Hidden Gems in the Mega Rough: Part IV

By tdf, September 23, 2014


We all have our blueprints. Which we follow, aspire towards. Role models are the creators for most. Yet, there are certain individuals who find themselves at odds with the blueprint of their parents, of their friends, of the status-quo dish of the day poptarts. Of this special flock- who demand to think with their own thoughts, feel with their own hearts, and seek out the same in others they choose to draw close to them and find as kin – many of us have developed, refined, improved the blueprints easily available, as we have learned from wise men and wild women and thrown ourselves into the wilderness without restraint, without giving a flying fuck of how we look, how we seem to others, focused solely upon the richest nectar which can be drunk; living with spirit and soul. Finding more of ourselves through the delving into the darkness.

In any area, in any country or culture, it is horridly difficult to find fellow souls who are thoroughly decent, open and talented. When I come across such special souls, I work hard to collide and hope for kinship. In my motherland, such a routine has proven easy and workable. There is zero distinction between respect born and proven through blood and brotherly love with a handful of the most ghoulish mix of characters I count as kindred spirits. From the presently absent, possibly dead, poet king John the baptist, to Mario, the ex mafioso sage buddhist rastafarian catholic…from Big Man Mike, with his muscles and tatts and rough justice art tempered by his love for his fine woman and principino of a hound…From Grant, whose heart is matched by his fists in terms of magnificence and potency, to special Ed and tappety tap out Richy…And of course, my caribean brother, the Saint…a line can be found between us all, a line of loyalty, decency, honesty///

We are at War. Whether you can switch the channel or put down the paper. A War between Good and Evil. Not Muslim and Christian. Not Buddhist and Tamil Tiger. Its the huge swathes of US in the Western empire, financing with our taxes the war waged upon life itself. We are financing a war on life. Which horrifies me. It is OK, even fun and nourishing, to spend my days aiming for fun and mischief and meaningful exchange with any and all quality creatures  I encounter. yet it is not helping. In the real Battle which I should be fighting. My housemate, a quality soul for anyone of feeling, suggested the point yesterday evening…’if they wanted to catch the people funding these…terrorists…why did they make it public? Why did they arrest these middle men??? why did they show no interest in anything other than what would make us the most scared??”…Well put, I add, as I send my well wishes for Paul to recover from the operation wreaked upon his mangled sore paw…

when it comes to music, that delightful, as often inspiring as horrifying medium, of those I have bonded with from close distance only pretty eyes Steve brings me joy, meets my own forged, refined blueprint of How To Be…other than which, those I have not met in the flesh, befriended and hugged and loved from close range, I present to you the following aural amulets, those far removed members of our lost tribe, whose heads and hearts and souls we can find in our own hopes, fears and dreams…I want music that affects me, I want people that affect me. Why follow the herd? Safety in numbers is the dream of spastics…The real, the only joy, is found in following your spirit into the wilderness…


Saul Williams – Release


Saul Williams – List of Demands

Dan Le Sac – Long Life of Night

P.O.S – Music for Shoplifting

John Smith – BattleCry

Mr Lif – I Am Myself

MF Grimm – Scars and Memories

Crosby, Stills and Nash – Winchester Cathedral

Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Saint Etienne

Suprême NTM – C’Est Arrivé Près D’Chez Toi (Live)


Sadistik ft. Eyedea & Lotte Kestner – CHEMICAL BURNS

Savior Self – Eyedea, Kristoff Krane, Sadistik and Cas One & Bodi

Slug (Atmosphere) – Fuck you Lucy

Slug (of Atmosphere): Not Another Day

mos def ms fat booty

Buck 65 – Paper Airplane (Shazam Session, Live & Acoustic)

Silent Poets – Get Ready (feat Ursula Rucker)

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