Protecting our own…and spoon-feeding the sheep

By tdf, December 5, 2015


Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them. Warning: air strikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life,”…

…read the leaflets airdropped to our ‘Enemy’ IS, 45 minutes prior to any bombing mission by the US or any of its ‘allies’ or by other more real measures ‘the supporters of IS’.

Why would we be airdropping warnings of bombs to our enemies, instead of air-dropping bombs to end their vile rule? Maybe there are some who will react to such news with a nod of the mong head, but they know nothing. They can go eat a bowl of fuck after supping on the BBC or Channel Ten or CBS or FOX News propaganda teat of the cunt cow.

Did we airdrop leaflets to the hundreds of thousands we have killed in Iraq? Did we airdrop leaflets to the Taliban? Did we airdrop leaflets to the scores of Libyans we have scorched into charred, rotting carrion awaiting the eager fangs of vultures and other scavengers? Not in the slightest. We do not warn those we are going to bomb 45 minutes before we bomb them, for that would give them ample time to avoid the hellfire. And render the bombing…pointless. A show of…what exactly?

For anyone pondering why the US coalition achieved nothing but the three times expansion of IS and their AL nusra buddies territory and control, perhaps this warning before any bombing (if we even drop the bombs) helps to clear the mist. For clearly, we are not bombing IS. We never have been.

It should ring as odd, to learn that the US army has managed to destroy, allegedly, 100 tanks of oil in a year or so. No evidence of course. Yet Russia have razed to the ground at least a 1000 oil trucks of IS, all heading to Turkey, in 5 days. And they have produced the evidence.

Still, this seems small fry in regards to the presentation by the Russian Ministry of Defence earlier this week, confirming and producing evidence to back up their conclusions, that IS is in cohorts with Turkey. Radar images and video footage support this claim. Which has been intimated towards by Putin at the G20 recently. Now the evidence and explanation has been released.

Its a boring, grey, monotone routine. Such is the Russian style, when dealing with grave, and serious matters. There are no perfect white teeth, no soundbites, no showbiz, just plain facts and lengthy, in-depth explanations.

This evidence should be a bombshell for the world, especially to all of us in the West, under the NATO banner. Let me put it straight, simple enough for even the half brained…

Turkey is purchasing huge amounts of stolen oil from IS. They are also supplying weapons, military support and attempting to protect their IS and AL-NUSRA assets from Russian attack. TURKEY ARE OUR ALLY.

Which explains the sneak attack on the Russian fighter jet a couple of weeks back. Which helps to make sense of Turkey wannabe Sultan Erdogan’s demand to remove Assad, to protect IS, to annex Syrian land, to crunch the Kurds fighting against IS.

The russian report has not been refuted, it has simply been ignored by the mainstream media. Does this not seem an important piece of news? One of our allies supporting IS? You can find plentiful reportage of this if you delve below the surface of the shit-stream propaganda which finds you with merely turning on your phone or pressing the power button of the remote control to the TV. Why, Why oh fucking WHY do so many people continue to believe proven death merchants and liars? Is it more comfortable to avoid accepting that the mass media and the government are Death Inc? The true state sponsored terrorists.

So…we are supporting Turkey, who are financing IS, we are warning IS before we apparently bomb them, and still demonising Russia who are most keenly involved in crushing IS. What can you draw from this? Other than…IS are our proxies. We have no interest in ending their tyranny and why would we, for we protect our own.

I feel sorry for the French who suffered from the recent horrorshow in Paris, yet when their government is arming the terrorists and in leagues with the zionist/sunni savage/western corporate war machine, what do they expect? I hate to see any innocent souls sliced and diced in the name of Profit, yet that is the reality of this so called, by proven liars, ‘war on terrorism’. Only when enough of us realise that WE are the ones funding the ‘terrorists’ will any change be possible. By which time, it may well be too late to avoid an apocalypse, for other forces are now in play, namely Russia, who avoid the bluster and make-up and soundbites and focus on the job in hand, reporting of their movements AFTER the fact, not with threats and lies and showbiz before the facts.

The West, which includes the UK and France and the US and Canada, are complicit in the worst global atrocities the world has known since WWII. Why so many assume that we have any semblance of interest in humanitarian ideals and liberation of anything but Profit simply confirms my conclusion that the majority are mindless mongs, brainwashed into marvelling at the bright lights and baubles…

Make no mistake, we are supporting with our taxes, a WAR OF TERROR. IS and Al nusra and the other brand names are supported and financed and armed by our governments, alongside the sadistically brutal Saudi regime, and genocidal Zionist maniacs and Sultan wannabe Erdogan clan.

We are the Enemy.

Until we shake ourselves free of the brainwashing, collect with like minds and like hearts and move towards revolution, which inherently must involve, a bloody war against our own people, our own government, and the corporations which rule us all.

What many appear to be missing, is that whilst our focus in fixated on the Middle East, there are deals happening, brand named of TPP and TTIP, which are basically, the most obvious stepping out from behind the curtains of commerce and government of the true powers which rule us all, and they are saying, with these treaties…


and barely anyone is batting a fucking eyelid.

Our governments are selling our land, our health, our future, for a sack of gold, and we sit here and…watch the football, buy new make-up, invite our friends to see our new sound system and HD televisions, and marvel at the baubles, as the world continues to burn, and we supply the matches…

A time is coming when mass realisation and mass movement will be too forlorn. Read between the lines, cut yourself off from the spoon-fed bullshit, pour some energy into working out what the hell is truly happening, and the Hades created in our name, with our taxes, and then…spread the word, speak to each other, seek comrades and work together to fight, for we must fight, for a better future for ourselves and our little ones.

Viva La revolution

For anyone interested in the state of play globally…



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