HOWLING. Leave the screens alone…

By tdf, November 29, 2022

My mind moves swift, learns rapid, understands complex and simple…is a high functioning thinking device.

A long term fan of everything that causes my ponderings and perceptions to pause and reflect, be challenged, forced to grow…

Sagan…Burroughs…not much more of human record has moved me in thought for so many moons.

And yet…throwing myself into the ocean late winter, causes all senses to RESET,

CLEANSES…prises everything wide open.

sky, air, sounds, feeling connected….

all intensely reverted to primal wild open.

Thought? Gone, forgotten, of no value, of no claws on the control panel,

only the senses.

The same routine becomes me during the Summer,

when I can throw myself into the slightly warmer waves,

find all WORDS forgotten,

the SENSES, PRIMAL prevails becomes me, and I return to the sand and land,


as those words, the mind, begins weaving webs upon all that matters most,

obscuring the ANIMAL within revived.

So I seek other animals,

other humans whose feral is more keenly, rabid shown,

than any show of human pantomime.

Which has moved, as a virus, to infect the many.

Words have become a virus, Burroughs was Right…

peeking around the globe,

of the truth tellers,

the rhyme sayers>>>>

ALl of the best of us…from every society,


If not dreaming out loud of the same horrors galactic projected…

Of all the hopes I cling to,

A CRUSADE is the one which the spirit seeks, yearns, craves…

to find fuel in the heart, fuck the mind, end the WORDS,


Too much is long wrong to pretend anything is RIght.

We need to collect,

move beyond everything bit dark and light.

learn of the overseers control system,

playing with nuclear apocalpse.


We need to batter some sense into those seeking escape and salvation into NATURE,

This Left  Right divide is a manufactured prescrption of DIVISION.

What too many do not understand or blind themselves towards is…

Mean EVERYTHING or stay silent.

This will be a meaningful start for a better world…




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