The Land which Made ME…

February 20, 2017

It has dawned on me of late, that I have unwittingly assimilated in some ways, to a society I generally despise. My fangs have been blunted. I have become prone to playing nice when faced with morons. I focus on corporate endeavour and football and global happenings I cannot change though find some inspiration to […]

Where is your head at?

February 17, 2017

When did everyone but those that seek the shadows become drones? I missed the global shock wave which swept across the land and oceans which turned all heads one way, left mouths gaping, eyes village idiot, awaiting direction from the Source of manufactured reality? Did this happen? Whilst I was asleep? Or has it been […]

Global Affairs Analysis – Room for Improvement

February 17, 2017

Some commentators decided to blinker themselves to the obvious awfulness of Trump and focus solely upon the forlorn hope that a proven deceit merchant would make good on some of his statements of intent during the election campaign. The Mainstream Media (MSM) encouraged this, by making damn sure everyone in the West was made well […]

Seeking my Howl…

February 16, 2017

I am fearful. Of myself. For I keep peeking at myself from elsewhere, and I am finding no correlation with my dreams… Yet who and what is my I? Too many parts of what makes up my everything made aware of their existence, resulting in a mangled muttering of several competing elements of self? Which […]

Gems From THE MeGA RouGH VOl VIVIVXXXX – flavoured like a sacred pure spirit

February 13, 2017

Once again I find myself delving into my Past to make more sense of my Now. A method of cogitation which few, myself included, place much value in. For we are all about the on demand at the touch of a key stroke Now. Yet when the Now seems manufactured, when everything we are told […]

Global Affairs UPDATE – No change at the top

February 4, 2017

With Trump still less than a month in the hot-seat we have been treated to a multitude of indications of the direction and outlook of his presidency. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly the direction seems pretty much a continuation and worsening of the same agenda ‘presided’ over by Barry Obamistan. Had Clinton been put into this symbolic […]

I can still feel the heat…

February 2, 2017

Assuredly I am growing long in the fang. Yet I do not believe the fires in my heart are dowsed. Leaving solely a bizarre combination of lupine howl and bambi fox cub heart. No. I can still feel the heat from the distant fires. I can still hear the echoes of the flames devouring kindling […]

mangled mutterings of a cynical bastard…

February 1, 2017

I am less than startled, more cringing, to encounter the regurgitations of the main stream mantra of those I love and respect. Trump is anti muslim, yet avoids banning visas for many of the largest muslim countries on the planet. Trump is a racist, yet sees no colour in money. Trump is the end of […]

GeMS In thE MEGARouGH: High Octane Jezebels

January 28, 2017

I am reaching a lull in my own value placed on expression of self, of meaning, of fang and claw…in silently delivered words. And so, I turn to those who add sound to their message, with their message in turn gathering vibrancy, bounce, rhyme and poetry. For it is clear, for my Now, and for […]

Juventus 2-1 AC Milan coppa italia 25.1.17

January 26, 2017

Player Ratings Neto – Could do nothing about the superb strike from Bacca which came out of nowhere. He got down well to save from Fucka late on and finally made a comfortable block on Deulofeu. Considering he barely features in the starting XI this was a impressive effort from the Brazilian. 7 Bonucci – Finding […]