US Diplomacy

By tdf, July 9, 2017

Whilst pondering the G20 summit, which has seen mass riots, musical chairs, zombies and very little if any serious discussion, it is worth taking a snapshot of how the US government has been cultivating relations with the globe of late. Spearheading their advance as ‘leader of the free world’.

(most of the above was taken from The Saker РCredit where credit is due, the main author running the show in that bountiful virtual niche is a tireless crusader in the good fight. I strongly urge everyone to visit, learn, contribute. Whilst I rarely enjoy any leaning towards religious elements, I understand they are important, and yet will gladly, eagerly point to the immensely valuable military and political  analyses which I am yet to find as consistently logical and knowledgable anywhere else on the web)

It is no wonder, when you peek at the list I shared, which serves as a very small snapshot of recent US efforts on the world scene, to find Trump seeming a lonely goon at the G20 summit. He had no reverence, no respect, no standing. And he knew it. Yet I cannot feel too sorry for a corporate slut masquerading as a Leader. In fact I do not feel sorry at all, the only pity I harbour is for those who still cling to this long proven ridiculous idea of a US President holding any real, meaningful power.

As for the links, the news offerings, what do you see? Other than a bully, a menace, an out of control rogue state which seems to believe it is above the world? Brimming always with threats, with condemnations, with demand to buy more weapons, to wage more war. Even those who buy into the punch and judy show of US political figurines, must see that their painted marionettes, if they are at large, other than on social media, are nasty, deceitful, war-mongering swine.


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