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By tdf, November 5, 2015

A dear friend was playing devils advocate today when questioning my sources of information after my demands for her to accept the facts – as I see them – regarding the MH17 routine. Whilst her belligerence was more rooted in ‘giving me crap’ in her words, she did have a point. Which I feel the need to answer, for myself as well as others…

My news gathering routine is based on the following –

  1. Of any carnage or horror-show, the very first question to ask without fail is Cui Bono? Who gains?

This is logical and the very first step, often the conclusive stage after building the case, in any serious investigation. Whether that leads to suggesting the most logical likely explanation or conclusively drawing out the facts. The police work this way. It is the time honoured mechanism for developing suspects alongside circumstantial evidence. Motive.

2. Does the news outlet have an agenda? Who funds and owns them? What of the writer? Does he or she have any vested interest in the story?

Take Vice news for example…On the surface of things they delve into interesting regions and offer honest reportage which often can appear somewhat different from the mainstream. Yet who owns them? Rupert Murdoch. And various mega companies from Silicon Valley. It makes perfect sense for the MSM (Main Stream Media) moguls to want to control as much of the non MSM as possible, ideally from the shadows.


3. Follow the money. 

Whose $ behind this? Who stands to gain $$$? 9/11 as a lively example. This ‘terrorist attack’ led to multiple wars, the ‘arab spring’, the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Yemen as functioning societies. Syria is in the balance. Who paid for 9/11? Well…all we close to know is that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis. So have the House of Saud gained from 9/11? Well they were constantly at odds with Gaddafi. They also despised Saddam. And are sworn enemies of Assad. So…a resounding YES, FUCK, YES.


Who financed the military coup in Ukraine? Someone had to pay for the organisation, the bullets, the plans to create the new regime which were very quickly put in place?


Just follow the money…


4. Validity of the news source.

Have they been proven to be deceptive in the past, proven to mislead? If someone lies to me about something, even of little importance, I thereafter question everything they tell me in terms of credibility. Why not apply to the same to the media?

raytheon at Disney

The Western media machine is a mechanism of propaganda. Of this we have ample proof. Whether that be the BBC or Guardian or ABC or any state sponsored or corporate funded agency. They work hand in hand with the same powers of the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry, global financiers and mega banks and increasingly so, the agricultural corporations such as Monsanto. To confirm this simply follow the money. Or in Disney’s case…simply head to their theme parks…


Does it not seem strange to find a global producer of death supplying amusement rides for Disney?

Public opinion is directed by the media. The key players interested in directing public opinion are the ruling powers. If you have any interest in remaining in power, let alone consolidating your power, you need to control the masses. To do so through hearts and minds via entertainment and the mass media allows control to manifest without the target audience aware of the control mechanism. The optimum propaganda system is when the masses are unaware of how they are been deceived and directed and controlled. For in such a case there is no dissent. To even greater success, direct the masses to hate your enemies, dirty their names, sour their reputation, fabricate their crimes, justify your actions against them.

This is no conspiracy theory. Just plain logic for any control mechanism. In the West we see this system hugely and constantly in motion. Only a minority, seemingly impotent to act, are now capable of critical thinking. The majority base their opinions on ‘News’ that finds them; headlines on papers and websites, the ‘news’ you find by simply pressing a button on your remote control, turning on your phone, glancing at the newspaper lying on the coffee table at work. This ‘news’ finds you. A constant symphony of soundbites carefully designed to become imbued within the social psyche.

We are bombarded with lies. From our puppet politicians. From our ‘News’ channels. From our papers. And if we are governed with lies, exposed to lies from every angle, does that not encourage us to lie ourselves? To live in a system of deceit?

The major deceptions of our governments and the mass media parroting of the last decade and recent times is appalling and worrying. Critical thinking has been crushed and labelled as ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’. Again, this plays into the hands of the Priests owning and directing the slaves. Any healthy society encourages critical thinking and social debate.


WMD? There were none, and the politicians and the media knew it.

We live in an age where the US government openly culled a proper investigation into 9/11. The event which launched numerous wars, led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and is cited by many to this very day as the reason for the War Of Terror we have waged upon the world ever since.

Osama Bin LAden…I like the AK47 bookmark style and wonder what he was reading…whilst hidden away by his CIA colleagues.

Osama Bin Laden blew up the twin towers? Never admitted so. Not once. Also, the Taliban (who the West certainly assisted in its creation) offered Bin Laden to the US, if any evidence could be shown….No evidence was shown. So we invaded Afghanistan. Huge profits made from minerals and heroin, BY THE CIA.




And who was Osama Bin Laden? Why was the man allegedly responsible for 9/11 ‘buried at sea’? No body, no trial, no court room, no judge…just despatched. Allegedly. The man made out to be global enemy number one, no less. The most obvious explanation is that the US government had no desire for Osama Bin Laden to be given the chance to speak.

Yet I am heading off into ranting. When my aim was and loosely remains to suggest the news channels I follow. None of them will make you feel more secure or happier. Yet in the least they offer an alternative view of global affairs.


Global research is a registered non-profit organisation founded and run by Professor Chossudovsky. No obvious links to commercial interests. A background of exposing government policies designed to control and deceive. Professor of Economics at Ottawa University.


Amy Goodman and her well meaning crowd accept no funding from government or commercial enterprise, are strictly not for profit and persist from solely subscriptions from listeners, viewers and foundations. They often include in depth interviews and have no obvious connections to corporate pigfuckers.


  • This web site is
    • An independent media source. 
    • One person’s effort to correct the distorted perceptions provided by commercial media. 
    • This web site is non-commercial (no advertising no pop-up windows) and funded by  readers contributions.
    • This web site grew out of my personal frustration and anger at the failure of traditional commercial media to inform the American public, especially as it relates to US foreign policy.
    • A source of unreported (or under reported) news from around the globe.
    • An effort to provide more depth and understanding to current issues.
    • This web site is the work of one person.
    • I am a private individual. 
    • I am not affiliated with any particular political party.
    • I am not funded by any group.
    • I pay for all services associated with this site from my personal funds and readers’ donations.
    • I am not independently wealthy.
    • I work and live in Southern California.
  • (taken from http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/who.htm)

I like their spiel. They are a news aggregator and whilst none of the owners contribute articles of their own, they supply a wonderful array of news gathered from legitimate sources which very rarely find their way into the mass media.

Other worthy mentions…






Nothing served up to you on a dish for free by corporate interests is likely to prove of any substance. The real news is out there. And to gather even a semblance of Truth it makes sense to seek out as many sources as you can find covering an event, then judging motive, agenda, money.

We live in a realm of spoon fed bullshit. Too much ‘knowledge’ has been gleaned from headlines and pressing a button on a remote control. Not delving, not thinking, not researching. And when we are considering events which are shaping the world, wars which our own taxes are used to foment and purchase the bullets and bombs to deliver, surely it matters to find an idea of what the devil is going on. Has the corporate take-over of society truly gone so far that the majority simply doesn’t care if we are complicit in global carnage to humanity and far beyond? Or do the majority simply not know?

Critical thinking has been dumbed down. Intentionally. People want bright lights and dazzling colours in their slop bowls, and to be told of the world in headlines, in soundbites, in sordid stories of celebrity. Before I sign into hotmail I am bombarded with bullshit, drivel, links to ‘bachorelette star tells all’ and ‘whats brewing between George Clooney and Amal Clooney?’ and ‘ Has Khloe Kardashian really taken Lamar back or is it just a health insurance spin?’. Bright lights, make-up and gossip are the major ‘news’ taken from the media bombarding us from every angle, into every orifice, coating every synapse. And now and then, they stick in a slice of propaganda such as ‘Russia to take over the Middle East’ or ‘Iran waging war in Yemen’. Alongside Kardashian’s health insurance scams???hohoho! Indeed, its all one and the same. Bullshit. Plain and simple.

The US elections are a fine example. Not just millions but hundreds of millions of $$$$ paid by the candidates, who are funded by the same crowd connected to the mass media, give the people coloured balloons and ticker tape…and they will roar! And believe they are taking part in something meaningful; a movement for change! Problem there is that the republicans and democrats tear each other to shreds in a punch and judy routine, then exit stage left and right, meet at their hotels, share a line or five of top grade peruvian powder, before sharing their whores and laughing as they watch themselves on the TV and take in the multitude of ‘reactions’ and ‘opinions’ of others employed by their same bosses. Its a fucking sham.

What reasonable right minded human being can place ANY belief in a system of deceit? Kingmakers are not the masses, but the Money and Power behind the system. Do you truly believe that the groups who make money from war upon war, from peeling away layer after layer of legislation implemented to protect citizens, would allow and fund an open, fair, election? It is the opposite of their core aims. Profit.

The mass media told us that Osama Bin Laden blew up the twin towers. Then said nothing of the complete and total culling of the investigation into the ‘terrorist attack’ which launched the Western War of Terror.

The mass media told us that Afghanistan were protecting Bin Laden and were therefore complicit in the same attack. Lies, damn lies.

The mass media told us that Gaddafi had to go, neglecting to mention he was personally responsible for making Libya the wealthiest democracy, the country with the highest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality rate in the whole of Africa. ( http://topinfopost.com/2014/11/16/10-things-you-didnt-know-about-libya-under-gaddafis-so-called-dictatorship and http://www.globalresearch.ca/libya-from-africas-wealthiest-democracy-under-gaddafi-to-us-nato-sponsored-terrorist-haven/5482974)

Our boys in Ukraine…the neo nazi Right Sector.

The mass media told us that Putin invaded Crimea and then brought war to Ukraine. This makes no sense. The Ukranian leader, Yanukovych, corrupt cretin as he was, had a choice to make…An economic choice, for himself and his evil chums and for Ukraine. Go with the EU deal (US vassal states) or go with Russia. He was told by his own advisors that Ukraine would lose out hugely to go with the EU, but it was for the best in terms of opening up to the West. He went with the Russians. And then…the mass media tell us that Putin and Russia make a brilliant deal for themselves and the Ukranians, then invaded Ukraine? That makes no sense. Its nonsense to assume that one party concludes a deal in their favour then attacks the other party (in the process ruining their own potential gains from the deal). Yet this is exactly what we were demanded to believe, PUTIN TAKES CRIMEA! PUTIN ARMS THE REBELS.PUTIN INVADES UKRAINE!

The mass media told us Russia were involved in taking down MH17. But WHY WHY WHY? Why the hell would the rebels, who were savaged in the western press, alleged to have russian support, take down a civilian airliner? What is there for them to gain?

Rebel Leader, with his captains…in Donbass…

‘Ok chaps…the western media is against us…I have a brilliant idea!…lets take down a plane load of westerners!!!!!’

‘Great job, boss! That will turn the tide in our favour! A master stroke…truly!’


The world is ablaze and we are supplying the matches. On the whole, unwittingly. Change can come only with awareness. For whilst we go about our daily lives and find our focus on ourselves, we are literally paying for the worst atrocities the world has ever known. We are unwittingly complicit and in total support of mass murder.

Stop watching the news paid for by corporate interests. Stop reading the papers. Stop accepting everything you are told for free as TRUTH. Disengage from the mass manipulation machine. Take a step back and THINK. Just THINK.


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