US Diplomacy

July 9, 2017

Whilst pondering the G20 summit, which has seen mass riots, musical chairs, zombies and very little if any serious discussion, it is worth taking a snapshot of how the US government has been cultivating relations with the globe of late. Spearheading their advance as ‘leader of the free world’. The US rejected a joint Russia/China […]

Marching towards armageddon as we stroke beards and sup lattes…

May 6, 2017

Where better to start this hopefully brief, yet long overdue return to the War Desk than with those perennial jokers otherwise known as the US Congress. Bill HR 1644 was passed earlier this week by the US congress which includes various measures ostensibly aimed at curbing North Korea’s ‘threat’. Interestingly, this includes the US given right […]

Global Affairs UPDATE – No change at the top

February 4, 2017

With Trump still less than a month in the hot-seat we have been treated to a multitude of indications of the direction and outlook of his presidency. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly the direction seems pretty much a continuation and worsening of the same agenda ‘presided’ over by Barry Obamistan. Had Clinton been put into this symbolic […]

Protecting our own…and spoon-feeding the sheep

December 5, 2015

“Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them. Warning: air strikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life,”… …read the leaflets airdropped to our ‘Enemy’ IS, 45 minutes prior to any bombing mission by the US or any of its […]

Uk to bomb Syria…but why…and who will they bomb?

December 3, 2015

There are two very distinct strands to this scene. Firstly, since WWII our military foreign policy has been rather different in nature to what has been spoken about for many hours in the Commons and comparable political stages. Our recent history confirms our army as far closer to mercenaries at the beck and call of […]

There is another way

August 13, 2015

For many moons I have been engaged in a haphazard War Desk routine focused on sounding the horn of Judgement and taking aim at the most terrible of global affairs. Hatchet jobs aplenty always leading to the same crowds causing the same woe, not just domestically but across the globe. Always apparent has been a […]

Vlad the Impaler and the land-shark Lavrov

November 1, 2014

  Given the sabre-rattling, side-stepping of the real issues performed by the hypeman for Death Inc, Obama, his british lapdog Cameron and the joke of a ‘president’ Hollande, rarely registers anything but disgust…and indignation roared towards the scriptwriters of such pathetic cartoons and horrific paranoia, it is refreshing to lock myself into Vlad and feel […]

Death Cult

October 4, 2014 “[Australian forces] are there to degrade and destruct and do whatever is necessary to ensure that this horrible death cult and cancer cannot continue to have its way,” (Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister, Australia) Taking that line out of context…it could so easily be focused on the IDF, The Free Syria Army, Al Nusra front, […]

seanad eireann – the bravest voice in western politics

August 7, 2014

My own analysis of the recent genocidal brutality of the Israeli Holocaust Unit will follow in the near future, when the last bomb has been dropped, the last child buried, the last school, hospital, power plant…set afire with US supplied weapons. Until which, I turn to Seanad Eireann, as a righteous, worthy mouthpiece…If only there […]