huge % of their media. We are directed by their President. And if you head to Pine Gap, you will find a US military base, from where a fair portion of drone strikes are directed in the Middle East and beyond. Australia is seen as a remote outpost of the anglo-zionist empire, a plucky dwarf whose voice registers as a mere pipsqueak on the prairie dominated by killer hyena howls…It is a joke to consider the Australian government standing up to the US President.

Finally…by all means, I encourage you to whine and wail about Mr Trumpet. Yet I would advise you to research the missing, pivotal elements of the story you have been told. For Obama was bombing 7 muslim majority countries in 2016. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan. Tens of thousands of bombs were dropped, Tens of thousands of people were killed. This was either presented in muddled terms or not presented at all by the MSM. Yet it is factual. And so I find it irritating, to see so many people up in arms about Trump banning visas from these countries, when the same crowd, now directed like lemmings to shout and squeal and curse Trump on command, did nothing, said nothing, when Obama was not banning entry to the US, but killing thousands of these people. Do you care more for a Somalian unable to gain a visa for entry into the United Snakes of America than for their home and family bombed into a bloody oblivion by US air strikes?

Obama is by my reckoning the most famous mass murderer still above ground. The fact that few in the West see him in this most sinister of light is a testament to the power of the Mainstream Media. The most advanced propaganda system of human history.

Overall, the situation appears largely the same as when Obama was in power, with the Zionists presiding over the same eagerness for total control, the same demonisation of ANY country which refuses to bow down to total submission.

You can ponder that this is Trump’s doing, but that would suggest you followed solely the propaganda of the anglo-zionist power structure and have the awareness of the world of a slug. It makes little difference, for to understand and accept that we are seeing a continuation of a process and agenda long decided and consistently adopted, does nothing to change matters.

I will admit that I had some half hearted hopes that Trump’s ego might well slow down the carnage, yet it seems that he has been positioned as a patsy. Encouraged to believe that he has some control, some power, when he has none, and the same threat of war to any opposition to undoubtedly the zionists, perhaps also their understudies of the military industrial complex, remains alive and kicking.

Please try to question what you are told. Or simply avoid all news and spread love, seek adventure and true romance. The outlook for humanity is exceedingly bleak.

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