Milan Kundera – Immortality

A persian friend with moons for eyes mentioned the author’s name to me a while back…knowing I write and read prolifically, and eager to suggest someone I might like and find within his work inspiration. A noble, kind gesture… I didn’t seek out the wordsmith, waited instead for him to come to me. As he did…found in a box my beloved hellhound was sniffing out after initially assuming an ENEMY, out front a neighbour’s house.

The framework of the novel is curious. The interspersing of focus of Goethe, of a story Kundera was writing, and of Kundera himself seeping into the narrative was odd yet well managed. The writing is intelligent, measured, educational and moves at a pleasant pace…yet…the tome lacks any pulse. It feels like its written from the Goethe and Hemingway realm, a realm after Death, looking back upon life impassively.

Many themes explored and considered are interesting, yet always drenched in an apathy bordering on nihilism. And as a man who thrives on passion, on instinct, on feeling, on romance, on seeking oneness with the wilderness within and without, the journey through the many, admittedly well connected pages, felt depressing…

Which isn’t to suggest the book is not readable. It is. Moreover, I am suggesting that if you are a creature who revels in the thunder and lightning, who understands that Feeling Means Everything, and to ponder the afterlife in any meaningful way is a waste of Life, choose to deal with it later…if you thrive on appreciating the magic of life, the intensity, and look upon the full moon standing naked in the garden with a glass of rum in hand and salute a Power you can never define but adore and bow to in reverence…then avoid this book. For its anathema to the passionate, to the fanatics, to the true lunatics who refuse to focus on the End and instead focus on the Now, those precious few who seek no words of any Man to guide them through the darkness, roar and rage at any and all doctrine, for guidance, they look to the stars above in a clear night sky and the moon…and the tides of the ocean.

I did not enjoy how my mind made sense of Everything expressed, exposed. My heart and instincts were roaring with disapproval throughout and I have finally ended the thing, and tried my third Gore Vidal book, found its not what I need, and turned back the clock to Hunter S Thompson’s Generation of Swine, which I ranked fairly lowly in regards to his other outings, at the time, a different time, my mid 20s when life was more a welcome vortex of beautiful chaos…And in the first fistful of pages, I have found more solidarity of spirit, and laughed wildly on the sand before snarling feeling Hunter course through my veins when accosted by a reject from ko phagnan beach hawker patrol and dealing with her playfully and sternly, mainly to make myself chuckle…

Writing to me, anything and everything to me, HAS to be about feeling and spirit. By which I am not referring to any doctrine of spirituality. That is not for me. I learn more of my spirit from riding through a storm when others are running for cover and feeling a need to be like the hail and blizzards, onwards, ever onwards…and as for Feeling…is it not truly, all that matters to everyone?

Essentially, Immortality lacks any appreciation of what matters most to me…SPirit and Feeling.

If you need to seek out the intelligent attempt at wisdom of an old man, then I would suggest you try Knut Hamsun instead. For despite his cynicism, which was concluded early in his life, mainly during his trips to the US, he never lost appreciation of both Nature and those amongst the human hordes whose hearts beat with the tides, Wind is the Passion in their Sails…This book is close to the death of Dreams.

Peace in the peninsula?

There has been one constant obstacle to peace in the Korean peninsula for many years; the US. Deal after deal after deal has been broken by the US, not DPRK. Even when there seemed a decent chance of some serious thawing of the ice between the North and South in 2000, the US did what they always do, they fomented regime change and put in power their man, their puppet, who in 2007 destroyed any progress made. He is now – I believe – facing jail time and the Moon who has come in his place maintains an immense popularity amongst his people precisely because he is determined to do everything in his power to seek peace.

You need to remove yourself from the headlines to have any serious chance of making any sense of global affairs. Of even fathoming a mere semblance of whag might be true…which is maddeningly tricky in the age of today, for every button we press leads back to the same, and we are all constantly pressing buttons…

Try to seek out facts, not conjecture, not carefully manufactured ‘news’ repeated ad nauseam across the atlantic, parroted on social media, the same soundbites broadcast across thousands of ‘independent’ news sources all owned and directed by the same crowd with the same agenda. They are legion and the news outlets reporting real facts, absent of a globalist agenda are a pipsqueak on a huge praire of stampeding wildebeest…by design.

Kim and his cohorts may be vicious people, hellbent on maintaining power, like every single elite posse on the planet, but evidently the leadership have acted with intelligence, far greater appreciation of the mechanics of politics than the majority can perceive and steady, unwavering resolve.

They have seen the fate of Libya and Iraq. They have seen what has befallen Syria. They have been threatened with the exact same demolition the US gave these countries, before they destroyed them. And they have responded. Achieved their goals, and now come to negotiate for peace – a peace the US desperately wish to avoid as they have demonstrated for too many years to count – from a position of strength which must be respected ( the US have 30000 troops in South KOREA and forget about THAAD, DPRK could end that country in a day…probably Japan also. They are too close to defend against without sustaining huge and long lasting damage). Yet those indoctrinated into Western ideology still bark on command (its a mark of slave to present yourself as a former US forces ‘specialist’), unwittingly, as they have been taught. Repeat the mantra they long ago stopped questioning and now have the perfect position of thinking their opinion is born independently…This is the perfect situation for the Overseers. Give people their opinion which they then regurgitate as if they came upon such a thing through their own steam. ANY power structure which wants to maintain control has this as their optimum goal. Controlled Democracy.

DC and the Pentagon and the globalist cabal (which is by now surely too obvious a power system to be discarded as some tin hat conspiracy lunacy) despise Mr Moon (South Korea leader).

The five leading death cult ‘corporations’ in the US – Rathyeon, Northrop Gumman, Boeing, General Dynamics – lost billions of $ after the recent meeting of Kim and Moon. The event was reported by the leading DC papers as a threat to US security…A proposal of peace was reported as a threat to US security. Let that sink in a moment…

A proposal of peace is a threat to US security. By which is meant, though not implied, US corporate interests…The elite who own the Shite House are corporations who make profit from WAR. They own the US government and they are in league with the same powers above or alongside the British and French governments. The rest of the so called International Community are truly vassals.

Essentially, Kim and Moon are happy to have positioned Trump to take the plaudits for the peace initiative. They might even cheerfully throw their weight behind support for him to win a Nobel peace prize…for the more Trump and the US are painted as supporting Peace, the harder it will be for them to justify their agenda for WAR.

The nuts and bolts of the situation are –

DPRK have nuclear weapons and they needed these to avoid attack from the US and losing millions more lives. They have achieved their aim of a deterrent to US led destruction. For now. And this should be pondered…the number one cause of nuclear proliferation on the planet, the number one cause of development of weapons which can seriously derail our capacity to survive, let alone thrive, is US foreign policy, which is led mainly by the Zionist regime in Israel.

They want peace with the south, for they are of the same cultural roots and there is money to be made by improving infrastructure and lessening sanctions.

DPRK have suggested they will reduce their nuclear capacity when and if the US reduces their military presence and threats to destroy them. Which means a very slow decrease in the 30000 US troops in SK, reduction in military practices designed to scare DPRK. This would only happen very gradually indeed. It is not ‘get out by sunday’. But part of a process. You give a bit, we give a bit. Which seems fair and reasonable. Yet won’t happen. The US government is owned by a cabal which makes money and exerts and maintains power through war.

Trump has been forced to involve the likes of Pompeo and Bolton and Haley, savage war-mongering zionist necons. The last thing they want is peace between North and SOuth Korea. Yet Trump needs these neocons, and faces a bother with the November (I think) internal congress or house routine…he has to bring in people with voting bloc power and appease them.

Mattis is a little more interesting. His boss pigs are harder to pinpoint and he does have some sway, as a more direct link between the pentagon and military complex and what is basically a PR mechanism; the Shite House. His agenda appears on the surface of things, not solely zionist. Which means he must have some powerful bosses elsewhere. His agenda is the same, as in global hegemony, and his targets are the same as in China and Russia. Yet he is playing the long game. He has no interest in wasting time in Syria. Would rather focus on other methods for ‘containing’ Russia and China…Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikstan, probably DPRK. Sewing further discord between India and CHina in regards to the one belt, one road initiative. Which is a global endeavour to create trade, to improve conditions, to break past any sinister agenda and simply to make money, a new silk road traversing the globe…And further isolating Russia. Anathema to the US/zionist/Anglo power bloc.

Iran is the main name on the chopping board, hence Netenyahu’s putrid showing at the UN of late. He stands for a regime which can openly continue a slow genocide of the palestinians, can have a nuclear arsenal, unchecked by all international mechanisms, can use weapons of mass destruction as they please, can openly declare that it is unacceptable for any country to seek the means to defend itself against their bombs…You don’t need to delve deeply to understand how high up in the power structure the Zionist regime are to be found.

Hassan Nasrallah: Israel has come into direct confrontation with Iran

Nasrallah’s speech was interesting. Israel are amping up the pressure on their US pet to attack Iran. Which leads back to Mattis and his connexions to a part of the true power at large, the main hands closest to the war levers…for his stance and behaviour suggests to me at least, that its not just the zionists who rule the world and demand to maintain their rule, its more expansive than this. (as to who I cannot say…probably some old and modern Anglo and other mega money roots) Mattis represents interests which are involved with the Zionists but their scope is collectively greater….hence why he will probably try steer resources away from the lost war on Syria. Which is not to assert he is a good lad. Far from it. For he will steer those resources, at the behest of his overseers, whoever the fuck they are, towards a more direct and winnable warfare against first and foremost Russia and China, then Iran…

Enough for now. I am too happily consumed with love for my sublime pixie Queen. A true and powerful element of Nature who understands and encourages and nourishes my Wilderness, who to feel close to, to feel a part of, for her ups and downs, her beautiful bliss and painful agonies, is both a privilege which puts stars in my eyes, as well as a blessing to make me a better man, ever more hellbent on riding her storm to find Her sacred femininity worthy of my bow and devotion…Leave the news alone, live your life openly and honestly and righteously, and be open to the love of a Tempest.

All dreams are True,

My barometer of poetic endeavour, the delving into the well of my own abyss and reporting every clawing of my talons as I crawl down then up, is…an elf stricken from her dimension into our realm, who has traveled far and wide seeking kinfolk, and now is to be found in her forest lair spouting HACKCORE Alien DEATH METAL gangsta rap, wearing an Alien Cone Head Shroud…

& NOW It’s time for some offensive information warfare.. Netizens of Siliconia This is Operation Showstopper – ah yeah get set to meet my digital doppelgänger – waging war on your fucking war since 1984..

Back from the grave like an electronic corpse..

Exposing the details Of all your epic fails..

So Hail Eris! & Kiss this with your RFID chip*

I’m everything that you can’t encrypt..

Waihope bound..

Cos I am not found..

Here tonight, all dressed up in pink noise Here to separate the middlemen from their kiddie killing boy toys..

So welcome to the Kill board of Dischord..

From Gitmo to Gaza all your walls will fall.. This one’s going out to NSA, & the Eye of The Dark Lord ….

I’m your Femen Fatale The Eris Assassin I’ll stab you in the Panopticon and undermine your system..

I’m an enemy of the state a poetical terrorist – Like a black water blowfish wired with a death wish..

I’m the Sea Anomie The Perfect Storm of your destruction Here to take and desecrate the means of your production..

I take your dirty dollars from your corporate pocket make shit stick to the pin wear on your white collar..

I’ll dig your digital grave I’ll slay your Corporate Cannibals Then DoS you with my meme machine and army of cute furry The chosen plutonium For your dystopian hopelessness..

A dysnomian symphony Of supernatural identity..

A trans neptunian object coming at you like liquid with my Cyber Squid ink & my Capricorn Sphinx Press delete elite delete As I eat up all your emails And suck out all the silicon from your fibre optic entrails..

I slay the skinless flesh of your avatar as I unleash the beast possessed with this death guitar

So cluster fuck the flame wars of your echo chamber..

Word of mouse on the screen says your attempt has been an epic failure..

It’s matter as fact from fiction

This is our world wide wisdom

You must have heard I’ll get the world to sign all my online petitions..

You’ll wish you never dialled my digits Like a malicious widget

But I’m the host and I’m the ghost that always goes ballistic I’ll occupy your mind & make your blog bleed

Then I’ll jihad your twit account and bring it to its knees.. 

I’m here in HD Wear malware on my sleeve

An online suicide bomb in Spectral Density

I slay the skinless flesh of your avatar as I unleash the beast possessed with this death guitar

Mainframe in the membrain Mainframe in the brain..

This is what it sounds like when bugs die..

So stand in the negative feedback loop & know that all your base are belong to us’

(Sally Louise)

ANd so, with my vitality check emerging from the Forest as branches and Muons swaying and clawing in agreement for all is fine and dandy, I move onto deeper recesses…

Love is a condition of MAN. And Emotion.

Its the Woman who causes the commotion,

adds the Wild Nature of the Wind and the Tides,

to make a potion…

to which the men prepared and able to give their all,

who are dedicated and believe enough to give their everything,

well aware that they may climb or…fall.

are beckoned,

like moths to a flame…

for these fires of sacred femininity,

spread light upon every inch of our essence,

the brave seek evermore of the Womanly presence…

for to fly naked, wild and free,

to drink of the richest wine of life,

a man needs a Woman,

to devote his everything towards,

to bow down, cherish and adore as his wife…

Image result for galactic love



the impossible dream…

She is my tempest.

She is my call to the Wild.

She is beyond the Stars and the Moon,

She is beyond Light and Dark…

I give Her all I am.

For she teaches me of my own Nature,

through her love,

through her strength,

through her devotion,

and passion…and sacred femininity.

She makes me wish to be the best Man possible of all worlds.

And for this,

she is the most powerful element in my universeX



I want to TaKE You WitH ME

Saul doesn’t need to be seen. He doesnt need to look cool. He doesnt need tribal tattoos added to his outline after middle class upbringing and having enough nous to understand it will appeal to the wannabe hippies, or a beard… He solely needs to be heard, and then felt. Which is the way of all meaningful souls as cursed with the hellbent proclivity for unwavering self expression.

Saul never fails to enthuse in me, a sensation of his SOUL SAYING…














Few have the SOul of Saul…yet many have the same zeal. SUch as a chap from here in Melbourne, who has headed to my motherland and nourished his True GRIT.

I am well read, and well written, but I cringe at myself whenever anyone suggests that my writing is too tricky, too intricate. I despise the elitism which demands you do what I do and have done to understand me. I want to express myself from the fucking femurs. Not the Balzac dictionary, or the Doctrine, or the idolatry…Why follow the words of men seeking followers, seeking control…I am no fan of doctrine. I’d rather follow my Heart…

She speaks the hippie manTRA without falling to the modern day ‘tribal’ warrior for ‘love and peace’…those fucks fight no real battles. They just look nice and sound nice/ We need them too…But they are flimsy and worthless without those prepared to grit their fangs, hold onto realistic values and defend with Everything they have and hold dear…

Do we need Sole to tell us>>>>

Love everything you do, 

do nothing half heartedly,

be what you speak…

Saul never instructs, nor leans towards doctrine, towards projection of wannabe anything but himSELF. He bares his soul.

\ To express your SOUL…your feeling and instinctive core…is the hardest thing in life, and the most beautiful. What value can be appreciated by giving anything less? SHOW YOUR SELF OR MOVE THE FUCK ON…






Wicked WomenPoets PaRT11111111

Other than Charlie 2na this track is savagely beautiful art.

They are gritty hippies. The tribe I feel closest to, yet never a part of. Those who howl form their depths every time they open their mouths.

In between Dub FX’s chaotic rhyme is something with a maddening pulse, and to add this to his ability, where he finds his portal from Within to Without with more purity, makes him something superb and rare and special.

Dessa is deep and powerful. Sad and solemn. And She makes me feel Women can be far closer to the wind and the tides and the moon…far more readily and totally, than most men I know and have met.

Dessa has a power through her words. More poised primal than beyond instinct towards Reason.

True, Real, Earth Rooted Devotion.

Ursula Rucker is even more special than I had up until this evening experienced. This Sometimes I song has that effect of me feeling closer to the wind in the forest, the morning chorus rehearsal of the sparrows, the Source of something natural flowing through everything. Mainly but not exclusively a feminine aspect. Their capacity for volatility feels like the thunder and lightning and wildest of tidal waves…

I wish I could interpret her words. Not to find merely words I can more easily convert to sensual, but to add understanding of the energy.

There are more of this still thankfully persisting blood line of Woman Warriors….closer to Home/

The Guenievre outlined elf.

The maternal Maniac.

And the pixie goddess who has my heart in her shadow wings.X

Who says women can’t rap? The fools…

This silent poet brings to my ears the same sounds I imagine of a flock of birds all flying as one, turning as one, swooping and diving as one, over warm air rising from calm tides in a pristine, untouched by Human Hands or Heads wilderness>

Tempest by name, tempest by Spirit