Use your eyes and your head…

August 21, 2016

And so we have received of late, the most recent offering of a picture perfect moment to add to any sympathy of NeoCon policy, in the shape of a toddler, likely anointed with fake blood, ‘suffering’ the results of the brutal Assad regime. Ponder for a moment that the NATO led horror show, has been […]


Nourished by the little ones…

August 17, 2016

This week has been a bizarre collision between solace and hades. The contrast staggering. From bathing outside on the verandah of a renovated shack perched on the side of a valley, with the wilderness in every direction as far as the eye could see, gales, steam, ducks, toads, our nearest and dearest star fighting her […]


US sponsored Kiev regime sabotage plans in Crimea foiled

August 14, 2016

Early on Saturday 7th August a firefight broke out on the Isthmus of Perekop, a small strip of land which connects Ukraine to Crimea. One of the border patrol officers was put down with several others injured in what was clearly a military grade endeavour given the weapons employed and swiftness of the recovery and […]


Gems in the Mega Rough Vol XXXIXIXIXI: I can’t front

August 12, 2016

I am sickened and appalled at myself. For I have leaned towards chameleon. I have forsaken my integrity, and now am riddled with self recrimination. I am finding nourishment for such total opposition to my essence on a day to day basis, on a corporate case by case basis. And I hate it…I am dressing […]


WAKE UP…to reality

August 11, 2016

Whilst we focus on the stage show that is the US elections, adorn Trump’s face on the Pinyata, eagerly await the new series of MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, swoon over the Bachelor despite his face clearly confirming incest, spunk on trees and call ourselves lefties, adopt a position of moral outrage when there is […]


Cesar Birotteau – Balzac (Book Review)

July 31, 2016

I am pained to ponder that this foulest of years, during which consistent calamity has been the order of every week, may have something to do with my long overdue delving into the genius of Balzac, which began in February with A Harlot High and Low and this afternoon reached the end of Cesar Birotteau. […]

music reaper

Gems in the Mega Rough Vol: VIVIIV –

July 29, 2016

Meaningful creatures. Honest as the Forest. Is ALL I seek… It is all I have ever sought. People who mean what they say. Always.   This year has been appalling, Curious carnage at home, savage blood letting globally, those I had for so many years embraced as my kin, my tribe, finding more fitting ports […]


thats why I sit in my cocoon and bloom…

July 17, 2016

My world is one of consistent confusion. Not of others but myself. There is no-one I know who I fail to make sense of. Not because I am a wise man, but due to the roll of the dice of destiny which branded my essence with a curse or blessing of intense sensitivity, or perhaps […]


The Devil is Winning…

July 16, 2016

We see Israel supporting ISIS. We see Turkey’s huge oil trade, stolen oil from ISIS controlled regions in Syria. We see an ISIS commander explaining how he gets weapons from Turkey. We see Obama talking of training ISIS, We see an american senator who has been to Syria reporting that the US government are supporting […]


There is more to Existence…

July 2, 2016

There is more to existence… than allowing the mass media tsunami to drown you, surviving and thriving only to talk of the message of the wave.   than accepting and embracing Stockholm syndrome, when our captors become our Voice.   than buying into the system we assert we see, know and despise, through adopting THEIR terms, […]