There is another way

By tdf, August 13, 2015

For many moons I have been engaged in a haphazard War Desk routine focused on sounding the horn of Judgement and taking aim at the most terrible of global affairs. Hatchet jobs aplenty always leading to the same crowds causing the same woe, not just domestically but across the globe. Always apparent has been a current of rebellion flowing through my efforts, yet little suggestion of how this rebellion could manifest into the mass movement required to bring about real change. Also absent has been mention of to where a rebellion or revolution could transition us. Until now, for I have been exposed of late to others with a similar zeal for righting a wrong world, yet rather than focus on the carnage and roaring for heads on sticks, they and scores of others around the globe have forged plans and begun on varying scales to put their ideas into practice…

The pursuit of profit dominates and constrains our lives. By its nature Capitalism breeds competition and this unceasing pressure to work and consume; to chase more money, to spend more money, to earn more money. Money is everywhere, a ruling element the world over. Yet especially so in our own capitalist societies.

Do you ever stop to question where Money flows in the greatest numbers? Does it make sense to hope that our society is designed with a heavy focus first and foremost on educational, ecological and social concerns? What really matters deep down to us all in head and heart.

Let me provide an example…

To work for an oil company or toxic waste company, as a lobbyist, campaign in Washington for easing of restrictions on regulations, for more scope for offshore drilling and fracking, for more land to be given over to toxic waste, is an incredibly lucrative career choice. The profits made by the companies and their lobbyists are staggering.

Yet to campaign against the toxic waste dumping, poisoning the earth and water supply for decades to come, lobby and protest against fracking and deep sea drilling which causes carnage to the earth and water let alone the myriad of life forms and bio-systems also affected, leads more often to zero profit.

The former actively works to poison the planet, to plough through dwindling resources, to leave the world in ever worsening shape for ourselves and our future generations. Whereas the latter campaigns for a healthier earth, cleaner air and water. A stronger future for all creatures great and small. Something seems askew. We must surely all agree that killing the earth is a bad thing? Yet why do we allow a system to perpetuate which rewards those whose very business is focused on killing the planet?

Similar horror appears when you bring in other mega lucrative industries…The mass media propaganda machine. The Military- Industrial complex. The fast growing agricultural poison merchants such as Monsanto.

Our system encourages and enriches the very worst of enterprise. Whilst showing very little encouragement or reward to those engaged in a focus on ecological and social concerns.

Is the media good for us? Perhaps a small portion of which could be classed as educational, yet the vast majority is intentionally responsible for the total fragmentation of communities we see sweeping across the West and beyond today. Kids used to make their own entertainment, on the streets, with their friends kicking a ball or finding mischief, yet now scores of our young ones are glued to their screens, even when in the company of their peers. They are taught by the mass media to be and feel separate, not together. Connect to each other by connecting to the machine.

How many families now enjoy a daily home cooked meal where they sit together, feel as a family, talk of their lives? Very few. Even the sense of family has been eroded. Values once passed on from generation to generation have been truncated, and are now disseminated via the mass media machine. And what is being taught is separation of the self. Look at social media and the selfies culture…People have truly bought into finding connection with the world through taking pictures of themselves. Does this not seem terrible, vapid, soul less? It is all part of a careful plan, for whilst we are looking at ourselves we do not see the world. We have allowed ourselves to be blinded. To look upon HD footage of life rather than to live life through our own senses before it has been sanitized, chopped and spliced, malformed into artificially bright and shiny baubles.

Reading of itinerant musicians in the 19th century traveling town to town through Russia seems like a wild fantasy in comparison to modern times. They would appear, open their boxes, begin to play, bring a rare and special joy to the township, who would heed the call of the sweet melodies, a crowd would gather, each villager would chuck a few coins in the hat, failing which, offer an apple or a goblet or two of wine. The downloadable world in which we are all connected to the internet leads to more separation, for we pay for what was once free, we are spoon fed what we used to head outside into the world to find for ourselves. We are taught how to be through a profit making machine rather than encouraged to find out who we are through embracing Life.

None of this sounds very promising, yet seems an accurate picture of our reality and the root of all the negativity is money. The pursuit of profit.

Taking a more global perspective makes the situation seem dire. War is everywhere. Admittedly a portion is due to one of the other true evils of humanity, namely religion. However the overwhelming majority of wars raging around the globe are nothing to do with religion and everything to do with profit and resources. The Congo is a prime example, where 4 million have lost their lives through ongoing war over the last few decades. The earth is drenched with blood, littered with bones, scavenged by dead souls. Yet Congo has treasure, which much of the rest of the world requires. A dead country supplying 80% of the precious metals required for our mobile phones, our tablets, this very laptop upon which my fingers are dancing presently. The wars in the middle east, the stand-off with Russia, the american invasion of Vietnam slaughtering yet more millions. All of it is rooted in the pursuit of profit and resources. In money; which surely must be seen as the truest evil of our times.

We are paying taxes to corporately owned governments who use their capitalist control systems we call democracy to rape and pillage and burn the planet. Whilst simultaneously standing by idly as we pay for what was once free, feel more separated from each other, buy new gadgets and watch the football as the world burns and more nature is poisoned.

There certainly will be a tipping point, as natural resources diminish, by which I mean even food. For we are fast running out of what was once free, it has all been taken, then sold back to us for profit. Capitalism is built on scarcity. On debt. On growth of Money. What happens when we begin to run out of land to ruin, of oil to pump, of gas to pipe and our rivers and soil are contaminated? What will the elite with their claws on the control panels of the power structure in place do to maintain its position? When there are riots on the street, looters scavenging for food, crime rampant?

Considering our governments are complicit in the worst of global atrocities (which include genocide), it is hopeless to believe they have any interest in our welfare. Profit does not care, it just seeks to grow. Through creating more debt and more carnage and more separation of the individual from their fellow man, to make us believe we must rely upon the state, the system and to believe in nothing else.

A move towards fascism is already in place. Worse in some realms than others, yet a logical step for any power structure which needs to keep their population in line and cant do so any more through mass media propaganda and allowing us enough profit of our own to be distracted by sports and technology and entertainment.

There is another way.


Imagine a society based on generosity and community. Where goods and services changed hands as they must yet money was absent. The baker bakes bread and gives his produce to the community to meet its needs. When he needs a plumber, he calls the plumber who has been receiving his bread daily since he was a boy. So he takes his tools and as he is fixing the waterworks he discovers the need for an electrician. The electrician is only too happy to help given he has received from both the plumber and baker in the past and will do again in the future.

These ever strengthened interpersonal relationships encourage community. I care how I treat the plumber, for I know I will need him in the future. There are not 50 plumbers all competing against each other for my needs, there are only enough plumbers, supplied with the equipment and training, to meet the needs of the community.

The more you give, the more people feel gratitude and want to give to you and to others. For anyone who gave nothing, there would be no gratitude from the community so they would receive no gifts.

When the plumber needs new tools, he makes it known to the community, which gifts him the tools. Which have been manufactured by a company owned and run by the community, for the community. When you have more than you need, you give your surplus to the community. The need to hoard and save is negated as the community provides for everyone.

Absent of the pursuit of profit and financial growth the community produces in line with its needs, with a firm and unwavering focus upon sustainable living.

Rather than every garage on the block stockpiled with the same tools, the tools are in free circulation and limited and supplied in line with the need of the community, not the individual.

As a writer, I offer my writing skills where they are needed. I have a passion for motorcycles, the riding not the manufacture. In my town, I can use a bicycle to get where I need to be, so I have no need for a motorcycle. Yet let us say I found my writing work required me to travel further afield. I could then request the use of a motorcycle, a loan from the pool of community vehicles, perhaps I wouldn’t be loaned a modern devil steed of a Yamaha R6, but I would get a bike and travel, then return and send the bike back into the pool for others to use.

With far less wastage, less greed, less pollution, less compelled financial investment in decimating our land, the earth may begin to heal. Birds return to where they were forced to flee. Flowers and trees and rivers and oceans are transformed, as life is given a chance to revive where human horrors have caused it to die.

It is a wonderful system. With far more depth than I have outlined above. Yet it offers a viable alternative. And at what cost? What would be given up? Allowed to write, to love, to offer my passion and talents as gifts to the world and the world cares for me and provides for me in turn, all I can possibly ponder I would lack would be a high speed sports bike.  For a better standard of living for myself and the world around me. That cost is no cost, it is something I would freely give. And who knows, perhaps I write so well that a fellow member of the community is affected or simply sees how much I give of myself to the community and offers me that R6! For she doesn’t need it and I will use it to venture further afield, bring back written stories of other cultures to inspire the young and old alike. And when another needs the R6, go ahead…take the keys!

As land is not farmed in the pursuit of profit no toxic fertilisers are required, only expertise and nature. The farmers are providing for the community not to line their own pockets. Seed exchanges encourage biodiversity and help farmers whose yields have been low, facing the next crop with perhaps more viable seeds, and they need not worry for losing their livelihood for where they found a deficit others found a surplus and as all produce is shared between the community to meet needs, they are fed as well as any other.

Skills could be exchanged. The value of expertise would increase exponentially when shared with the community, not sold at a premium, but given freely. For to even learn the basics of a field outside our perceived ken will add to the community resources. And who can say, perhaps through delving into the unknown we will shed light on talents previously hidden by a blinkered view of our potential.

Obesity would shrink, and a myriad of other diseases and conditions caused by a poor diet of processed foods would lessen. As our return to oneness with nature develops swiftly. Fresher air, cleaner water, organically produced crops. What more do we need? Only love.

The separation of the self would be dissolved by the community, as we all rely upon each other, develop interpersonal skills, encourage togetherness and a sense of solidarity and sustainability for our present and future generations. The coming together of society would surely alleviate many of the mental diseases which have increased directly in line with worsening mass alienation. Less loneliness, the support of your fellow man and woman, a sensation that we are in this together, all connected and if one falls the others offer their arm, help them regain their balance through support and charity, which is the base of all real love. 

I will attempt to delve deeper when I know more myself, and have definite aims now of journeying into the forefront of the gathering and quickening of those eager to make the world a better place and to offer a plan to deal with the crash of the Money System which will happen.

Make no mistake the crash of our money system is coming. It will be a case for the many of whether you wish to join us and aim to create a braver new world, focused on togetherness, solidarity, ecological and social concerns, or if, you wish to cling with everything you have, to less and less.

Now what must be mentioned are the barriers to this transition towards the only way we can survive, our children can prosper and the earth, the planet where we dwell can heal and return to a healthy state of being.

Most people are brainwashed into idealism of material separation from Nature, from each other. They cannot be persuaded into the co-operative community routine presently, when they adhere to what they have been told and are continually bombarded with by the mass media, in terms of what constitutes happiness, status, individuality. We can’t knock on their doors and tell them they are unhappy as they are trying on a new skirt, or playing with a new power tool. They will cling and cling, to their trinkets, to their blusher, to their cars, take pictures and put them on facebook, until they are herded into a corner by circumstance and forced to make a decision. Live or die.

Apathy and separation of self from any semblance of community curtails our zeal for the Now, yet there are far more vicious enemies to face. We are feeding the corporate vampires, affording them their status of elitism, and they will not take kindly, in their golden palaces and private jets, to any movement which will alter their position of apparent power and control. I stick by my cynicism and latch onto my hope, for I know these fiends, I am aware of the killing and toxic rape of the land they forge in our names, with our taxes, needing only to ensure the masses have enough gimcracks and sensation of manufactured liberty, to continue to do their bidding. We are paying to kill the world, to line the pockets of the very worst of parasites produced of our species. Even a great white shark will ignore a seal pup if its belly is full, whereas profit keeps seeking profit, its appetite is endless. When we are unable to pay, to maintain their position, they will legislate against us, they will imprison us, they will enslave us in more real terms than we can yet possibly imagine. Are we to await our own imprisonment and enslavement? Or are we to act Now?

To wait is to stand by as more of Nature is culled and converted into profit. To wait is to decrease the chances of survival for our children. To wait is to buy into the death of our planet. So why wait? Let us start collecting our zeal, converting it not into profit, but into total, unwavering opposition to the financial control systems in place and begin the transition to a new and better world. We will have to fight for this. By fang and claw. For if there is one fear of the elitism ranks which rule our lives and devour the planet, it is the mass movement of the masses away from their control system, smashing it into bloody pieces and focusing on a togetherness, not with technology and gadgets and mass media, but with each other, with the soil and the air and the waters of our gloriously beautiful planet from whence we emerged, which nourishes us, gave us the greatest gift of all…LIFE.

Before we can transition, we must understand and accept that an apocalyptic crash is upon us. Rather than await the chaos and carnage, let us embrace it, prepare as best we can, bring it to the Now on our terms. We may not be able to heal the planet in our lifetimes, but we can set the direction of humanity on a more sustainable path, towards love, towards appreciation of the oneness we share with the universe, with each other, with the tides, the full moon, the sunlight, the flowers, the ascension towards enlightenment, enlightenment of a global movement, in tune with Nature, of which we are as much a part as the wind and the rain.

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