BAptiSM of The SubLIMe – Where the water meets the land is where I find my sanctuary…

By tdf, November 16, 2023

Currents of warm then cool roaming the shallows after arriving from the endless horizon,

The flesh squeals with vitality,

Mind awash with deluge from all directions of wilderness,

Senses and spirit aflutter within the weightlessness wandering,

Rising falling in rhythm to the lunar symphony sung by the sea,

Baptism of serenity,

Here I am at peace,

A heart and soul shaped smile,

Sauntering between rocks on soft silky sand,

dipping toes in warm pools heated by the giant orb in the sky above pouring down upon us gift of light and life,

Gliding over long drowned grass and vividly coloured weeds dancing in the tidal breeze unseen unheard but eternally felt,

Stroking the surface of smoothed boulders millions of mussels appearing tiny shell mouths lined up awaiting their dinner,

Where the water meets the land is where I find my sanctuary…


Escape the artifice of machines,

Fill your eyes with the sky and birds and magical blue hues of the ocean,

Leave the world where always there must be words and screens and sound without nature…


gentle poetry pours from my fingertips as my immersion in nature becomes so complete I forget myself,

seep into the tides and breeze and warm pools between the rocks and soft silky sands…

Time dissolves into daylight and tides,

Rhythmic lapping symphony,

The wind whistling,

waves lapping crashing splashing,

Winged beasts squawking,



I can wander across and through this meeting of air water and earth,

fall from the land human to animal essence into the scene,

Realising hours after I’ve become less self aware More all aware…

Black swans bobbing up and down,

Flocks of birds zooming along the coastline at play,

Ladybugs landing on hands curious to explore

A calm blizzard of butterflies seemingly flowing from the Great deep,

above which a butterfly island must emerge or other plane of existence flown through portal for peculiar pretty little ones with delicate elaborately patterned fluttering wings

Feet sad to leave the sand into socks…

Savour the final seconds of solace before I revert back into gargoyle of the human hordes,

Grateful for these many minutes passed oblivious to all but the marvel of this world and pondering of many others…


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