the first black man in the shite house

By tdf, April 21, 2014


The first black man in the white house,
I was one of the millions taken,
with the idea that change was afoot,
the root of global politics finally shaken..

the last chapter in the slavery book,
closed and forgotten,
the lynch mobs, ku klux clan,
universally declared dead and rotten…

a new era upon the world,
the slick hype man repeating YES WE CAN…
he talked of wrongs to be righted,
came forward with a master plan

but once in power,
the veil was fast removed,
acid was poured on the US sponsored wounds of the world,
that we all hoped would be soothed…

Bush was a coke fiend gimp,
but this smooth talker is worse,
funded and owned by the same crowd,
upon the global soul he is a curse…

Malcolm must be turning in his grave,
his cause hijacked by one of his own,
finally a man of colour in the hot seat,
but the funding for his rise to fame came off the devils loan…

He condemns any opposition to his agenda,
lies to the world through perfect teeth,
solemnly declares his regard for innocent lives lost,
whilst signing off on drone strikes causing more of the same grief,,,

Turn your back on iraq,
leave the country swimming in blood,
his minders continue to make their profits,
as his proxy armies leave more bodies piling up face down in the mud…

How about Afghanistan???
recall the troops, stop digging civilian graves,
talk of victory in an illegal war,
which handed more power to the enemy hiding in caves…

So what’s next??
Lets destroy Gaddafi’s territory,
enforce a no flyzone,
call it another anchor of global security story,
pass control over to tribal lunatics,
tell the world its more western glory…

After Libya a new challenge was needed,
Syria was chosen, al-qaeda became an ally,
forget their efforts in New York,
for we both want the same people to die…

Dam that Putin,
he danced around my red line,
forced me into a position of defeat,
what does this mean?? Maybe its a sign???

Indeed, lets focus on his back-yard
pour our funds into gestapo wannabees,
surely that will have vlad worried about his naval fleet,
begging me for mercy whilst on his knees??

Ill send my secretary of hate,
everyone loves his cartoon jaw,
and it makes me chuckle,
when people remind me that he used to be an opponent of pointless war…

Oh no, its gone so wrong,
the bear has awoken and spoken,
my Joint Chiefs bullet proof plan to add to our NATO hegemony,
had been ridiculed and broken,,.,

He talks of peace in the middle east,
then vetoes UN security counsel action against Israel,
produces a road-map to more tyranny,
its a sign of evil times that this ten faced hype-man isnt in jail…

and yet he continues to weave his web,
signs off on another kill-list,
countless families put to the hell-fire shower,
whilst those who survive,
are left with nothing but their raised fist…
or such hopelessness,
that the only option left is to cut their own wrist…

I ask you Mr Obama???
are you the son of a rhodesian farmer??
with no belief in karma??

Is your heart not affected by the drama,
of seeing a palestinian child in front of his mother and an IDF assault rifle,

you prove yourself time and again as not the remedy,
but the cause,
of more death,
born of more wars…
of more invasions,
based on broken international laws…

the axis of evil,
running from washington to tel aviv,
a master of the black arts,
whose main talent is to deceive…

He could have been a spokesman for hitler,
an advisor to general pinochet,
offering his soul to the highest bidder,
just sell out your country, then tell him what to say..

theres a battle for liberty raging,
and we are paying for the guns,
guilty of supporting regimes,
which kills mothers and their 5 year old sons…

in the name of the dollar,
in the name of the pound,
our leaders are killer priests,
soul-less fiends interested solely,
in the cold as steel sound…
of more bullets sold and flying,
finding their way into innocent people,
whom we are told want to eat our livers,
and can never be our equal…

We pay our taxes to a government,
whose real name is Murder Inc,
their job is to line their own pockets,
and destroy anyone who has the gall to think,
to ponder,
let their mind wander,
into a realm where all is revealed,
and we can see,
thats its always the innocent,
who we pay to be killed…

people say not to fret,
theyre all as bad as each other,
and I respond,
‘try saying that to a Gaza Strip mother,

whose teenage son was taken in the night,
her elderly father fighting for his life,
in a makeshift hospital bed,
due to a heart attack,
caused by the fright,

of soldiers beating down their front door,
aiming their sights at his face,
his heart unable to comprehend,
that he was simply born in the wrong place…

present yourself as man leading the ‘free world’
but you are a two bob pariah,
renowned for nothing more,
than been a bloodthirsty liar…

so what now???
its time to revolt…
roar in unison,
combine our power, aim to bring a halt…

the advance of the heathens,
killing in our name,
lets bring an end to the bloodshed for profit,
and end to the shame…

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