Death Cult

By tdf, October 4, 2014

Spokesman of Death Inc.

Spokesman of Death Inc.

“[Australian forces] are there to degrade and destruct and do whatever is necessary to ensure that this horrible death cult and cancer cannot continue to have its way,” (Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister, Australia)

Taking that line out of context…it could so easily be focused on the IDF, The Free Syria Army, Al Nusra front, Saudi backed death squads, CIA trained death squads, Turkish secret service and most probably MI5/British special forces doing their bit to maintain the transatlantic ball-cupping routine also known as The Special Relationship.

In many ways, it is a shame that Morrison was not referring to any of those groups, but solely to the latest Western/Langley/Saudi gang of cut-throats playing the role of macabre pantomime villains, helping to brainwash more of the masses into roaring WAR, WAR, WE WANT MORE WAR! Regardless of the reality.

Well I suppose Raytheon and Lockheed will be most pleased with proceedings…

Its a bizarre situation indeed, when the western leaders have been able to arm groups fighting against Assad, call them freedom fighters, help flow money and guns and fighters into Syria, then to turn around and relabel our product as IS and alter our sights on them, our own proxy army? Whilst still arming IS friends in Syria against Assad, whom we are still eager to remove and Turkey wants to raze to the ground.

Bizarre indeed…Still, I guess plenty of folk are happy to believe unquestionably in the same international terrorists who lied to the world about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Russia and Iran (just in recent times). And will continue to export their own death cult from Washington, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, London and their vassal state pals down under and elsewhere. The Coalition of the Killing.

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