Frogmarched towards a prison we were offered and embraced…

By tdf, December 26, 2020

For many moons, we have been lied to. By our governments By the mass media. By the marketing machines. All are connected. With such intense investment poured into maiming the many of any capacity for critical thinking, it can come as no surprise that the many will accept everything and anything they are spoon fed. I don’t need to go far too back in our recent history to illustrate this>>>>

Where are the weapons of mass destruction??? We have been looking for months and we aint found nothing…

What’s the reason for the war?

Im fighting against people I got no animosity for.

Yay fuckmong Yay! Its Christmas. Let’s buy/consume/buy/consume, gorge on food we dont need, excuse our blind following of prescribed familial happiness and gathering for we do it for the little ones!….go through the motions and be grateful for the allowance from our overseers who afford us brief respite from THE PLAGUE.


We sleepwalk into slavery.

We dont touch, dont kiss, dont get too close,

We cover the primal recognition of humanity face to face,

We stay at home,

walk on the road when a mangled englishman exiled into the land of the soulless walks by on the footpath and says hello as his old hound yanks his leash.

Because we are told to.

By proven liars.

By proven killers.

When the same people,

same ‘news’ platforms,

same governments of brutes in suits,

who have lied to justify mega slaughter of foreigners,

rape pillage kill kill steal routine,

in the name of spreading democracy…

tell me anything, absolutely anything,

I do not trust them.

Why trust anyone who has lied to you over and over again,

used your stolen money called taxation to slaughter innocent souls a million miles away?

The reason why the many believe in the direction of proven liars and killers,

is that they are bedfellows with the billion, trillionaires…


its a product.

Corporations have one aim,


Why do you believe in the words of death cult profiteers????

I spend as much time in Nature as my obligations of the heart and fettered construct to make money and slightly nourish my forlorn eagerness to connect with people affords me.

Never far from the water, as I read ANais Nin, forge a bed of sand, find even her dreamy wise poetry playing second fiddle to the call of the tides, echoes of the lunar goddess, wade in, shed myself of the threads of humanity, leaving my own and the rest behind me on the land, dive deep below the rhythmic symphony flowing through and all around me, soar and glide like a visitor on the untouched valleys of Jupiter, fly to dance on Saturnian rings, fully embrace the realm of the wordless, different voices are abounding in my senses, and emerge to take breath, in calm marvel…

Yet I must always return to the land.

I must return to my own humanity, which is far more feral than most perceive, as they consider me just not good at playing the game of…

vapid exchange of scripts,

talk top soil,

tell everyone they are awesome!

our system is fucked,

the vultures are circling and they look just like US,

and we scurry as lemming…


those with any true grit have their wings clipped,

told to be thankful for their anaemic existence,

for they have a house and partner and money and everything but…

the thunder and wind and lighting within their existence,

these blizzards of Nature are to be looked at,

from afar,

the wind is just the wind?

The clouds are just clouds?

the waves are just waves?

nothing to do with us,

just a carnival offering of some thing the hippies call NATURE.

and all that matters is work/consume/make little versions of yourselves,

and share millions of photos of yourself,

to learn to find value in the heart symbols of others taking pictures of themselves.

YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!!! FAcebook says so in hearts!!!!!

Any criticism of the demand to become test subjects of the largest ever experiment and demonstrably connected surveillance state is now not just frowned upon, but removed.

When we are not allowed to question our government, we are living in the most pure form of fascism, no matter how it is promoted and believed by the lemming herd eager for their jabs.

We are facing a question, more important not just for us, but for any semblance of love for our little ones who will not inherit, but grow into slaves…of a system openly telling us, WE OWN YOU.

This is not some left right political divide. That labelling routine is long co-opted by the corporations and foundations…by Gates, by Rockefeller, by Soros, by Carnegie, by Lockheed Martin, by Black Rock, by JP Morgan, by the Council of Foreign Relations, by the 77th brigade, by the Trilateral Commission, by the Wolrd Economic Forum…

This is fuck all to do with a political stance.

Its about power and the decisions made by power above us of the way we will be allowed to live our lives.

Proudly Left eh?

What does that mean when the ideology is nothing to do with what you have been told is :LEFT???

There is no Right v Left.

Its as valuable as QANON with Trump as the man draining the swamp,

as realistic as Biden as a new dawn of hope.

This is lemming belief.

For those scared or hoping to stay quiet and be allowed to exist in relative comfort,

but even that is now to be removed.


All this is why I escape the land often,

why I have grown old enough to avoid reacting with howl and fang to the morons,

and yet I dance in the garden by the moonlight when this track appears/..

to outline everything we didnt know of The COlonel.

Another country we destroyed and maimed and brutalised….

Its long been obvious that when the profit to be taken through using our taxes for mass murder,

for mega trauma,

in foreign lands…

has reached its potential,

that same DEATH CULT will turn inwards.

My macabre fears are now confirmed.

and my fangs are blunted.

We were able to keep our minds quiet.

That time has gone.

We are facing the end of liberty we have long taken for granted,

Outrage growing into rebellion should prevail,

instead I find widespread obedience to the direction of mass murderers and mass deceit merchants.

I want to move to Neptune…

Try a new world.

Until the ticket arrives,

I will continue to immerse myself in the wilderness,

work to cut my contact with even my own humanity,

dance naked wild and free in the moonlight and ocean….

Hope the pigeons can teach me to fly,

that the crabs can teach me to breathe underwater.



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