Marching towards armageddon as we stroke beards and sup lattes…

By tdf, May 6, 2017

Where better to start this hopefully brief, yet long overdue return to the War Desk than with those perennial jokers otherwise known as the US Congress.

Bill HR 1644 was passed earlier this week by the US congress which includes various measures ostensibly aimed at curbing North Korea’s ‘threat’. Interestingly, this includes the US given right to take control of ports not in North Korea, but in every one of their major enemies – namely Iran, Russia, China and Syria. Which is tantamount to a declaration of war. For what sane country would allow a country which constantly threatens you and your people, destroys country after country, to take over your ports?

The Russian reaction was typically and suitably robust.

The US administration will receive a symmetrical adequate response to any unfriendly steps toward Russia and our allies. In any case, no US ship will enter our waters,” Krasov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.   (

North Korea has not invaded nor attacked another country since 1950-53. Any serious attempt to attack another country in the region would be blocked by China. They harbour no expansionist agenda. Nor do they have the military might to achieve such an aim. And the idea of them attacking the US is plain laughable. The sole reason for their development of major missiles is a response to the ever worsening threat and practical exercise of preparing for the destruction of their country by the US. Once per year the US army openly practices this attack, within full view of the North Koreans. Hence, they are forced to continue to attempt to develop any semblance of resources to combat this.

It is important to note and understand this. The North Korean nuclear program is a direct result of and response to repeated threats of annihilation by the US. 

If your enemies were outside your house practising invading your home and killing your family, would you wave and offer them a cup of tea? Or would you prepare the defences?

Yet truth be told, as it must, the US are not amping up the pressure on North Korea because they see them as a menace, a huge and growing danger to not just regional but global security. This is great for headlines, though far removed from the obvious and far more worrisome reality.

It is very similar and of the same vein as the earlier allegations aimed at Iran. Even when the US intelligence agencies were quietly expressing that by their appraisal, which is far reaching and staggeringly well funded, Iran had no nuclear weapons or ICBM program, the US government were threatening Iran, telling the world of their nuclear ambitions whilst Zionist pigfucker Netenyahu was drawing silly pictures at the UN.

There was no Iranian nuclear threat. It was a pretext for sanctions and more importantly, for placing US Anti-Ballistic Missile bases within range of Russia’s borders. They are now doing exactly the same to China. Placing what are now called THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) on China’s borders.

It might come as a surprise to some, but North Korea borders South Korea. They do not need Inter Continental Missiles to attack South Korea. They are literally a stone throw away. Evidently the THAAD is in place for the same reason the ABMs are in place; to prevent Russia or China being able to respond to a US pre-emptive nuclear attack.

Whilst the Europeans are focused on BREXIT and the soon to be defeated rise of Marine Le Pen (more on this later) there is nothing in the Mainstream News of the very real and growing threat of nuclear war. The ABM/THAAD systems are far from effective against cruise missiles and the air force, in both of which fields of warfare the Russians are global leaders, in terms of deployment capacity and technology. Not because they are determined global hegemonists but due to the obvious, ever preset threat and demonisation of their existence emanating constantly in a rabid cacophony of deceit and propaganda by the US.

All signs point to the US, led by the anglo zionist power structure, playing a fearful game of chance. Assuming that Russia and China will finally cower, submit, and allow their coffers and resources to be pillaged, their people to be enslaved, rather than defend themselves when attacked. Europe will be decimated. And the US will not give a damn. Why would they care for their vassals?

It is not Russia or Iran or China piling up missiles on any borders but their own. It is the US and its ‘allies’. The same crowd who have destroyed in recent times – Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, placed neo nazis in power in Ukraine and slaughtered thousands in Afghanistan and Somalia.

(HR 1644 includes far more than merely the right of the US to take over ports in Iran, China, Syria and Russia, it also includes the right of the US to inspect, search and seize any vessel or plane it suspects of violating UN sanctions placed on North Korea. The UN has not asked the US or any other country to adopt these warmongering measures.

Other than the typically appalling trouncing of any semblance of international law, the non-military economic aims include curbing Russia’s ever growing power as a global supplier of grain (their agricultural sector includes a large % of North Korean workers). This hurts the US/ Canadian agenda of flooding the world with poisonous GM grain, hence the consideration of this problem in the bill. The bill is also an attack on the ability of Russia to continue growing its far East trade in general…For a more detailed examination of this latest move by the Zionist led US ‘government’ to attack China and Russia please here here.)

Briefly, before seeking a few fleeting moments of joy to stem the tide of the reality of an irreversible march towards armageddon, I will add to the woe…

The French head into the voting booths shortly, and after absorbing reports of the farcical debate between Le Pen and Macron, the march continues, unabated. For Macron, a Rothschild golden boy, a globalist, very much part of the Elite with plentiful zionist connections, will be the new leader of France shortly. Le pen, weighed down by horrid baggage courtesy of her father should have appealed to the anti-elite, anti-globalist, anti-new world order, pro-workers rights, pro-sovereignty crowd, for this is very much her repeated stance, yet the many are more keen on their own demise…It was a chance for France, and for Europe, to perhaps produce some hope, yet this has now passed. Much to my half hearted dismay, for the majority of humanity in the West has become blinded, blinkered, and see only what they are told to see, hear only what they are told to hear and march ever onwards to more horror, more war, more global agony.



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