Obama was the closest we have found to a Grand Deceiver…

By tdf, September 28, 2021

I met  a german couple, well…half of the couple, when mooching around the baltics a couple of years back…I was rather nonplussed to find my rabid confronting of the ‘free walking tour’ lady mumbling vague jokes aboyt Putin and in love with Obama, though it was oddly met by the bright eyed Lady with maniac filth in her eyes, soon accompanied by her chap, who proved lovely, polite, too much a gentleman to be awful towards…He of course realised I was wanton for his Woman, yet German, so polite knowing I had zero chance of courtship and yet instantly curious of what the devil I was??? So, he says to me…’what of your homeland~ the last we heard was that the british transport system will no longer say Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman…as it has been deemed non-inclusive’…

I had not much to say in response, beyond ‘how is your tribe dealing with such things??’

..’we had some locking of academic horns on the matter 30 or 40 years back then it was done’/….the handsome fiend retorted, with a mocking, yet still friendly smile.

German society, and the french, have offered no purchase of this modern identity politics MESSAGING. It has fallen upon, been taken up by, a fair few here, too many back home, and in the US??? they have long been the most muddled by the most powerful propaganda machine ever created, so never mind them, beyond some outbursts of rabid poets (as comrade Surkov quipped when told as part of a US  media piece that he couldnt visit the US ‘ I have Ginsberg and 2pac. I dont need to go there;)’. So no surprise, from some reports, it is FRANCE where the battle is being fought Now life has become more serious for us all, more challenging of who and how much we obey??? Why are there thousands, millions, on the streets in FRance???

NBC? Long working bedfellows with the US state, CIA,..this list was from 60 years back>>> Yes Yes, its all mad conspiracy theory to suggest the corporate is long working with the state!!!!????? Its seems demonstrably factual, not a theory. Of course, some could say that the titans and their minions of corporate affairs are grouped with the CIA and US empire, merely for a jolly, to talk of golf and holidays…yet I cannot believe that the mega powerful waste any time on such frivolous enterprise, for their whole focus in life is gaining, growing, protecting and enjoying POWER.

(A private organization formed in 1921)
North American Chairman of the THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION
(A private organization formed in 1973)
(Charter member, Trilateral Commission)
Groomed and Trained by BRZEZINSKI!

World Bank

W.B. DALE – CFR International Monetary Fund
William Burden – CFR
Roswell Gilpatric – CFR
James Houghton – CFR
William Paley – CFR
Henry Schache – CFR
Frank Stanton – CFR
T. Bradshaw – CFR
H. Schlosser – CFR
J.T. Conner – CFR
G. Jenkins – CFR
R. Macioce – CFR
Elie Abel – CFR
David Brinkley – CFR
William Buckley – CFR
John Chancellor – CFR
Marquis Childs – CFR
C. Collingswood – CFR
Charliane Gault – CFR
R.C. Hottelet – CFR
Norman Isaacs – CFR
Marvin Kalb – CFR
Jim Lehrer – CFR
Irving Levine – CFR
Robert McNeil – CFR
Bill Moyers – CFR
Michael O’Neill – CFR
Harry Reasoner – CFR
Victor Reisel – CFR
John Scall – CFR
Daniel Schorr – CFR
Barbara Walters – CFR
Theodore White – CFR
Why have these reporters failed to tell the American public the truth about the C.F.R. many years ago?

Hedley Donovan – CFR – T
Alexander Heard – CFR
James Linen – CFR
Sol Linowitz – CFR – T
Marshal Loeb – CFR
Rawleigh Warner – CFR
Thomas Watson – CFR
Harding Bancroft – CFR
Amory Bradford – CFR
Orvil E. Dryfoos – CFR
Max Frankel – CFR
Richard Gelb – CFR
J.L. Greenfield – CFR
David Halberstram – CFR
Walter Lippmann – CFR
L.E. Markel – CFR
H.L. Matthews – CFR
John Oakes – CFR
Adolph Ochs – CFR
James Reston – CFR
A.M. Rosenthal – CFR
Jack Rosenthal – CFR
Harrison Salisbury – CFR
William Scranton – CFR
A. Hays Sulzberger – CFR
A. Ochs Sulzberger – CFR
C.L. Sulzberger – CFR
Symour Topping – CFR
Frederick Beebe – CFR
Robert Christopher – CFR
A. de Borchgrave – CFR
M. de B. Katzenbach – CFR
Osborne Elliot – CFR
Philip Geyelin – CFR
Kathrine Graham – CFR
Philip Graham – CFR
Joseph Kraft – CFR
Kermit Lausner – CFR
Murry Marder – CFR
Eugene Meyer – CFR
Arjay Miller – T
Malcolm Muir – CFR
M. Parker – CFR
G.F. Will – CFR
U.S. SENATE (Past & present members)
* = Panama Canal Give-away Team

* Howard Baker (Tenn.) – CFR
* Birch Bayh (Ind.) – CFR
* Lloyd Bentsen (Tex.) – CFR
William Brock (Tenn.) – CFR
* Edward Brooke (Mass.) – CFR
* Clifford Case (N.J.) – CFR
* Frank Church (Idaho) – CFR
* Dick Clark (Iowa) – CFR
William S. Cohen (Maine) – T
* Alan Cranston (Calif.) – T
John Cooper (Ken.) – CFR
* John Culver (Iowa) – CFR
* John Danforth (Mo.) – T
* John Glenn (Ohio) – T
Hubert Humphrey (Minn.) – CFR
* Jacob Javits (N.Y.) – CFR
Gale McGee (Wyo.) – CFR
* George McGovern (S.D.) – CFR
* Charles Mathias (Md.) – CFR
Walter Mondale (Minn.) – CFR
* Daniel Moynihan (N.Y.) – CFR
* Edmund Muskie (Maine) – CFR
* Claiborne Pell (R.I.) – CFR
* Abraham Ribicoff (Conn.) – CFR
* Paul Sarbanes (Md.) – CFR
* Adlai Stevenson (Mo.) – CFR
Stuart Symington (Mo.) – CFR
Robert Taft, Jr. (Ohio) – T
John Anderson (Ill.) – CFR – T
* Les Aspin (Wisc.) – CFR
* J.B. Bingham (N.Y.) – CFR
* John Brademas (Ind.) – CFR – T
* Barber Conable, Jr. (N.Y.) – T
* William R. Cotter (Conn.) – CFR
* Dante Faxcell (Fla.) – CFR
* Thomas Foley (Wash.) – T
Donald Fraser – CFR – T
* Stephen Solarz (N.Y.) – CFR
William Brock, Chrmn., Republican National Committee – CFR – T
Their mail ran up to 90% against giving away our canal in Panama. Why did they give it away? Was it because they serve Rockefeller’s C.F.R. international banker clique rather than the people who elected them to office?

I.W. Abel – CFR – T
Sol Chaikin – CFR – T
Murry H. Finley – CFR
Victor Gotbaum – CFR
Lene Kirkland – CFR -T
M.J. Ward – CFR – T
Glen Watts – CFR – T
Leonard Woodcock – CFR – T
Jerry Wurf – CFR
Rank & File union members must wonder what’s going on when the bosses join ranks with the elite who would destroy America’s sovereignty and force her to “merge with” foreign countries in a one-world government.

What does a close association of government, big business and unions mean: SOCIALISM, FASCISM, DICTATORSHIP?

T.L. Farmer, Intelligence – CFR
D. Aaron, Natl. Security – CFR
F. Press, Director, Science & Technology – CFR
Tade A. McDonald, – CFR
Lloyd Cutler – CFR – T
George Bush, CFR director (resigned) – CFR – T
Howard Baker – CFR John Anderson – CFR – T
Ted Kennedy (Boston affiliate of CFR)
Wm. Simon – CFR
Blumenthal – CFR – T
A.M. Solomon – CFR – T
C.F. Bergsten – CFR – T
A. Nachmanoff – CFR
W.L. McDonald – CFR
R.C. Altman – CFR
BRZEZINSKI – CFR – T “Security Advisor”
MONDALE -CFR – T Vice President
VANCE -CFR – T Secretary of State
MUSKIE – CFR Secretary of State
H. BROWN – CFR – T Secretary of Defense
(Every C.I.A. director was a CFR member.) Is the C.I.A. a Rockefeller AGENCY?
(Dept. of NO Energy)
J. Sawhill – CFR – T
Schlesinger – CFR
Duncan – T
H. E. W.
Califano – CFR – T
Harris – CFR
E. P. A.
Train – CFR – T (Replaced by) Douglas Costle – CFR
Observe that when one CFR is moved out of a position of power, another CFR or T is moved in.

W. Drayton – CFR
Young – CFR – T
McHenry – CFR
J.F. Leonard – CFR
(The Inflation Machine)
Inflation is not caused by businessmen or working men. It is caused by increasing the money supply. Check dictionary definition.

“The surest way to overthrow an existing social order is to debauch the currency.” (Lenin)

H.C. Wallish – CFR
A. Burns – CFR – T P.
Volcker – CFR – T
“The standard of living of the average American has to decline.” (Volcker).

“Adolf” [Paul Adolf Volcker] is the single human alive most responsible for inflation in the world today… . He is there to look after Rockefeller & Chase Manhattan interests…”

Xebex, Box 134,
Princeton, N.J. 08540
Edmund Muskie , Secretary – CFR
W.M. Christopher, Deputy Sec. – CFR – T
Elliot Richardson – CFR – T
Gerald Smith – CFR
Alfred Atherton, Jr. – CFR
Henry Owen – CFR – T
Herbert Salzman – CFR
E. Bunker, (Canal Payaway) – CFR
S. Linowitz, (Canal Payaway) – CFR – T
Andrew Young (U.N.) – CFR – T
D.F. McHenry (U.N.) – CFR
J.F. Leonard (U.N.) – CFR
W. Anthony Lake, (Director) – CFR
Paul H. Kreisberg – CFR
Karin Lissakers – CFR
Leslie H. Gelb – CFR
Jerome H. Kahan – CFR
David C. Gomper – CFR
Priscilla A. Clapp – CFR
M.D. Shulman (Soviet Affairs) – CFR
H.G. Barnes, Jr. (Personnel Boards & Comm.) – CFR
M. Nimetz (Legal) – CFR
M.B. Feidman (Legal) – CFR
S.M. Schwebel (Legal) – CFR
J.J. Gilligan – CFR R.D. Hormats – CFR
D.E. Mark – CFR E.R. Platig – CFR
S.F. Cohen – CFR J.F. Leonard – CFR
Paul Warnke (S.A.L.T.) – CFR – T R.E.
Earl 2nd. (S.A.L.T.) – CFR
R.N. Cooper, Undersecretary Economic Affairs – CFR – T
(Remember Nicaragua?)
Viron P. Vasky, Bureau Head – CFR
Luigi Einaudi, Policy Planning – CFR
(Remember Rhodesia, South Africa?)
Richard Holbrooke, Bureau Head – CFR – T
(Remember Iran?)
Harold Hobrooke, Bureau Head – CFR
(Remember Taiwan?)
Richard Holbrooke, Bureau Head – CFR – T
C William Maynes, Bureau Head – CFR

Peek for the modern list of CFR membership. Trilateral membership.

Obama…the sociopath who promoted, was MARKETED as, HOPE…yet his reality>>>>

He ‘won’ the Nobel peace prize, then proceeded to launch bombs killing thousands in multiple countries ,

charged and imprisoned more do-gooder whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined,

bombed and slaughtered thousands in Libya,

maimed if not slaughtered, mangled countries.

sent US forces to invade and kill, destroy, occupy, in SYria,

paid the Jihadists in Syria and offered them military support,

sold bombs and helped the Saudis to massacre Yemen,

signed off a drone mass murder campaign which killed and maimed thousands without trial,

mainly civilians…

and his buddy cadaver Biden,

has his minders now imprisoning those who had to press the buttons whose souls felt too heavy the weight of guilt…

AND yet, despite all this horror,

plenty see Obama as some bright light of hope!

This is Obama making ‘jokes’ at a likely $10000 a ticket dinner party, making a jolly of how many hundreds, thousands, he has signed off to massacre with US drone strikes. to rip limb from limb and leave as bloody fragments..the laughing is a sign of our times, as is the applause.

A mass murderer marketed  as a ‘progressive’, who makes jokes of the same drone strikes which have killed thousands, blown limbs off children, off wives of men, all absent of any trial. And yet, never mind eh! for he is black, he is progressive! he must be amazing!

I dont like mass murderers, no matter how well they are marketed, no matter how black they are…for when I am convinced a man or woman is a sociopath mega killer, I am against them for all times. And what makes me sad, is that most think differently. Most who dont exist in those lands bombed hour after hour, day after day, with the troops of the EMPIRE picking off the survivors, gunning down kids in the own backyards, to add notches on their bedposts…focus on their own prescription of what is moron cool to not think, but simply attach to and echo//// and cover themselves in some prescription of sociopathic slaughter masquerading as ‘doing good’ and ‘spreading democracy’ and ‘keeping us safe’…

Is this your idea of humanity evolving for the better?

led by the most powerful corporate crowd? A heralded ‘leader of the free world’ who oversees mass murder, the destruction of well functioning countries, who jokes of killing people with the drone strikes he signed off to end the lives of scores of innocent souls in foreign lands? To deepen and further line his pockets and the pockets of his overseers who put him into ‘power’ as their head spokesman???

Obama was the closest we have found to a Grand Deceiver,..not just the brutal death machine he spoke of as justified and good, but also the silencing, of more from within the military who were brave enough to speak out, than all of the previous presidents combined…but nevermind eh! He has Kanye West as a guest! How cool!!!!

Its not just Obama, I just focus on him as I am beyond belief, wanting always to leave the land head into the ocean, to try lose the parts of myself apparent in the many. For the vast majority of my species, not just accepts mass murderers as okay, even reveres them as a sign of progress…

I have watched and pondered for many moons those I have found and considered beyond the RIGHT V LEFT divide which seemed prescribed. Those social media proud Biden supporters. Who find now but wont accept, that the policy of US/anglozionist empire was never about Good. Never about CHANGE. It was simply about changing their spokesman, to make him more palatable to the masses.

The government of NZ, stating ‘we will be your ONLY SOURCE of TRUTH’/…..

it does not matter how much she appears elfin in outline, or that she is a Woman,,,ANY GOVERNMENT  stating they are the only source of truth, is fascist. And incredibly dangerous, for inherently, they are making it clear that ONLY what they tell us is acceptable, all else will be crushed.

we will be your ONLY SOURCE of TRUTH’/.

I am prone to delve into Gaddaffi…Libya…a county which despite reports of savagery, as regarded by WESTERN measures as the most brilliantly developed nation, until the French and US, decided to bomb the fuck out of them>>>

Our overseers have brutalised the highest functioning African state into a blood flowing hell of slave markets and mass graves. Why would anyone care of the aftermath of LIbya???? Gaddaffi evil! so we bomb them, to help them, then forget them, move our focus onto the next EVIL DICTATOR we have to pay taxes to bomb?

I meet so few people who have any interest in what has become of Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan…for we assume, we must be the good guys eh! bombing and maiming, spreading our ‘democracy’ through killing foreigners…to make more profit for Rathyeon, Boeing, British Aerospace and their cohorts…

This demonstrable fact is too much for most to bear – OUR OVERSEERS ARE MASS MURDERERS.

WE PAY TAXES TOWARDS  A GLOBAL MURDER SYSTEM. Which is also poisoning us and the planet…

nobody cares. they just say ‘its all good’…champion Greta!!! and yet know nothing of Donzinger. The real activists are not featuring at COP26, or given airtime on CNN or featured in The Guardian, or on 60 Minutes…for obvious reasons.

Is it so impossible to consider that our system is devised to keep us deaf dumb and blind?

as we play lemmings who feel and think nothing we cant find on fuckbook or Instagram,

blindly pay more for the bars of our own prison to be built….

I have my own family telling me I must seek to kill them with COVID as I am hesitant of taking the vaccine. Which has killed 10s of thousands, as per government stats. I find larval pressure at work of the same, and suspect my ‘not yet’ response to whether I am yet booked in for the jab, is noted and may be used against me. I watch the police cars slow down to check that those locals leaning on the fence are wearing masks, and those beyond the fence are not, so all is fine…Trust the Science eh!

I have found those longstanding self proclaimed anarchists citing STATE media as their source of truth. I have found longstanding anti-empire activists now defending the STATE. Which leads me to become a pariah, prone to pondering I must have fallen into psychosis. and yet, I meant it, when I agreed I trust not corporate connected government. They didnt. Are witting frauds who have campaigned for revolution, and now, fall into line…

The mass media is long established working with other powerful corporations and the state. \\Its not an idea, or theory, its demonstrable. Which includes Reuters and the BBC and ABC and scores of ‘fact checkers’ who confirm all conspiracy theories of Bill Gates are lunacy, yet many are funded by…Bill Gates.

But wait! Rather than watch it, check his cited sources, better to ask a corporation who has vested interest in you not watching this??

Even rather mainstream, yet certainly well intentioned Russel Brand is gleaning and promoting the tip of the iceberg>>>

I can move away from Science and I find plenty of yesteryear points of contact, of solidarity, which says the same >>>

WE NEED TO WORK OUT HOW TO CONNECT AND REBEL. Or at least start to try move away, incrementally, within the law, from a system which is becoming more overtly authoritarian. Especially here in Melbourne>>


Or…are you happy with diminishing liberty for you and your little ones?

If you grew as a wildling with the world to adventure, do you not want the same for your children???

Or…you dont?

If you do…start listening to those of a similar head, heart and soul.

The world is aflame with Rathyeon and Boeing funded CHINA IS EVIL PROPAGANDA,

whilst we pay for bombs slaughtering thousands,

in Syria,

In Yemen,

In Iraq,

In Afghnaistan…

where most around me are telling me how awful!

we have been paying taxes to deliver bombs killing and maiming,

paying off opium dealer rapists,

for 20 years!

We cannot imagine what that is like.

To be bombed every few minutes,

by Bush, Obama, Trump,

they are all the fucking same.

Is mass slaughter supported easier to ignore when Obama makes a great dinner speech?

after signing off on the killing of scores of families,

call them ‘collateral damage’…

but who cares eh!

For Obama is black!

He was and remains a sociopath mass deceit merchant.

Barely anyone cares that they pay for the murder and maiming of innocents in far flung lands.

Not only this…obvious culpability.

Its worse than this.


This spastic pride in being ‘left’ or ‘right’…

What value is there in such group think herding of DIVISION?

And DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WE ARE RULED BY THE MOST BRUTAL KILLERS??? not just as vicious as those we are told to support bombing, but far more powerful, and as their empire begins to show cracks, and they cannot pillage and burn and kill on foreign lands so easily, that system, by design, must turn inwrads.

Who wants to talk of our taxes funding mass murder?

Let those raise their kids not oblivious, but ignoring the savage cost of thousands dead and mutilated,

in the name 0f ‘democracy’/.

as constant prescription of how our leaders are the good guys…

I cant stand stand it.

I get the love for little ones,.

teach them to be like us,

blind yourself to the way the world is turning,

Love will be enough eh!!!

Fuck that guidance,

Teach the young we are ruled my mega killers,

teach them how to make a better world.

we are stuck in a system to fund this ongoing horror,

to play your role,

be blind and guided when you watch ‘The News’,

which comes always so easily as pressing a button,

even lifting your screen to a certain height and there appears all you need to know eh!

and we must feel bad for those of our own,


as we bomb the fuck out of countries,

of people…a million fucking miles away???\


I am existing in dream anD WAKE at a different level to all around me of my own species,

My mind when fumbling for the control levers with my feral,

now and then finds hints of solidarity…

I flutter between luke warm and disgust, at myself. and the rest of my human society abounding around me,

for I know beautiful mothers and fathers,

and they dote on their spawn to truly give them the best,

of what they knew,

NOT what they know now…yet turn away from ,watch the footy instead! Its happier and easier.

I am too convinced of the system,

the plutocracy,

long concluded as destroyers of nations,

as mass murderers,

of the very cause of millions of refugees,

running away from where we are bombing.

And yet…

whilst portraying myself so fixated on the staggering horror of our…species and times,

I watch Carl Sagan,

and find hope,

find some of that magic unearthed and washed upon me,

when I shed both clothes and my human,

wade into the waves,

lose that need to think, to make words, and react,

softly float and dive and glide into a state of sublime calm marvel,

with both under the surface, and above,

painting the most beautiful pictures my eyes could ever see,

my senses animal enlivened,

emerging with a childish squeal,

smiling at the clouds,

as the full moon symphony drives the waves reaching with all their might,

heaving with energy built from the horizon to be one with Her vast lunar majestic power,

and in my gorgeous communion,

I am suddenly thrown hither and thither,

tumbled through the churning, wild motion of the ocean,

spat back out on the shore,

gasping for breath,

yet still…

amazed and my essence more at one with the nature within and without,

than I ever find on the land.










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