gems in the MEgA ROugH>>>ICe CreAM

By tdf, January 9, 2024

In a world where millions are listening to the skittle faced ghoul mong Mr Tickley Tekishi9, I dont need to go too far back to find when hippetyhop still bounced and meant something in spirit and street poetry.

I’ll delve beneath the former mainstream…

The story of a talented kid…who lost his brother in a car accident, and lost his creative bounce and beat…was then taken back into the scene by Mf Grimm, with love and openness…He saw something in the Daniel and knew he was mangled and grieving, focused on steeling the grief into a collective, already established >>>

and then Grimm got shot, and Daniel got a break, a record deal, and became a masked ghoul, using the beats he made with the MIC and pretty much saying fuck them im famous and earning now>>>

Grimm was never championing his lifestyle, even from what the doctors had told him was his deathbed, or prison, he wrote and rhymed this>>>

Fuck DOOm…he is a masked man making money for…himself. WHo else can I find in the murky shadows????

I cannot mention Grimm without adding:>>>>

and swing back to the best of the traitor! DOOOOOOOM> despite his treacherous nature, he has mega talent with both the beats and voice>>>

Away from the talented and selling their talent at the expense of their heart and soul. Plenty more deserve the mic and focus>>>

Josh is gorgeous, uncomfortable honesty. I could share more of his solo efforts but when he found SLEEP..was something very special>>

Talib Kweli>>>>>

He gave voice to women, more than any feminist I have come across…they can speak for themselves>>>

And somehow onto Leafdog>>>



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