clinton, hilary, evil

US government puppets in Ukraine down MA flight – 295 dead

By tdf, July 18, 2014

clinton, hilary, evil

Washington’s version of Winnie Mandela, destined to become first Human/Shark hybrid US President Hilary Clinton.

Whilst the usual supporters of mass slaughter are pointing their claws towards the Kremlin, the first question anyone must ask themselves is Who Gains?

Even a half brained peasant can surely ponder…’why would Russia give Russian weapons to their compatriots in Ukraine which could be used to destroy civilian aircraft and traced back to their own military?’

Putin may not be the sweetest chap in the world, but he is far removed from stupid.

Who Gains?

The US gains, Ukraine gains…How? The nazi brutes put in charge by Obama and his pals, through an illegal take-over of the government, who have since been armed and directed and financed by the US in their campaign of ethnic cleansing in Eastern Ukraine, have been losing their battles in the East. They, alongside their US minders/backers, have been desperate to get Russia involved in a military manner, yet Putin has stood firm, even when Pro-Russians have been burned alive and beaten by mobs singing nazi anthems.

He has avoided direct military intervention because he has no interest in the war which NATO (the US war-toy) is so eager to begin. How many wars has Putin started in the last century? How many have the US started or agitated? It would take many pages to explain the case of the latter, a much quicker affair for the former.

Please avoid swallowing the spoonful of shit regarding ‘Russia MUST PAY FOR THE SHOT DOWN PLANE’.

It is not ‘The World’ which is demanding Russia explain itself, it is solely the leaders of the same cackle of Kunts who move from country to country, causing death and destruction, stealing resources, putting down any opposition to their own global agenda, installing puppets, vassal states everywhere they can…indeed, it is Obama’s puppeteers, and their pals which run the US War Machine who are far more likely responsible for the downing of the plane in Eastern Ukraine.

The same crowd who demanded action against Assad in response to his chemical attack in Damascus on his own civilians. Again, any reasonable person, if any exist, would ask…
Why the fuck would Assad invite chemical weapons inspectors into his own country, then launch a chemical weapons attack next door to them the very next day?

The logical minds instantly conclude that he wouldn’t, and the likely perpetrators are those instantly determined to blame the innocent party. Which justifies more war, which justifies more funding of savages who cut out hearts on youtube whilst thanking the good ol’ US of A for the guns and missiles…who we then must pay more taxes to fight in Iraq and as part of IS. We fund extremists, then have to fund our own armies to fight the extremists we have empowered and armed…is there not something desperately wrong here?

Russia has zero to gain from organizing, allowing, putting into place the mechanisms for the downing of the MA plane. The only groups to gain are those who accuse Russia of meddling in Ukraine, who have been baiting them for months, who consistently accuse them of ridiculous crimes which make the front page for a day, or week, then are forgotten about…because they are simply false. Throw enough mud and it sticks. That is the policy of the West. Keep repeating the same lies and they start to seem real.

Just for reference…Syria had elections a month or three back. Which the vast array of international monitors deemed fair and open. The turnout was 70%+, which is pretty damn good for a country still involved in a civil war. Assad won, with 88.7% of the vote. Strange eh? Considering Obama, Clinton, that down syndrome afflicted spastic with the cartoon jaw Kerry and of course Cameron all demanded his removal, on the basis of his despotic barbarous ways…The Syrians seem to think differently.

The US government condemned the result, quipping that no election can be held as valid when civil war is erupting. Yet at the same time, the same US government was welcoming their new puppet in the Ukraine to the Shite House for tea and biscuits, confirming that the elections held in Ukraine were fair and democratic…despite the civil war erupting, mass slaughter of civilians in the East, widespread unrest and wretchedly low voter turn-out. Proven liars and hypocrites can not and must not be trusted.

Cameron is equally awful, yet more of a point-man as leader of the British Vassal State of America.

Whilst our attention is diverted to the baseless accusations which come down to something as simple as WHO GAINS and WHO LOSES? As well as the maddening lunatic allegation of Russia allowing it’s own weapons to be used for a terrible crime, which could be traced back to its front door with ease and swiftness…there is also another horrid crime taking place, namely the continued, US supported and sponsored genocide of the Palestinians.

The Zionist pigfuckers are certainly putting their annual $3bn US donation to good use with a round of target practice on the Gaza Strip.

Again, ask yourself what Hamas could have possibly gained by kidnapping and murdering three Israeli youths? They had zero to gain, and the IDF has everything to gain, for it justified yet more blood-shed, more elimination of their enemy in Gaza. More land stolen by all international law. More children massacred.

As Israeli politican and lawmaker, Ayelet Shaked quoted recently;“Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”

“the entire Palestinian people is the enemy…including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure’

Cui Bono? must always be the first question to ask when dipping your toes in the global shit-rivers of world news.

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