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My recent last hurrah with the two wheeled devil steed, spent in the forest, to allow myself to settle, regain some balance and hike through the wilderness was splendid, and I have found more solace than grasped since adopting a similar, more lengthy routine in New Zealand last December. Yet I must concede, I was kept busy devouring the tidal waves of reportage from a variety of sources, both mainstream and less flashy, due to the flurry of carnage in Syria…I also found chance to finally peek at the TV, which is never approached back here at Daniel HQ. For the very reasons I will go on to outline below.

It was easy to become so bothered and enraged with the reports of the alleged chemical weapons attack that I focused more on the obvious mass deceit routine and absolutely nonsensical and hysterical reporting, to show sense in knowing what would come next. The two incidents of alleged chemical weapons attack and intriguing mass Tomahawk volley are clearly linked, yet not at all how they have been presented to the masses.

Firstly, let us look at the alleged chemical weapons attack.

Kindly bear in mind, that despite Assad agreeing to international bodies destroying if not removing all Syrian Army chemical weapons supplies, only one faction in Syria has been highlighted as using chemical weapons. Which are the ‘rebels’ or as we better know them Al Nusra and IS. Assad has never been proven, to have ordered the Syrian Arab Army to deploy chemical weapons. Not once.

We were however given a story many moons ago in 2013 which made no sense at the time and led to the head of the UN chemical weapons inspection crowd to clearly point the finger at the ‘rebels’.

“evidence from casualties and medical staff indicated that rebel forces in the civil war had used the deadly nerve agent sarin.

‘Our investigators have been in neighbouring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals, and there are strong, concrete suspicions, but not yet incontrovertible proof, of the use of sarin gas,’ said Del Ponte in an interview with Swiss-Italian television.

‘This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities.’

Last night, the UN commission looking into allegations of war crimes in Syria tried to row back on the comments by its human rights investigator, pointing out that conclusive evidence had not been discovered.

However, the White House said it was likely that President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, not the rebels, were behind any chemical weapons use. …

Sarin has been classed as a weapon of mass destruction due to its potency and is banned under international law.

US President Barack Obama has said that the use or deployment of chemical weapons in Syria would cross a ‘red line’ that could lead to foreign military intervention. …

The comments by Ms Del Ponte, a member of the U.N. panel probing alleged war crimes in Syria, contradict claims by Britain and the U.S. that intelligence reports showed Syrian soldiers had used chemical weapons.


We were told that Assad had used chemical weapons, on his own people, in a bizarre story which alleged that the Syrian President had invited UN inspectors into Damascus then launched a chemical weapons attack next door to them the very next day. Which made as much sense then as the recent allegations. Try to think about this for a moment…You are charged with murder. The police come to your house to investigate and take evidence. You offer them a cup of tea, and as you are boiling the kettle you nip nextdoor to cut the throats of your neighbours, then return and ask ‘sugar?’….

Even the anglo-zionist mouth piece the fabled and much revered by the mongs New York Times reported last year that IS aka ‘the rebels’ have used chemical weapons 52 times.

Now the most recent alleged attack of chemical weapons, apparently took place in a rebel held region. This came when even mainstream media sources have long reported that Assad is winning the war, liberating territory in Syria and rebuilding Alleppo and beyond. Now why would Assad, in this position, launch a chemical weapons attack on his own people? Sure to bring the world’s wrath, offer excuse to his enemies to garner support from without to halt the liberation routine? It makes no sense whatsoever. Other than for his enemies, who sought a pretext for further attacks on the SAA, such as what we then saw with the missile attack from the US.

And let us look at the images of the alleged attack:>

The White Helmets have been revealed as a UK/US funded al-nusra/ al-qaeda marketing department. They stage rescues, cut children’s heads off and are as much moral humanitarian crusaders as Adolph Hitler. Yet these are the ‘heroic’ first responders we use as a source for our news? Therein lies the other bother, namely there has been no evidence! Even before the alleged attack, Syria was been blamed for a chemical weapons attack, thereafter, the western news service went into overdrive condemning Assad WITH NO EVIDENCE. Our media, seen recently for the first time in many moons, offers no desire for evidence, nor motive, they just repeat the Washington directed mantra. There is no debate, there is nobody asking ‘why the fuck would a leader, rebuilding the liberated regions of his war torn country launch a mass slaughter routine of his people knowing full well this would encourage and legitimise an attack on his country?’

More on the White Helmets>

Some of the images shown in the West depict what appears to be bunkers, flat bed trucks nearby to offload bodies of the dead, likely killed elsewhere beforehand. The ‘medics’ are handling the victims of ‘sarin’ gas with their bare hands (contagious to touch), with the wrong gas masks. None of this makes any sense other than as a staged attack.

And yet I get back to what I a constantly finding myself labouring – WHO GAINS? Assad or his enemies? The answer is clear. Yet how many of the human drones in the West and around the globe ever ask WHO GAINS? WHERE IS THE MOTIVE? Instead they swallow the spoon fed bullshit of deceit and nod in horror. The babies! what of those poor babies! Yet I see none of such reactions when the US bombs Iraqis with depleted Uranian?

And our good pals, the Israelis; their use of White Phosphorus on Palestinians…

None of this is intended to justify any chemical weapons attack. They are all horrific and brutal. I am simply offering proven use of chemical weapons by our allies, which include those directly and indirectly supporting IS and Al Nusra aka The Rebels. When there are no proven attacks using chemical weapons of President Assad.

I had wanted to move onto the US missile attack this evening, but the above has sickened me to the core and I will aim to finish this with Part 2 tomorrow…And I cannot leave a piece of me ending with such agony, such an assault of reality upon everything we are and hope for, so I will make a step towards balancing the scales before I aim for slumber…balancing in terms of reminding myself and any other reading and then listening, that there are plenty of good souls amongst the human shaped drones, we just need to connect, become legion, or wither and die. For there is no place in this wicked world for the decent but wittingly blind. Buy the lie of a religious war until a psycho buys into the same bullshit and blows up your family, painting I.S. on the walls of the malls…Or…STOP. Consider who is organising this, who is responsible, where is the money coming from and seek a way to fight the good fight…against them.

Matisyahu remains my bambi Hope. Keny Arkana pulls me towards Reality…

I find the rage. Find myself shouting, my hands trembling, my fangs appearing and desperate to bite, held back solely by my fear of total loneliness. When I find not just the absence of La Rage, but witting complicity and harrowing obedience. People who continue to believe in proven liars and show a performance of suffering when people are culled closer to home than they care to truly ponder, and find me weird for asking them to wake the fuck up, to question the reasons why our overseers destroy country after country, slaughter million after million…Have I missed a transmission? Have I somehow slept through a message which everyone heard which demanded and led to total, unwavering obedience to proven lairs and killers in our name, with our wages? Is this what happens when you watch TV daily? No, I have heard it, read it, seen it, but find it so obviously seeking some horrid semblance of justification for global carnage, even when it comes home to roost…that I ignore it and focus instead on seeking others of my tribe of the one eyed, agonised daily in the land of the majority manufactured blind.

To find and feel any solidarity, from near or far, is welcome…and seldom found.

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