Keep the lights turned OFF

By tdf, December 13, 2023

Keep the lights turned off…you will at first feel strange, but persevere, our eyes adjust…

we can soon start to see without the light,

its not perfect,

but we hold still in our nature,

some seeing in the dsrkness…

We are creatures who see first with our hearts,

our eyes can follow…

our minds then muddled by savage overseers turning the dials.

WHO SEEK  power,

sew division…

we come from wildlings,

this remains latent,

society social media cuts this like an appendix.

we can seen far beyond these virtual eyes…

yet so many are blinded,

victims of the system telling them what they can see,

what they can feel,

offering script of what they can say,

the many repeat these scripts daily.

its all good…

Is it truly all good?

No, it is not ‘all good’.

its not NO WORRIES.

she’s be right? fuck off…she will be wrong.

We are paying for the killing and maiming and bombing of foreign cultures,

told we are the good guys,

turn away,

make jokes of Hamas in their tunnels in the office,

a good laugh eh?

They make me feel cowardice for not choking them.

for not biting their throats,.

Yet I am well aware,..

‘its all good”

“no worries!’

what the fuck is wrong with these people?

Why do they have no heart?

no values?

no low rent decency?

Where has their heart annd soul gone?

Where has mind gone?

Reminded every time I remove all of my human,

throw myself into the wilderness….

Wish I could stay there.

Bjkork is one of so few who bring to our NOw,

ancient callings to arms to PROTECT NATURE,

not just the birds and waves and earth,

but each other…

Its not all good.

We are killing everything and everyone in the pursuit of progress and convenience.

Our overseers preach NATIONALISM,

when our nation is the planet, the galaxy, the universe…

Japan! so pretty, so hi tech,

bareky anyone is aware their leaders oversaw the slaughter of 5-10 MILLION CHINESE.


‘how delightful their onsens!’

Who are these people?

Long screaminfg, roaring, fighting, resisting?

Why shoud we care?

when told by our ‘allies’ of them beheading babies,

raping women, girls, in front of their families?


anyone who challenges,

is demonised.

for these people vile brutal murderous scum,

our governments refuse to allow any criticism towards….

promote any challenge of the narrative as HITLER-esque.

Endless Trip to Hell': Israel Jails Hundreds of Palestinian Boys a Year. These Are Their Testimonies - Israel News -

The 11-year-old Palestinian 'Enemy' Who Wet His Pants - Opinion -

Images show Israeli soldier handling Palestinian boy | CNN

THIS is why the Palestinians fight.

They have no other option…

I do not sing support for HAMAS.

I have inert nature rising up to fight for the Gazans,

the most obvious stain of saavgery on any vague idea of ‘humanity’,

as something wholesome, decent, RIGHT…

ANgels and Insects.

I have long found more easy kinship with dragonflies,

more marvel of how the winged little beasts fly as flock,

high speed as mamy as one,

all knowing, feeling, connected by something we dont perceive,

to turn corners as one mega ball of flutterings,

not one of their number out of sync…

lying on the sand,

starlight beaming flowing down upon me,

suddenly the sky abounds with pretty things with wings,

gentle blizzard of butterflies,

somehow emerging from the hoirzon,

from where do they launch???

perhaps portal from here to there>>>



Butterfly Nebula NGC6302 | Nebula, Abstract photographs, Canvas prints

They cannot be arriving from thousands of miles away,


there is a is a realm of their beautiful loveliness?

found in where our eyes can reach towards the horizon,

not our minds too long blinkered and enslaved to this>>>

Aesp Rock.

Spilling his soul,

EVERY word speaks more to me of my corporate anthem,

repeated daily,

which i despise,

my own role within included….


How cam any beating, feeling heart,

hear this and not break or want to FIGHT?



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