Gems In the MegA ROugh VOl XIXIIXXXVV- Clear BLUe SkiES

By tdf, December 9, 2023

Clear Blue Skies,

the one eyed  man living amongst the blinded eyes,

is lonely,

a life spent seeking homely…

feelings are all that ever matters.

most have eyes,

yet dont speak from the heart,,,


……We are focused on making the most of our luck,

many here buy more TVs,

bigger cars with GPS and screens for the kids and olden day folks up top,

to allow us to turn away from the AGONY we pay to supoort in far flung foreign lands

find the footy or imbecile ballads of how great we are,

be told how to behave by pop stars of zero value,

for some this is hideous,

for they know the world.

the many,

simply buy into the bullshit,

assume they are bringing up the next genertions,

shielded to the horror…


…..I reflect my environment, and can describe it well…for both good and ill…put me in nature and I become the gentle poet loverman of the wind and tides and amazing manner the clouds form and flocks of birds all turn at the same time as if they are one bird of many wings…put me around scoundrels and I either become scoundrel or cause problems….so when I write something lovely, its not really me creating…I am reflecting, offering what I hope feels to read a pure reflection, of the subject accepted pure by my sense and then written off in my odd poetic manner, no embellishments…I dont take time of my writing, it is more a case of I am unearthing what has already been written somewhere, and sharing this, a loving conduit…hope you can make sense of this, suspect you can and will…I am the enemy of Edits, the fanatical fan of the first draft always the pure…as this is as close as I can get to becoming a true part of the nature which makes me able to open myself wide and flow into something so much more universal,


I wouldn’t expect anything less than her fast forming maniac.

She will become no matter what we do,

something along the lines of this berserk tyrant>>>


………She is a beautiful monster,

any Uncle would be proud to guide towards where she is headed,

we can fight it,

yet we will be simply fighting the rising tide of Lillth…

and I am already proud of her,

will always be,

she can find me as a totem of weird….

…………I awoke from the valerian anchoring in the dream realm still alive and echoing,

clung to my dreams,

for Oscar has appeared in other forms,

mixed scenes of Brighton and Manchester,

the mystic mist covering the heights of man made mountains of horrid artifice with wndows reaching for the stars,

as I gripped harder on the bars,

visor open,

eating the slow falling rain,

feeling Nature swirling,


dream realm enlivened.


Was I day dreaming?

I stay in this valerian potion state til midday,

then I rouse,

realise I am surounded by low rent theatre,

become furuous when seemingly friendly souls,

meet me walking towards them,

turn their eyes to the floor…



………….For a human to seemingly bare any open,

then close off…

I despise them,

for they are more intersted in low rent theatre,

than honesty,

leaving me pondering how best to take their back…

and neck

and choke….

……..who is standing up?

against the scum?

\my meek emissions from here and beyond is not of enough substance,

I need to tell the actors and the Director of this stage play,


I am living closer to the dragonflies,

ladybirds landing on my hand,

seeking gentle transport to green leaves,

I am in calm marelv when seeing their beauty,

watch them crawl through the forest of my hairs,

across ny pages of ink scribbled words,

elated to note them wander, wonder of ALl that lies between the ink,

the words….





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