Calm marvel becomes me…

April 22, 2023

For many years I have been drawn to the elements here on Earth. Thunder, lightning, flash floods, hurricanes, drawn to the waves ever more as I have grown older, to find the humanity of my own mind, left behind on the shoreline, along with the rest of our flock, as I float and sway and […]

Mr lif

GeMS in the MEga ROugH- Mr Lif

March 18, 2023

Of all the true and pure hiphop artists I have found amazing and learned from. Lif always appears as criminally unheard as pivotal as guiding a force of sound and verse…   He rhymes with splendid bounce, has locked horns of amazing poetry with those meeting his verse in bounce and flow;;;\ He draws me […]


March 14, 2023

I am too self aware to ever offer haughty pretension absent of half hearted self deprecation, I admire men who give themselves so totally to a Woman that when they leave him, the sky has fallen upon him, only rage and pain can abound, as he tries to draw back what he felt was his […]

We MUST still dream./even in our wakefulness.

January 26, 2023

I have a dream. Too Long clinged to. It has been offered and savaged. It has been revealed and broken. by me and the succulence living dead, I have been broken. Dashed against the rocks repeatedly, somehow survived, no matter how I grit my fangs, to collect what is left of me after giving everything, […]

GeMs in the MEga RougH>>> Otherwordly Rap from ALien Voices…

January 26, 2023

I have long found, felt, sensed, pranced in muddled time towards the hippetyhop realms of music, rhyme and beats. As a youngster, surrounded by ferals, the most wild sounds they could relate as reflections of their existence, way back deep in the 90s, was hardcore, fantazia was common on the mixtapes brought back from the […]

All beaches have character…

January 17, 2023

All beaches have a character, defining aspects which mark them aside, unique. When too many people, more humans than sand and sea, there is no character, it’s just an occupied space. Port Melbourne – remarkable volume and array of shells, the gentle waves rolling over, caressing always a steady line of scattered galaxies of planets […]

HOWLING. Leave the screens alone…

November 29, 2022

My mind moves swift, learns rapid, understands complex and simple…is a high functioning thinking device. A long term fan of everything that causes my ponderings and perceptions to pause and reflect, be challenged, forced to grow… Sagan…Burroughs…not much more of human record has moved me in thought for so many moons. And yet…throwing myself into […]

burning and turning

November 18, 2022

The world is too long turning and burning in the wrong direction, Our overseer claws on the control panel gone berserk, finally challenged… So we lurch closer to not the nuclear exchange that seems topsoil worry, but the long considered plans to plunder all that is left, which includes not just Europe, but well beyond… […]

echoes from blunted fangs…

October 29, 2022

I used to have hope. prance playful as the sometimes sad presented wild clown, generally jestful, the more I delved deep below the topsoil, the less the circus smiled. Still, I clung to my inert Romeo complex, whilst this cynical questioning of EVERYTHING grew, was nourished further through what I felt was clinging to the […]

A new dawn?

September 23, 2022

I am often staggered by the power of the corporate mass propaganda machine. And must be suffering from some incredible borderline imbecile naivety as I continue to be shocked by how gullible, unthinking and so easily herded the majority of people have long become and continue to be. No matter how many times they are […]