Rumblings from the War Desk…DROP MORE BOMBS!

By tdf, April 3, 2021

Whilst forging an ever changing bed of sand on the shoreline today, for the hordes were upon me, the serenity of the same niche yesterday transformed into a magnet for the masses- I was curious of the police helicopters taking turns to swoop in low over the crowds revelling in the unexpected final hurrah of SUMMER STARLIGHT, then heading out to sea, where I could see them dangling prisoners over ravenous sharks…and then my gaze, already focused on the sky, alert more than finding beautiful sanctuary in the clouds forming ever always the most beautiful painting of any brush strokes, was drawn towards a jet evidently creating a pattern, which seemed a heart shape. at first…yet as the daredevil signal plane in the heavens finished the piece, I was aghast to find this>>>

No description available.

Heart sign is Love…equals…Jesus and crucifixion?? What a hideous and muddled equation…Yet such surreal symbolism is mirrored in other happenings.

Whilst the many are understandably in open revolt, on social media and chitchat in the office, of China’s alleged oppression of the Uighurs, my fine chums at the GrayZone have delved below the topsoil, and revealed the main source of this story as a right wing christian extremist who thinks the CCP is the antichrist, for no good reason at all. His reports have no substance, and yet he has long been cited by the upper echel0ns of the Empire>>>

Which ties in with my own research into Hong Kong, and the mega US funding of the people in charge of the ‘protests’…

What many seem to fail to grasp is that the Chinaman has long had an agreement with the West, with the US in particular, which agrees that Taiwan is CHinese SOvereign land…so if agreed to that, why build up forces, threaten, pronounce that China is threatening it’s own territory and must be stopped! This is akin to China telling the world that Hawaii must be saved from the brutal oppression of the US, building up the island’s military and preparing to go to war…Its nonsense.

And the same nonsense is at play with Russia, who also have a long term agreement with NATO, which is US empire run and directed, that they wouldnt move an inch East towards Russia. And what has NATO done?? Moved hundreds of mile East, right on the border of Russia with their own military and steady build up of BOMBS AHOY!

This is the equivalent of Russia agreeing to place their bombs aimed at the US nowhere near the US, then placing their bombs in Mexico…

Biden’s ‘administration’ is proving the final frontier, plunging the crumbling empire into the abyss of the surreal.

After a 20 year war, trillions of $$$ spent, to line the coffers of the Rathyeon and Lockheed Martin crowds, he is now asking permission from the Taliban to remain, making money for the military corporations, slaughter more people, drop more bombs!

This comes less than a week after the foreign policy shitcom special!

‘Joe, you are a streetfighter, and like to make people pay…so what of Shooting Putin eh?? Will you make him pay?’

‘George, he will pay!’

‘does he have a soul, Sleepy Joe?? Is your catheter in place???’

‘goddamn it, he is a killer! He has no soul, I told him at my nephews, sorry…some child’s 3rd birthday, the girls were so pretty, I had them all on my knee’.

‘okay, Joe…not quite what I meant but so what eh! Did Putin kill JJK???’

‘you are damn right he killed Mandela!!!’

Master of rhetoric, always relied upon to say the Right thing.

Well…yes, okay…Joe is very much the new dawn of an age of liberty and democracy and love! And thank god, the christian god of course, not Pele or my own personal favourite Xipe Tiotec, for having Kamala Harris as his sturdy side-shitstick, who is damn serious on the most important issues>>>

Enough of my snide, ugly jabs at humour. Koala Harris, who not only has previous form for locking up people on death row, even when evidence is demanding they are FREED…a WOman who has cracked down brutally on imprisoning marijauna users, then joked of smoking weed herself…She is now, basically the President of the United Snakes of the EMpire…and is neck deep in the coke, and when judging this video, also deep into the harder stuff…Off her fucking head. Which when applied to my loved ones, remains amusing, but this is///rather more worrying. She finds it amusing to joke about what she condemns others to death for.

Still…there is Tulsi Gabbard, who remains amazingly honest, hence why she was trounced by the mainstream media.

Less laughs here,  Kamala!

And so much for Tulsi eh! Now consigned to a footnote as an ‘Assad sympathizer’ by the MSM, for having the gall to suggest perhaps instead of occupying Syria, stealing their oil, supporting ISIS, we should open channels of dialogue, diplomacy! What a scandalous idea? Jeremy Corbyn had similar ideas, and now he is condemned by even his own family as a Marxist killer goat, who even the shepherd of the flock wants cruelly flogged and flayed…

The UK government has long been revealed as a megaphone propaganda merchant, training wannabe recruits to spread HORROR writing of the russian government, whilst telling the world, the russian government is a major propaganda outfit…The same Uk government are now demonising China, for alleged genocide of the Uighurs, with zero evidence, leaning on a right wing christian extremist condemning the CCP as the anti-christ, and…deploying military might towards CHina.

The US government, has a demented pervert who has to be led through any interviews, has no idea what the fuck he is saying but likes some vague idea of presenting himself as a handy with his fists scrapper cadaver…

Meanwhile, Russia and China prosper. And get new guns, not out of some maniacal demand to RULE THE WORLD, but more demonstrably due to the US and UK placing mega bombs aimed at them, on their borders. Owning the Japanese, who massacred 10-20 million chinese ( we will get you again!!!)…breaking long term agreements with both their professed ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY…inviting the CHinese to visit, then being told by the CHinese to go fuck yourselves…\

Only a cretin finds Biden and his crew a new dawn of hope. They are scum, of a lower order than Trump, who was and remains vermin below the rats, yet now and then, he told some truth>>>

I despise Trump, and find the QANON routine a loathsome psyop to trawl into obedience the disenfranchised and brainless…yet even this vainglorious pigfucker, did not stoop so low as Obama, to make mockery of the thousands of families maimed and massacred by his drone strikes, which he made light of at a speech attended by plenty of millionaire donors…>>

The reality of what Obama was making dinner part jokes of>>>

Most US drone strikes in Pakistan attack houses — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Obama also began an air campaign targeting Yemen. His first strike was a catastrophe: commanders thought they were targeting al Qaeda but instead hit a tribe with cluster munitions, killing 55 people. Twenty-one were children – 10 of them under five. Twelve were women, five of them pregnant.

The humour-boil lanced.

Nothing has changed, other than the most powerful propaganda machine ever deployed has abruptly cut mass dissemination of RIOTS! POLICE OPPRESSION! COVID! BLM!

All vanished…and it takes more belief than I can find in my embittered soul, to trust that all that horror suddenly disappeared, and now we are told to worry of China and Russia…

It seems likely that the BIDEN overseers will continue to flood their neonazi proxies with mega guns, encourage them to attack Donbass, slaughter and maim enough to inspire a response from Russia, who will trounce them, and the headlines will read ‘RUSSIAN AGGRESSION! WE MUST STOP PUTIN! ‘ blah blah fucking blah..

This will not be for the Russian audience, but the western, to manufacture and foment consent for further sanctions and further build up of US military bombers on the borders of Russia…yet this echoes of the same NEOCON NIGHTMARE WE RULE THE WORLD routine at large in Taiwan.

Those blind fools who thought Biden was not quite the demented pervert some suggested, and now DIng Dong! the Trump Witch Glitch has gone! And the world is now brimming with hope…What do they say now? When the trajectory towards setting alight the world due to NEOCON WE RULE THE WORLD full spectrum dominance is escalating…???

Expect warfare. Expect no sign of dear Greta. Expect intensification of CHINA and RUSSIA and IRAN as the everything but our our beloved democracy where the corporate owned STATE have the monopoly of violence.










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