I make mistakes…

I am drawn to those with spirit,

warm instinctively to those with heart,

find curiosity and challenge in those with a mind which moves sharply enough,

to cut through the plentiful bullshit.


I make mistakes,

Yet my reckoning of me and that of those I love,

is far more focused how I and others react to those mistakes,

which matters more than the blunders.


Who wants a perfect robot with human flesh,

but no human emotions?

I prefer those who go wrong,

then realise their misstep and move to make things Right,

than those who seem always straight and narrow on a path of righteousness…


And have long known,

we learn more of ourselves and others,

from people fucking up,

than playing perfect and nowt but nice…

We are losing respect for not just each other,

but ourselves…The thing we call ME.

We are losing value for anything we do not find served up on a virtual platter.

We are becoming so far removed from Love that we are learning to love to hate…

we are learning to love the lies.

to love our lies…

By my side rants and raves my faithful hound,

in my heart can be found solely the valkyrie daughter of Boudica:

Yet inertia is growing,

I find the ice melt flood causing me to glow,

and will flow that love in the Right direction.

Also work to distract myself towards meaningful endeavour,

let the spirit take the reins as the bambi heart prances in the lavender…eyes glistening with tears of hope…

then find men of my motherland spouting such sublime lines as…

‘I have always seen…things…through different eyes’

I seek honest expression of the ME,

the thing behind the thoughts,

found at the core of the feelings,

beyond the body and the senses,

I mean all that remains,

when the flesh and cold hard thought is dismissed…

which I am calling SOUL..

SOUL is the essence,

it emerges with filters and expressions of feeling,

can be hidden behind many a pretty line,

but it is what we feel,

when we look into the eyes…especially our own in the most honest of mirrors.

it is all that matters.

We are meant to love each other,

We are meant to be open to each other,

its the only way we can know ourselves and love ourselves,

and then,

love others….

Yet people, myself included, get confused,

we find values, which others confirm,

when the only confirmation we should ever seek is found within,

its found in our essence,

its found in our Nature….


so dont ask a friend for advice,

ask the wind,

ask a waterfall,

ask anything but a human…

Speak to the trees,

dance in the waves,

stroke cats,

marvel with a smile in your heart at the wilderness in all its glory, nakedness and honesty,

and become one with this…



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