Vital human nourishment takes precedence

By tdf, March 26, 2021

Work looms on a horizon I cannot see but know.

Vital human nourishment takes precedence,

no matter how far away those connections can be found.

For I need, above all else, to feel alive,

and any opportunity for my locking of feral horns with my own tribe I gorge my everything into,

until they have gone.


I have become an avatar, if not a monster, which causes the animal ever keen to roar and fang…to cringe,

This animal,

which drags me to the ocean,

where I can never feel alone,

where I need no response as no questions are asked,

baulks in horror to find me telling people,

‘look! I have nearly a million views on quora!’

fuck…what I have become? asks and exclaims the animal I am more than anything else…

My pandering to the mob disgusts my animal nature.

For the wolf within,

my spirit,

haggard long fur matted over wild, cold feeling killer eyes,

has had enough of circling those drawn close by the romantic bambi routine,

then moved to maul them,

leaving them crying and wailing ‘where is your bambi?’…

I am a now past an epoch of all feeling, all naive romeo love love love…

The US secretary of HATE looking upon the Japanese government officials bowing to Rathyeon…

Too many of those who could prove valuable in any serious revolt,

are long co-opted into a discourse which is circular,

directed by the very fiends they virtually attack,

the others too quiet,

something less vocal of my own human,

knowing all is wretched, choosing to stay quiet for what else can they do???

My heartfelt echoes of the motherland are wise,

yet lacking the expansive glare of other poets,

Receiving ugly reflections,

in cracked, mirrors of CORPORATE overlay

they are me…I make no excuse,

and cannot contest the ‘informal’ addition to my rap-sheet of ‘objectively inappropriate’…I fall, then find my descent arrested by SAGE>>>>a wild warlock of heart and loving intention, who has rebounded from every kick in the fangs, not by bearing fangs,,,,but by some wicked beats platforming a balance between mega awareness of human and strength drawn from our shared NATURE with the bats and rats and butterflies and foxes…

It is the human I present myself as, I know as my enemy.

He still harbours Disney heart.

He still worries too much of insulting SCUM who attack him,

demean him,

betray him…

still he feels remorse, which my ANIMAL,

knows as Cowardice.

Yet why the sad face eh!

when there is more to be cheerful to open my heart and mind wide to feel and see…

Naughty by Nature, yet aware that the world is changing,

too many are blind or helpless or so comfortably obedient that they cannot see beyond what they are told.

So I turn back to those who despite the world as we know it ending,

express their heart and soul…as they would in the face of an apocalypse.

THE animal. the primal, long nourished by forest hikes and daily wading deep into the ocean….

has had ENOUGH playing second fiddle.

The CIA, who work for trilionaire corporations, are deciding the NEWS.

They have been doing for many years.

Evil seeds have blossomed and become so comfortable in the killing and bombing,

that they have become a different species entirely,

have removed empathy entirely…

how hideous and cruel a world such a species could oversee,

we are all destined to experience….

Lif gets at the core more pure>





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