a conversation of the wind and tides…

Im a bit removed from the conversation of the dull majority I find when I hear most humans speak. Dull to me as I am dull to them. Its mutual, not one better than the other. I just know I am more moved by a conversation of the wind and tides affecting a naked human in essence than I am of speaking of male toxicity when I know humanity as generally not genderly toxic..as Ive met as many appalling women as men.

Dem Atlas is the finest hippetyhop chap I have come across for many moons…he means what he says and always means something I can relate to. And has no fear of falling prey to the naysayers nor focus on being different, he just does what he does…raw and wonderful>>>

Lucie is wicked, wonderful, open and melody pixie personified.

And she speaks her essence. No frills nor affectation.

Like nature…

the wind never lies.

And I’ll be in the mud, drinking russian firewater.

laughing at the love love love routine…

which doesnt sound or feel like a breeze coming on from many miles away,

born of the ocean, building with the clouds,

a harmony of Nature’s unbridled determination…

and yet alone, knowing I should seek the forest, but all too human.

Where the people who understand that our DNA is of the Earth and Sky?

Head to the edge of humanity,

try Merzouga or further into the desolation of the Sahara.

head to Bangkok,

and work out where to stay in the chaos after finding sustenance in the gritty ratfest below the business line….

head to Moscow,

and work on connecting with your tribe without sound and man made language.

head anywhere which makes you feel like an alien in another realm,

your senses bristled,

everything is new and wild and fearsome and brimming with potential.

Think about the treadmill you are accepting>>>>


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