The death throes of an empire…

By tdf, March 16, 2018

It is becoming a farce. Perhaps this was evident longer ago than I realise. Yet I am well aware that I am not alone in failing to even register a brief chuckle as I watch the West, led as per usual by the mouthpieces in UK and US, stamp their hooves and claw at the air with mechanical gesticulating, now and then move their lips to attempt to bridge the impossible divide between some mutated, wretched, unfeeling evolution of homosapiens to their drone bloodstock, those poor scores of human shaped but not human hearted lemmings.

Take this latest confirmation of denial of their own slow, by now very visible decline of the empire they thought indomitable, and many of them still do…

Terry May, aka the pin-up T-girl, also ‘leader’ of the British government…has not just suggested but charged what many would like to believe are her Russian counterparts, yet in reality they are markedly different in terms of real power, with an attack on british soil of a former spy.

Before jumping the gun, before condemning the accused with zero proof, zero tangible connexion, why not start the story with the time honoured method of any serious investigation – Cui Bono? Who gains? MOTIVE…who has MOTIVE?

Russia did not gain. Putin did not gain. Yes yes, its worth mentioning, but only as an echo of more obvious points to ponder; Putin is a few days away from elections. Why the hell would bringing further opprobrium to their country help his cause? Are we to assume that most Russians are bloodthirsty maniacs who would cheer for such a barbaric attack on a country who is seeking any possible mud to fling at them??

Russia is a few months away from staging the World Cup. Again, why the hell would the government wish to bring awful attention so close to a further opportunity to show the world they will do such sporting spectacle due honour, not long after the Sochi olympics and Confederations Cup?

And if, for some bizarre, very hard to fathom reason Putin, or someone else in the government wanted this man dead, why would they do it with a chemical weapon so easily connected to Russia to make it close to impossible for Russia to avoid the blame? (The spy was a regular visitor to the Russian embassy. He has not ever made allegations against Russia in public, nor denounced the government or Putin, and his daughter has permission to travel to Russia to spend time with family and friends).

Mr Skripal was pardoned by the Russian government. As with Litvinenko, he appears small fry in terms of posing any threat to Putin or any of his political allies (the final results of the Litvinenko saga found zero evidence to link the Russian state to the murder, yet the storm had passed and had achieved its aim with millions now nodding in agreement with the suggestion that Russia have done this before…).

There is nothing to suggest Skripal had become a target for assassination and the chemical allegedly used to end him was produced by the Soviet Union three decades back, since when undoubtedly the UK, US and other chemical weapon producing nations have received the same recipe. Of some interest is the proximity of the UK chemical weapons lab to the scene of the attack (Porton Down)…

Without any doubt, the FSB and other security forces of Russia have the means and the nous to expire an opponent in a manner which looks anything but a murder and has zero traceability to the true source of the assassination. Just like their British, French, US, Israeli counterparts. Well…including the US is a little misleading for they kill thousands, hundreds of thousands even and boast of the responsibility for their deaths…Strangely this actually helps gain votes and support for more carnage, from the American flock. They simply love the blood and mass graves. The others I mentioned generally keep such matters quiet.

The most obvious motive then falls with those who have instantly accused Russia and Putin of this crime. Namely the ‘leaders’ of the US, France and UK.

You have to be either blissfully unaware of the steady worsening of the world’s wars over the last decade or so brainwashed you likely don’t have a soul or simply a sociopath with a twisted sense of humour to have not seen and understood the steady, ever worsening demonisation of Russia from our governments and media (both owned by the same power structure). Yet every step taken to vilify, to point the finger to crush economically, has failed.

Ukraine…Syria…Crimea…even the doping ‘scandals’…all part and parcel of the same plan to curb Russian re-emergence as a serious player who will not bow to the anglo-zionist Death Inc machine and their IMF/ World Bank/ Pentagon and chums crowd of merry, murderous ghouls.

The sanctions did not work. The US/UK/Israeli supported IS/Nusra invasion of Syria has been lost. Ukraine has caused a bother, but has been steadied (for now), and not achieved the hoped for result. And Russia have watched this unfold, they have tried and tried and tried to be diplomatic, and recently, Putin seemed to project a change in tune. When explaining the military advancements of the Russian military which pretty much make the US naval fleet obsolete as a credible fighting force if they were to threaten, it also makes the US vulnerable to complete decimation in a very short period of time by the use of undetectable, incredibly high speed nuclear bombs…which wasn’t revealed to threaten, it was a case of ‘for fucks sake, pipe down…lets try get on, as we have been saying over and over a-fucking-gain…Just stop it.’

The dollar is dying, the empire is dying, and the leaders of the empire are lashing out, as they fall ever more lowly, they dont understand, they cannot accept, as the rest of the world tries to get on to make money, some of which trickles down to the people…no, not as much as we would like, but some. Enough to make it preferable to a cabal which demands not just profit but blood, not cooperation for mutual gain but complete subordination, not advance in technology and agriculture and the means of production domestically but WAR WAR WAR…

And I forgot to mention North Korea…which does cause a smile, for there are seriously people in this world who believe Trump and that toxic wench Haley’s threats to destroy the country have caused Kim Jong Un to crawl to his southern neighbours and plead for peace! Nope. This is not quite the story. The reality appears that the US capitulated in their amping up of WAR WAR U! S! A! WE WANT TO KILL A MILLION MORE! because Russia and China told them if they attacked North Korea without provocation, with a pre-emptive strike, they would weigh in on behalf of their chums. And the US would lose. Very badly indeed.

Wonder why that story suddenly went quiet? The threats stopped? The war drums abated abruptly? And you think this was fear on behalf of the nation prepared to stand up and rather die than become slaves to the US? At best this is hubris, at worst insatiable ignorance…

The narrative of Skripal makes as much sense as Assad’s repeated invitations to UN chemical weapons investigators finally accepted, only for us to then be told that the very day after the UN chemical weapons team arrived in Damascus, at Assad’s beckoning, for the besieged leader to launch a chemical weapons attack next door to their lodgings! Imagine you are accused of murder. Would you then invite the police to your house, make them a cup of tea then cut your neighbour’s throat?

It makes as much sense as Putin giving the nod or even assisting the rebels in Donbass to murder scores of westerners on the MH17 flight in order to help their cause.

In all these cases, there is one group with a clear motive. That same group are the people immediately pointing the finger at Putin and Assad before any investigation has even truly started, let alone finalised.

The UK has refused to follow international law. They have refused to share information with the accused, to allow them to properly defend the accusations, they have refused to allow Russia the chance to even in the extremely unlikely scenario that the stuff came from Russia – to focus on finding out how, when, who and seeking to hunt and bring to justice those responsible. This is justice, Guantanamo Bay style…no evidence needed.

We accuse you, and you are guilty and charged and pay the consequences.

As with that old devil Bin Laden, a man who the Taliban actually offered to present to the US to avoid an invasion if the US could show any evidence that he was behind the 9/11 attack. And what did Bush and his cronies have to say to this reasonable offer? ‘NO, we don’t need to present evidence because we know we are Right. We are always Right’…

This is how our ‘governments’ operate their levers pulled by power much higher up, but still, this is their MO. They need no evidence, they obey no laws. Please try to understand this reality and how it makes their position in this and many other horrid flash-points leaning us further and further towards a very serious conflict with a country who can only be pushed so far and have the military means to do farĀ more than merely defend themselves against the same fate of those we have destroyed…Yet the fact that Russia doesn’t want war, makes them more of a target. This is how the UK/US/France/Zionist axis aka Death Inc operate.

Only a fool would make the moves we are led to believe our enemies have made. And Putin and Assad are demonstrably not fools. Perhaps, even probably, not the most cuddly creatures on Earth but guilty of the crimes our governments accuse them of? for which they have zero obvious motive other than to make themselves appear appalling, atrocious and confirm every single condemnation from the West?…You would find more palatable story lines on toddler tv…yet perhaps the majority now have less capacity for critical thinking than toddlers.

The same sources of media and government spun us the following yarns in recent years…

Saddam had WMD – we torched that country from a functioning society to a blood drenched horror zone which will take decades to regain any semblance of the living standards enjoyed by a fair few under Saddam. Dictator or otherwise.

Gaddaffi was slaughtering his own people en-masse – Same story as above, yet I believe the free health care/education/power, life expectancy and widespread assistance with housing was superior to Iraq, so an even worse change from prospering Society to Killing Grounds.

Bin Laden blew up the twin towers – Zero evidence, zero interest in providing evidence, yet hundreds of thousands murdered in Afghanistan to further line the pockets of Lockheed Martin, Rathyeon and British Aerospace. Also managed to return the country from historic lows of opium production to new records for production and supply for the global heroin trade.

Assad is slaughtering his own people – we supported IS and Nusra and various other al qeada outfits to invade and decimate a vibrant, multi-faith functioning society. Going so far as to use ‘evidence’ delivered by Al Qaeda to validate our condemnation of Assad and destruction of his country and people. That war is not yet finished, but the defeat of our proxies has added impetus to the anti-Russia roadshow.

Yanukovich is killing his own people – we supported an armed uprising of neo nazis which has plunged much of the country into civil war, destroyed the economy and led to a horrific fracture in families which stretched back aeons.

I am inclined to meet with immense suspicion the very governments and media systems which have attacked and destroyed millions of lives, on the basis of mass deceit.

Yet it appears that many are perfectly comfortable with following the same tune, of a warped jurisprudence which presumes the accused is GUILTY until proven innocent, not innocent until proven guilty…

Enough of this woe…I would rather return to the sensation of my still warm skin from my glorious afternoon spent basking in the starlight as the waves gently lapped against the sand near my lower paws in beautiful harmony with the shy, tickling breeze, as I scribbled more notes of amour for my pixie queen, continued my introduction to Ibsen and conjured stories of The Grey Gull to one day read to a handsome cherub scamp with flames for hair…Far more nourishing endeavour all round.


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