Gems In ThE MeGA RouGH – VoL VIIIIIIII tiMe KeePs On…SliPPing AwAy

November 24, 2016

Maturity brings a lessening of shuddering towards the perception of others of self. It brings an assurance, a knowing, of what I am, and who and what I Value, hold dear, seek and embrace with love…The idealist realist, prone to the effusive, unable to avoid baring my fangs at the conceit and duplicity of the […]


Battle Royale – Rasputin Rovers go to war

November 21, 2016

Finally, after countless hours spent on the training ground, many months of tactical preparation and sleepless nights, the tournament dawned upon the horizon for Rasputin Rovers FC this fateful morn. Conditions were ripe for glory, yet as is all too often the case year upon year, the squad arrived in drips and drabs, with barely […]


A new beginning? Or more of the same…?

November 17, 2016

There has been a steady, unwavering path, drenched in the blood of millions of people, stampeded by the ostensibly Washington based powers since WWII. This path is singularly focused on full spectrum dominance. Scores of countries have been invaded, coerced, subjected to devious regime change, attacked by proxy armies or simply destroyed, all in pursuit […]


Knut Hamsun – Victoria (Book review)

November 15, 2016

My tear ducts still tremble, the sadness has dried yet lingers in my heart. Every thought is sullen, my mind has nowhere to go. This is grief. Rather than wait until I have been allowed to revive enough to appreciate the innocent evening chorus of the sparrows and their winged kin, I shall attempt a […]


Rasputin Rovers go to war…

November 15, 2016

TEAM INSTRUCTIONS Tactics play a greater role in 6 a side than I would like, for space comes at a premium and the path to glory or defeat is constantly changing. I have decided to go with a 2-2-1 formation. Which morphs and mangles according to whether we find ourselves in a defensive or offensive […]



November 13, 2016

I tell the truth, and receive less love than hate, Find my heart and spirit less willing than my head, to accept that most people prefer their Reality served up on a virtual plate… My phone told me to tell you this, I didn’t think why but its gone viral! so it must be true, […]


Hilarious Clinton – A few niggles here and there…

November 9, 2016

(apologies for the garbled nature of the following…I began, then was undone by the FBI input, which derailed my eagerness to rant, for it changed everything…then I continued this evening, albeit lacking enthusiasm…still, some of the below remains valuable, so kindly wade through the word swamp. Cheers, Daniel) I follow global affairs fanatically. Daily poring […]


Facecutters FC Tournament Report – Corporate Games 2013

November 5, 2016

In driving rain, gale force winds and sporadic showers of cricket ball sized hail, the motley crew of CoM United (formerly and more righteously known as FaceCutters FC) gathered in a huddle with mere moments to spare before the kick-off of their first fixture of the tournament. Eyebrows were raised at the sight of Gideon […]


GemS In THe MEgaROuGH – VOl vxvxvx – The SOund of MUsIc

November 4, 2016

Most people, mainly here in Australia, which is what I know morning and day, throughout my wakeful exertions, are scum. Some deliver whispers of flickering candlelight in the storm, yet few of that crowd are prepared to reveal themselves as True…to a shared cause, of oneness, with the wilderness as much as each other. I see […]

Unicorn Stag

Intermittent Intimacy…

October 26, 2016

I have found myself within the eye of a storm…as a moth with no flame, no moon, no light, only embers to half heartedly flap towards, through the understanding of even a slither of happiness coming through function. Is there any difference between employing high brow diplomacy in regards to skirmishes erupting from tables and […]