Global Affairs UPDATE – No change at the top

February 4, 2017

With Trump still less than a month in the hot-seat we have been treated to a multitude of indications of the direction and outlook of his presidency. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly the direction seems pretty much a continuation and worsening of the same agenda ‘presided’ over by Barry Obamistan. Had Clinton been put into this symbolic […]

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Seeking the truth

November 5, 2015

A dear friend was playing devils advocate today when questioning my sources of information after my demands for her to accept the facts – as I see them – regarding the MH17 routine. Whilst her belligerence was more rooted in ‘giving me crap’ in her words, she did have a point. Which I feel the […]

Vlad the Impaler and the land-shark Lavrov

November 1, 2014

  Given the sabre-rattling, side-stepping of the real issues performed by the hypeman for Death Inc, Obama, his british lapdog Cameron and the joke of a ‘president’ Hollande, rarely registers anything but disgust…and indignation roared towards the scriptwriters of such pathetic cartoons and horrific paranoia, it is refreshing to lock myself into Vlad and feel […]

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Russian Military Initial Report on MH17 attack

July 22, 2014

The Russian military have presented their initial leads in an investigation into the recent downing of MH17 which led to the slaughter of 290+ passengers aboard. As is now common knowledge, the civilian plane was shot down whilst travelling through Ukrainian air-space. Whilst the report lacked any semblance of showbiz, the diagrams appeared rudimentary to […]

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US government puppets in Ukraine down MA flight – 295 dead

July 18, 2014

Whilst the usual supporters of mass slaughter are pointing their claws towards the Kremlin, the first question anyone must ask themselves is Who Gains? Even a half brained peasant can surely ponder…’why would Russia give Russian weapons to their compatriots in Ukraine which could be used to destroy civilian aircraft and traced back to their […]

Vlad Putin and the leopard

It’s better not to argue with women.

June 6, 2014

  It’s better not to argue with women.    My dear comrade Vladamir Putin was interviewed yesterday by french reporters on the eve of his likely colourful collision with his Western pals at an event to commemorate the Normany landings. He was asked a number of questions, to which he gave typically candid, yet generally […]