US state sponsored terrorism and torture

By tdf, December 13, 2014

The clearest lesson to be learnt, if it wasn’t already apparent is that politicians, the poorly named ‘leader of the free world’ and those around him, and those who do his bidding at any level in the chain of command, are beyond the very laws they supposedly enforce.

If we ponder what was redacted, the situation appears even more grim, for the published accounts are large scale international crimes. They are acts of terrorism in the purest form. State sponsored terrorism. None of which was surprising given the calibre of the crowd under focus, who are the same crowd in control now as before, just different faces, different spokesmen, in many cases the exact same criminals.

My cynicism leads me to ponder the release of the report as intentional propaganda, designed to inspire more attacks against westerners which will then be used to justify more spending on the killing game, the move towards a police state given added momentum.

The next time Obama talks of democracy, of US responsibility as the global policeman, of liberating other countries from despotic regimes responsible for torture and state sponsored terrorism, will anything have changed? Will a sizable portion of the american and global population be cursing the head spokesman for Death Inc as a lying, murderous swine? Unfortunately I highly doubt it, for the dearth of knowledge or even interest in the overtly evil interests at work at the very top of society is worsening, not improving.

If a murder case was carried out and the guilty parties identified and proven to have committed the crime, would we expect a policeman to say ‘yep, he committed the murder, and it was wrong, but let us leave him alone, to earn his living and lead a good life. and we will try not to let it happen again’???. Or would we expect the policeman to have the guilty party in cuffs on his way to prison?

Rectal Feeding. Water-Boarding. Torture with insects. Sleep Deprivation. Beatings. Stress positions. Shackled to the wall and forced to stand for 17 days. Freezing to death… the list is horrifying. Yet not as horrifying as the complete lack of accountability.

john kiriakou

John Kiriakou – the ONLY man punished for torture in the US death scheme


Only one official has been punished for the crimes. His name is John Kiriakou and he is presently serving the remainder of his 30 month sentence under the espionage act. The Obama Administration prosecuted the former CIA operative after he revealed details of water-boarding to the press in 2007.

One of his lawyers commented recently – ‘”The newly released Executive Summary of Senate Intelligence Committee’s Torture Report lays bare that the CIA makes propaganda its business, and the propagandists and perpetrators of torture are enjoying their freedom. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has made truth-telling a crime, and truth-tellers are in jail.”

The Obama administration has meted out more punishment for whistleblowers than ALL of the previous administrations combined.

Obama is not just a crook, he is the closest we have ever known the devil incarnate. At least that seems the swift conclusion. Yet deeper analysis suggests Obama is placed quite far down the line of command. In fact, he is merely a spokesman. A mouthpiece for a collection of devils, who can rarely be named as individuals, yet can quite easily be seen as corporations. That will be another piece of writing, for another evening spent in this garden dancing with the vodka vixen.

As for an example of the MO of our hype man for Death Inc…

In 2011 the pentagon announced that acts of cyberwar could be classed as acts of war. Yet the very next year it was reported in the american press that the Obama administration had signed off on the deployment of the stuxnet virus into Iranian nuclear reactors.

That is but one of a huge amount of wretched abuses of power.

The Shite House is a pit of vipers. Obama works for the same crowd as Bush and Cheny And Rumsfeld. No change has occurred. Other than for those who consider a change of skin colour, regardless of the actions thereafter, as a change for the good.

What message does this latest well documented gross injustice send to the world? It confirms that our leaders are culpable of the heinous crimes which we accuse others of perpetrating, then invade their countries, steal their resources and ruin any semblance of a decent standard of living.

edward snowden

Edward Snowden. Reported on criminal activity by the US government.

Worse is to come. Of that we can be sure. We are living in dark and treacherous times.

The americans are closest to the epicentre of the major global criminals, beginning with Obama. Yet whilst they can scoff at the Russians and North Koreans and Iranians, they are more brainwashed, more controlled, policed in often more brutal ways. The difference is that in other countries where the leading pack are vicious pigfuckers there can be found organized grass-roots movements for revolution. In the West…there can be found people like me, writing blogs which few read, even fewer agree with, and far more brave soldiers in the war for justice, such as bradley manning, Edward Snowden, John Kiriakou and Julian Assange.

What interests me, to some degree, is where does the blame buck stop? Leaked stories which paint Obama and his crowd in a positive light never result in criminal prosecution. Leaked stories which do the opposite lead swiftly to the courts and imprisonment. Yet if a soldier or a spy goes to the press, becomes a whistleblower, in some cases the target of reprisals is the original source, in others it is the reporter.

Are Snowden and Assange guilty of anything more sinister than what the recent Senate report on torture revealed? Should those who compiled the report, released the report, not be treated as whistleblowers?

they should. if we are living in a just world. We are not. And its easier to indict Kiriakou than a Senate committee.

We pay taxes to governments which commit crimes against humanity on a regular basis. The only question which remains is When or Will the slaves revolt against the killer priests?

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