do nothing half-heartedly

When will we learn. When will we appreciate that we have been given the most precious gift known to any creature? The gift of life.

Which isn’t a move towards spirituality. Or cosmic ponderings, yet I find purchase in both…It is a roar for everyone still living to appreciate their LIFE. Their chance to feel to think to express to learn to grow to adventure…

We are a long time dead. That is without contention. And yet, we focus so much on yesterday or tomorrow, when pondering the NOW that we reach towards this silence of eternity, this expiry of anything we can ever know as SELF. We discuss with ourselves time travel more than find total focus and presence in the NOW. This is due to fear, not logical reasoning. This is due to conditioning. This is due to intentional direction to make us focus on anything but the NOW.

STrength…Real Strength…is found in those prepared to bear and bare their weakness. This takes more strength than to show your essence when all is well.

This is why I hold close to me, in heart more than distance, those souls and spirits and hearts who care for me, and have any hint towards me of LOVE which is charity, which is wanting always the very best for me…THIS IS HOW YOU JUDGE A FUCKING FRIEND. I cringe at the swearing but it helps to gain notice…YOU JUDGE A FUCKING FRIEND BY HOW THEY TREAT YOU WHEN LIFE IS HIDEOUS, NOT WHEN LIFE IS FUN…

I don’t want a friend to sing my praises, to defend me, to appease me, when I am in trauma and I have done wrong. I demand of them to berate me, to admonish, to condemn, to demand better of…To express that their love for me, their desire for me to be happy, is based on far better than I have shown. THIS inspires me. This makes me value their kinship as stardust…for the light reveals us in more than physical form. And Proper Love reveals much deeper.

What is the value of false mirrors?

The problem with Eden, in a biblical sense, is that it suggested a garden, which could never go wrong…and earmarked the character who caused rotten fruit to appear on the branches of such perfect stems, as something EVIL…yet, without that character, lets play the game…without the devil…we would have known nothing but perfect seasons, of perfect growth, of perfect blossoming, of bountiful produce from our perfect endeavour, never anything to learn, never any need to grow beyond what we are, never anything but la di la holy holy holy perfection.

In that story, I instantly thank the author for the devil.

A return to Innocence is beautiful…and Biggie is not just as beautiful in his ugly honesty, he has a harmony of GRIT. A resonance closer to the life we know and experience. I do not mean we live in Biggies realm. I mean we are surrounded by cut-throats, whatever their guise…There is more connexion between the slums and the gated communities than many realise…we are the same, in some instinctive natures than we generally appreciate.

Grimm makes me feel horrid steps closer to the Gazan kids throwing burning tyres to create a smoke screen between the IDF snipers and their throng at the border of Prison and OVERLORD.

This area of existence is not confined to Gaza or Grimm’s former stomping ground. It is around us. It is within us. For we all are connected to each other, even more so than we are connected to the wind. yet we are more likely to speak of the wind with honesty than we are to speak honestly of and to each other.

When people express themselves to me anywhere close to pure, and prone to chaos, and manic, and emotional, and wild, and as real as the Wind and the Tides, which to feel, moves me…I want to know them more. For we are of the Wind and Tides.And if they then share my values, my Sense of Right, then I want to be always close to them…

And when I feel the need to delve beyond the surface level of my appreciation of existence, I turn to The Atoms Family>>> and the Deep Puddle Dynamics crowd…

‘treat all others how you expect in return,

exercise intellect,

if you lack it pretend,

call few enemies,

and call fewer friends…

love everything you do,

and do nothing half-heartedly


Sole reveals and shares so much angst filled wisdom.

It matters of only curiosity, how others find that stance, of all that matters is honesty. I am simply wondrously energised by finding those I consider close to starlight, close to the tides, close to the winds…unbridled, chaotic, ebbing and flowing, with the humanity all heart.

Our capacity to love, only rivalled by our capacity to hate, is what seems to stand us apart from other species. Give up on the hate and focus on the LOVE. Fight for nothing but this…with Fang and Claw and Fury.


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