I will begin with my own present position, in regards to the modern day branding of ‘terrorism’. Before launching into the explanation of how I reached the position.

My childhood was bereft of any more troubling concern than growing as a weirdly named, oddly faced anglo latin mongrel in a market town cum oversized village in the kentish medway area. The first exposure to war was either the first war with iraq or the yugoslavian horror show. Though to be fair, I do remember, singing along with everyone else, ‘bomb, bomb bomb libya!’ without knowing what it meant…This was a song in the charts, expressed nationally as a descant. (therein lies a marked difference between here and back home. As a child, I simply went with the flow, to try become a part of something, thinking little, just wanton to feel a part of something, and then I grew up, realised a mind hellbent upon thinking for itself, of challenging and confronting what seems wrong, of seeking t learn, to know more, always, every day, a new word, a new element of Fact of a foreign land, walk a new path, see a new sight, hear a new sound…whereas here, I find most people stuck in that same puerile, feeling your way into Life mode of simply going with the flow, thinking little, just wanton to swim with the tide)

Focused on true romance and adventure, I gleaned a little cause for concern and consideration of my forefathers, on the anglo side, when traveling the world with a sublime hippy goddess, and realising that the brits had been all over the globe, made their mark, in both infrastructure and mass graves…still, moving on to my early 20s, I found myself under the tutelage of a Sage, who encouraged me, upon finding my zeal to write, to focus beyond my own feelings and love affairs, to seek knowledge, delve into history, cast my quill further afield, across the ages and map…

Now whilst I was enthralled by stories of Hannibal and Alexander the Great and Boudacia, it was not until later in my life that I began to focus more seriously on why the world was suddenly at war with itself. Why are we invading all these countries? Why is the news making no sense? Why are we allied with the most obviously brutal regimes on the planet?

I started to delve. To read. To learn. Then fell in love again…all global reckoning became cocooned between her and I. So again…a break…and then, when relations were culled, I threw myself back into the Cause. This time with a wiser, older head, and a better foundation of who was responsible for the mass murder.

My findings, and I will not cite the mainstream media offering, because the mainstream media offers such pathetically conjured ‘news’ that it barely deserves criticism and reflection, have become darker by the month, the day, the hour.

Fast forward through reportage of where I looked, how I felt, what I found…and reach towards my Now.

I see our governments in the West as underlings of overseers…our ‘leaders’ are spokesman of the media, the military complex, the zionists, the banksters of old and new money, and to some degree within those crowds, the agricultural, media and pharmaceutical corporations. This is the first revelation. It took me many years, many hours, many drinks, to not see this, but to understand and accept this. And many have not the time or inclination to delve into such research.

Essentially, the first revelation is that our ‘leaders’ are not leaders at all. They are actors. They read scripts. They make no major decisions. They bow to the crowd of powermongers I outlined above….And this power structure is comprised of corporations, zionists, and old and new money institutions. Alongside, or as part of which, some deeply twisted crowds.

Our ‘leaders’ are totems to seek direction from and to find faith in, to make us feel that a human speaking human lines is leading us through the darkness. And is Right.

Once I realised this, once I saw Obama mumbling and bumbling when his telecaster broke down, when I saw Bush continuing to play with children when the twin towers were melting and the pentagon attacked, when I saw Cameron first in the queue in Libya to sell weapons after playing his part in the destruction of a thriving sovereign state in North Africa…everything started to make more sense.

These pigfuckers have sold their soul for a chunk of gold and a place in history as a mass murderer for those who delve beyond the headlines.

Now the second thing I began to do was research non mainstream sources, especially from those of our so called enemies. I found Chavez, Morales, and of course, comrade Putin. Fixating on their words, their speeches, I found real leaders. Men who meant what they said, needed no script, and could speak from the heart and head for hours on end…the complete opposite of our own so called ‘leaders’.

I came across the Project for a New American Century alongside the plan for Greater Israel. They were both happening, both in full effect, with both regimes at the top of the power pyramid, killer priest style, literally..

And now, I see the emergence of islamophobia, the war on terror, the mass brainwashing of the right and left, the rise of the moral crusaders on fuckbook…it all makes appalling sense.

This is going to come across as mangled. Yet it is intended as such, because what we are told is at best, mangled and appalling.

I looked back at 9/11 and found the Saudis and Israel too clearly involved to ponder they were not responsible. I looked at Iraq and found the society quite well functioning by middle eastern standards then bombed back to the dark ages, which suited Israel and Saudi Arabia (KSA). I looked at Libya, and found a socialist state with a social welfare system most of the West could not dare to dream of, which we bombed close to total destruction. I found Syria, a secular enemy of Israel and the Saudis invaded by OUR proxy armies.

Excuse my skipping over many meaningful matters, but I am keen to reach the beginning of where I intended to start…

Our governments and our media are owned by the same people. They make their money from war, bombs, killing, death, mass immigration leading to a lowering of the cost of labour (refugees are useful to this aim) and a crack down on civil liberties. All part of the same strategy to squeeze as much liberty and coin from our pockets and souls whilst garnering our support for the same.

They had their way until Russia regained strength after the same powers mauled them during the 90s…as Yeltzin danced, drunk on his vodka, his country was raped and pillaged, but Putin came to power, and he brought back the pride and well being and military prowess of the one country which lost more and gave more towards defeating the nazis than any other. Russia became then our enemy.  Once again. (After being our enemy, as per that cunning fiend Churchill, then our best friend, then once again our ENEMY). Precisely because they regained the capacity to stand on their own two feet…Which can not be allowed.

China are also growing, economically mainly, but that is a threat in itself to the global hegemony, the one world government aimed for by the zionists and old money…hence they are demonised by our governments and media, who are foot soldiers, not leaders, foot soldiers of a war fought in our name, with our labour. Yet they are losing, so the ante has been upped.

We watched and consumed the Iranian nuclear threat, when they had no nukes and we were killing their scientists, launching, via the israelis the stuxnet virus to cause potentially catastrophic mayhem in their homeland…the premise to place THAAD in Europe, to place military muscle across the Russian, not Iranian border. We now see the same with North Korea, placing US military muscle designed for inter continental ballistic missiles against CHina.

The goal is to threaten China and Russia. To make them understand that we can launch a pre emptive strike and they could not respond…which is a miserable and worrying mistake if it comes down to a ‘hot war’ aka a proper nuclear war. For both countries, Russia especially, has mechanisms in place to launch all their nuclear weapons upon the first missile hitting their land. Make no mistake, they would fire 7000 nukes, and yes yes!, the US systems would get rid of many, but regardless, some would get through and millions would perish, the radioactive fallout would end humanity, or close to it…They are playing a game of bluff with anyone who stands in their way who refuses to cower and bow. Russia will not bow, neither will China.

So back to the Manchester bombing…

This chap was reported to the police several times, by the local muslim community. Nothing was done. He was then allowed to travel to Libya, to probably Syria, then Turkey, Germany and back to England…a few days later he nailbombed himself to death taking plenty of women and children with him. His father was a prominent part of an al-qaeda outfit fighting in Libya against Gaddafi, alongside British secret services.

There are the facts.

You either believe that our security forces are insanely incompetent or complicit. A Guiding Force for Evil.

It is the latter. And what interests me is how they turn a non religious dullard thug, into a suicide bomber. For to find fanatics attacking soldiers is one thing, to find fanatics blowing themselves up as they kill and maim scores of innocent women and children is a massive step beyond that, and what is pulling that insane lever? Something. Someone. There is chemical mind control at play…Is my instinctive conclusion.

Mind control through drugs, specifically in regard to warfare, terrorism, killing, as a means to an end, has a long history stretching back aeons into the annals of human record. Take Hasan-i-Sabah as an example. After cunningly procuring Mount Alamut as his fortress city, he would indoctrinate, some would say in modern times ‘radicalise’, his devotees, through inviting them to Alamut, plying them with cannabis so pure and strong, they would awake, in an intense haze, find beautiful women, wine, grapes, allsorts of feasts of the senses, and to partake, to enjoy, to embrace such a wakeful Eden, all they would have to do was to swear total, unwavering allegiance, on pain of death, on reward of eternal access to this Eden, to Hasan-i-Sabbah…Many did, and they became one of the first recorded mentions of the most brutal, fiendish assassins…They were called the Hashemites. Sleeper cells from antiquity. For many months, years even, they could be in the company of their target, waiting, biding their time, then they would strike. This was 900 years ago…

And yes, some will say, those damn islamic people! Scum for aeons. They would be wrong, for the vikings used similar methods…The Berserkers, used huge amounts of alcohol and magic mushrooms, before striding into battle. There are plenty more of such examples, to get closer to the Now, I peek at the nazis, who were given amphetamines, before battle. And we find that ISIS scum are given a modern version…(no doubt supplied by the US via the Saudis)

There is evidently a pattern throughout history of plying people with drugs in concert with demanding and encouraging mass murder. The drugs were needed, for to attempt to mass move people to kill innocent folk simply won’t work without meddling with the mind, mudding the conscience.

Are we too naive to fail to assume that practices which could cause people to maim and kill innocent people, 900 years ago, have not been researched, improved and deployed in the modern era? I am not. It is the most obvious explanation for turning vicious idiots into mass murderers.

EVERY TERRORIST IS KILLED. Not one is shot in the leg, the arm, or with some form of tranquilizer, which would be the most obvious path to working out who they were and why they were attempting to embark upon a kamikaze mass killing spree…Never any witnesses. This is similar to the mafia routine. It leaves no trace. That is the aim. The policy. And if any of this logical analysis is true, it means that our governments are working with the so called ‘terrorists’.

Why are the UK government allowing hate preachers on the street, people openly demanding Sharia law? The lynching of Gays? The beating of Women? They should be arrested, or simply killed…Yet they are not. And then we find some of the same crowd, moving from petty criminal to mass murderer. We cannot ask them why, as they are killed, by their own manufacture, or our ‘security forces’?

If I were King, anyone found encouraging my demise and a system opposed morally to the system I have imposed, would be taken down, but not killed, for I would demand we keep them alive, investigate how they became opposed to a life of safety and society looking after them. A silly aside…

My point is that the jump from petty criminal to mass killer leads to so many more questions than merely ‘he was radicalised’. Drugs play a huge role in this, not religion. We have progressed from Hasan-i-sabah’s methods, the drugs have become more intelligent, as has the minder/director role.

Do you not assume our governments have people infiltrating mosques and IS and Nusra? Seeking those prone to ‘radicalisation’? Of course we do…I mean, for fucks sake, we have been shown that our government has people infiltrating animal rights movements, to such a heinous degree, that they marry, have children, then when found out, they flee into hiding…If the government is doing this with Animal Rights movements, they are assuredly doing much more with the alleged proponents of Islamic Radicalism…

Here in Australia, and far beyond in the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, the recording of correspondence, likely these very words, every email, every facebook post, every SMS, every phone call, is recorded. Checked for keywords, then if many appear, bounced up to human eyes, beyond the systems in place. A decision is then made as to whether to pursue more intrusive eyes on the target. This is our reality. It is not some Orwellian nightmare of a damaged, tin hat conspiracy theorist. It is our reality. Nw they are taking record far beyond any threat of terrorist activity. Any opposition to their agenda, any piece of dirt they can use against leaders of industry, politicians, activists…

I am prone to believe that a portion of the ‘terrorists’ are guided into their suicide missions. Drugs play a part, as does simply encouraging lost souls to a place of twisted Meaning. Their existence will mean something, they will make the news, they will find paradise through death a la Hasan-i-Sabah…Another portion are simply assisted. The government is complicit. Whilst I believe some people are born evil, most people prepared to kill women and children require a major push. Chemical or otherwise prescribed.

This reasoning is why I begin to analyse every ‘attack’ with WHO GAINS? Cui Bono? Not with consuming the ‘news’ paid for by the very people who gain something from the carnage. That is easier, for we feel safe to believe that the government is looking out for us, but it is false.

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