John the Baptist

By tdf, April 21, 2014

I have always thought and felt that the eyes are far more than a normal sensing organic tool. They have the soul in them, not just behind them, but in them, in their glare, in the energy they convey…I think something comes out of eyes, like a torch beam. A beam of energy which is a reflection or assertion of the soul…perhaps. Definitely more than just an Incoming sensory organic machine. They give out far more than scientists can currently measure, because its something metaphysical. Only humans could measure it by noting the feelings and thoughts provoked by someones gaze.

People, especially, but not exclusively, in the West, are taught, by an unspoken often, but sometimes told ruling which suggests that it is rude to stare, not just as body parts or faces, but more personally so, at the eyes. As this is the area which as far as I am concerned shows by far the most clearly, Who a person is, it is a horrifying rule. A rule against Seeing each other. Forced to discern as much as possible from aesthetics, rather than looking directly into a fellow soul…It could well be simply an ugly reality of humanity.

The strength, energy and intensity of Contact between the eyes- which I will say, can be, though isn’t always, between the souls and hearts- depends on many factors. Demeanour is important, obviously. as are sexual elements, situation elements, history between the two pairs of eyes. There are more factors, but they seem like the main ones to bring to the light here and now.

The most honest man I know, who is a brother and father mix to me, John the Baptist, has a glare so fierce, and piercing, that it often makes people feel incredibly uncomfortable…Some would say their distress is out of fear ‘why is this black guy wearing a cloak, looking like he has just emerged from hell, staring at me…fucking psycho…RUN RUN RUN’. I can relate to that, or at least understand it, because if I didn’t know John, i may be a little defensive in his presence, purely on the way that he looks. But that couldn’t happen, because I have Known John from the first time our eyes met…we befriended at once, and were near inseparable for the next year or so…until I became once again lady-laden. I would say that his glare makes others uncomfortable about THEMSELVES. Because he is looking into them with sad, solemn, honest eyes, honest soul. That is the root of The Fear. He offers an often painfully clear reflection of Who You Are, when you look into his eyes when he is doing anything other than laughing. His eyes differ greatly when he laughs, they lose all searching energy, and just blaze happiness into the world…Other than when laughing, his gaze always searches…

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