The most exciting ride, sponsored by the most profitable death CUNT CORPORATIONS.

By tdf, August 19, 2023

‘take the knee’…support the SPAZ movement, with walls being built by the government. Messages sent on social media for all the products built by capitalism. Rules Guns Rules Guns…and yet look see! the financing is coming from JP Morgan and Chase>Take the kids to DISNEY>>>

Raytheon CEO Bill Swanson (R) shakes hand with Walt Disney World Resory president Meg Crofton during the grand opening of the Sum of all Thrills in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot Center at the

The most exciting ride, sponsored by the most priofitable death CUNT CORPORATIONS.


For fucks sake, what kind of morons fail to see how this lame social conditioning routine flows and works? What lemmings find no problem with STAY AT HOME! GO OUT AND PROTEST WITH THOUSANDS! and fail to see some kind of disconnect with The Message?

I was born in Melbourne, but thankfully escaped aged 3, and was thrust into the rugged crowds of what I will always know and feel as my motherland. Which is no support and appreciation for colonialism, its a fucking annoyance that I feel the need to write this, but…I have no interest in ‘giving the knee’, other than contempt to white mongs kneeling down when the bankers and government tell them its to help black people…and anyone who assumes I support the British empire and crushing the indigenous folks, purely on the basis of the colour of my skin and upbringing, is a racist I feel no sympathy towards just disgust.

I am a rambling poet,

muddled mind,

guided haphazardly by a weasel spirit,

playfyul mong cousin of Pan filth in the forest,

something akin to turning the throttle when leaning on the devil steed and feeling the rear end slip and slide and just hanging the fuck on,

hoping for survival,

only afterwards wondering why did I put myself in such a position…

I was nurtured in a realm of brutality,

I saw much which made me run away from the carnage,

and yet,

have sought out those rough justice artists thereafter in the motherland,

for I adore their loyalty and humility and wildness.

Never has race come into the reckoning,

other than than asian mancunian,

with whom I felt closeness beforehand,

yet on my birthday

when playful towards him and cocky as always,

he punched me in the face….


Because he was at my place with his asian posse.


I have found most racism here in Melbourne,

an irish behemoth,

eager to attack me,

because he heard the sound of my voice,

when i was discussing global affairs with my then lover hidden harlot,

and hound.


the Egyptian barman emerged and placed himself between me and the tables thrown///

but this is tame racism,

compared to the blacks suffering everywhere.

Its not contesting this,

its just mentioning that I have found brutal animosity as a little white man,

in the souks of Fes,

in the dark back alleys of Cairo,

in the filthy wharfs of the Nile.

I am not suggesting that I have no appreciation of the blacks,

I am asserting that we are tribes,

by nature and nurture,

and this will always be the case.


I admire those who fight for righteousness,

in any way I feel might help,

but those who expect me to ‘give the knee’,

I instantly despise,

as I rage with contempt,

at those who condemn me as a typical white british male,

because I refuse to feel SHAME…

Fuck them all.

I wish them well courting the for sale by social media cool heart symbols,

but ask them all to leave me alone.

Why cannot the many understand and see and seek to confirm, that the very overseers they are raging against, are organising their marches, to suit their own ends. Bezos sends a few million to BLM, who want to destroy the family structure and have all whites bend the knee…fuk them. Only an asshole wants to be worshipped. I’ll kneel for nowt but a force of nature, and a funded by SOros and the Council of Foreign Relations and NYT broadcast on their propaganda platforms many assume and consume as ‘news’, is no force of nature, its a loud and annoying bunch of lemmings.

I have been listening to black, yellow, white hearts for always,

always seeking the hearts…FEELING,,,

‘people hate me because im honest….

She is true and open and digs deep and seamlessly and agonisingly into my heart.

As are others of other colours…

KAte Tempest…she is just, so fucking open, that she brings me the same tears as Sage does>>


and yet I prefer to lean towards those of any colour, who demand we collect and organise and FIGHT, reveal their heart and open it wide, and then when it finds in response, only ALL DOORS CLOSED, becomes like the thunder>>>


I have taken all the right and wrong turns here,

so am spinning my compass.

The more I am reluctant forsaking my essence….All signs point to MOVE

City, counry, planet, galaxy…








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