GemS In The MEga ROuGH – CIse STar – A serpent in the RainBoW

By tdf, October 1, 2021

Cise Star is the most beautiful soul I have felt but never been close to.

He is not solely honest as the leaves and branches,

but a powerful poem of the forest…

an essence of the wilderness>>>

From showing his mad devotion of too many animals to list,

his SUn Star ANd Moon passion personified is beyond our fellow human beasts,

he loves not like, but as, the wind and rivers and warm rain…

And when less romantic,

only a wave heading to shore,

and his music and poetry and essence combined,

is that perfect rising white crest as it approaches the sand,

a fierce, wild, happy breeze arriving from where the water meets the horizon>>>

Cise or CYne, he is the moon beams on a windless night…

And yet still, very much a man exiled soul from NATURE and stuck with us…still feral yet learned his only hope is to speak as One of us.

A man born of the lava and lightning and blizzards, was always going to reveal his and the Nature he is made of>

This is what becomes of angels with broken wings,

\unable to fly free and home,

emerging from the high tide,

in agony and yet with flames for a heart lighting the way>>>

A flash flood of poetry…

‘There is a serpent in the rainbow….’

Maybe he can lead us to Atlantis…


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