burning and turning

By tdf, November 18, 2022

The world is too long turning and burning in the wrong direction,

Our overseer claws on the control panel gone berserk,

finally challenged…

So we lurch closer to not the nuclear exchange that seems topsoil worry,

but the long considered plans to plunder all that is left,

which includes not just Europe,

but well beyond…

Sometimes I ponder and conclude I should stay in the ocean,

or nearby making a camp on the sand just below the high tide on my toes,

It is not solely the now long dull to my human,

howling of primal,

reflection of a realm of nature,

absent of human words,

human sound,

human everything I become reactive reflection of,

when gritting fangs and returning to the absence of marvel and magic….

Even when anything close to the mainsteam shows us,

of the horrific reality of our ‘democracies’ bombing, torturing, maiming millions globally,

we remain blind to the crimes of those we pay to commit brutal crimes….

We keep been told.

Though hear nothing…

Stay deaf dumb and blind.

Pretend all that war, killing slaughter,’

is nothing to do with us,

watch the news, be happy!

repeat lines from approved shitcoms,

mean nothing you say…

safer that way.

‘Let this rhythm provide some sensation
Yes indeed these words are liberation
As you awaken, listen to this
Feel the love in your heart, then pump your fists
You ever get the feeling that there’s something we missed?
Walking around in the face of injustice
In a world that thrives on hate and prejudice
Anger and rage cut like blades
Every single day a new war is waged
On man, woman, and child, regardless of age
We’ve forgotten how to live life
So now our existence is based on strife
Scientists inventing in the name of science
And not in the name of humanity
This is why a bomb can drop and wipe out your family
Everybody in pursuit of their own vanity’






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