January 12, 2017

WHo are you? What are you? A regurgitation of the social media bombardment? You grow a beard and find comfort in the millions of others doing the same, growing the same beard? Seeking your individual niche in this maelstrom by adhering to HOW TO LOOK AND BEHAVE conjured by…nobody you know let alone love and […]

I fucking love EYEDEA…

January 8, 2017

Of all the poets, all the writers, I have delved into, found their expression of soul and heart, there remains always, one man, who finds me as I find him, namely as always honest as the forest; his name was Eyedea. A poet of Saul Williams class, a lyricist of Sage Francis Venusian rhyming righteousness. […]

Mechanical Bambi and THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!

January 8, 2017

A brief peek at the current crop of wretched efforts at mass misdirection which the MSM is disseminating with stunning breadth and voluminous zeal… Vlad Hacked the US elections! Vlad hacked the Podesta emails! Firstly the electoral voting system in the US is not connected to the internet. Which seems a damn bother when we […]

2016 – Punch and Judy in Hades

December 31, 2016

2016, the chinese year of the pigdog, has been one of the worst of my close to 38 of existence. Not just for me personally, but also for the world as a whole…I will express my reckoning of the period, continue to scrape from my veins the echo of my essence, apply in virtual ink […]

Obama – A presidency of Tyranny.

December 23, 2016

Whilst many seem prone to sharing carefully conjured collages of Obama, presenting the pigfucker as a decent man, who has done so much good for the world, I hold a different view…one which has not been hoisted upon me, but one of logical analysis of Reality. And so, I ask of you, solely to ponder […]

Gems in ThE MEga RouGH – REtURN To THe SOULless

December 17, 2016

I immersed myself in the wilderness, escaped the bars serving prison in the shape of Happy Hour, fled across the Tasman to a realm where Nature accommodates humanity…and the transition back to my regular, with less than 24 hours passed, 8 of them deeply slumbering, my cynicism has replaced the hope, my bitterness has usurped […]

Gems In ThE MeGA RouGH – VoL VIIIIIIII tiMe KeePs On…SliPPing AwAy

November 24, 2016

Maturity brings a lessening of shuddering towards the perception of others of self. It brings an assurance, a knowing, of what I am, and who and what I Value, hold dear, seek and embrace with love…The idealist realist, prone to the effusive, unable to avoid baring my fangs at the conceit and duplicity of the […]

Battle Royale – Rasputin Rovers go to war

November 21, 2016

Finally, after countless hours spent on the training ground, many months of tactical preparation and sleepless nights, the tournament dawned upon the horizon for Rasputin Rovers FC this fateful morn. Conditions were ripe for glory, yet as is all too often the case year upon year, the squad arrived in drips and drabs, with barely […]

A new beginning? Or more of the same…?

November 17, 2016

There has been a steady, unwavering path, drenched in the blood of millions of people, stampeded by the ostensibly Washington based powers since WWII. This path is singularly focused on full spectrum dominance. Scores of countries have been invaded, coerced, subjected to devious regime change, attacked by proxy armies or simply destroyed, all in pursuit […]

Knut Hamsun – Victoria (Book review)

November 15, 2016

My tear ducts still tremble, the sadness has dried yet lingers in my heart. Every thought is sullen, my mind has nowhere to go. This is grief. Rather than wait until I have been allowed to revive enough to appreciate the innocent evening chorus of the sparrows and their winged kin, I shall attempt a […]