Make War or Make Love or Make Poetry…Nothing else matters

Beyond the televised debates,

beyond the manufactured gatherings of the proudly, ever expounding their virtues, with a shrug, and stroke of the beard, pseudo ‘anti fascists’,

Beyond the whispers of the banking gangsters,

Beyond the widely accepted as ‘safe and secure’ following of the mainstream muck,

Beyond the carefully conjured and scripted My Kitchen Rules where all that is cooked and fried are your flashes in the pan of value to this struggle,

Beyond, as in the overseers of this mass deceit and drone prone system,

are to be found men sacrificing children ritualistic style as sincere to everything they know as Self in their devotion to a Cause as Evil as any Good we could ponder.

This is the reality. This is our REALITY.

How does that register?

Our True Leaders are finding themselves at their most perfect when killing kids amongst oceans of nubile woman flesh, masks, candles, and temples…

Seems fucking bizarre, yet it appears as Real and Logical as anything else I have ever close to known as clear and unavoidably menacing.

Now to realise this, leads any creature I can consider valuable to me, to the planet, the difference between which is more slender in my thoughts than may appear the case, to one of the following situations…

  • Nowt can be done, hope that things will change, love your family, adore your woman.
  • Something must be done, I just dont know what, but am open to suggestion, for to pretend everything is anywhere near okay, for me and my children, and my friends, and the planet, is a lie I feel forced to live,…but dont want to.
  • Pondering such things as part of my reality, I want to embrace with the depths of my anchors in Existence, the Woman who makes the world seem a better place, a beautiful place, an all consuming prurient place, who makes my heart sing her name always…
  • We are fucked, and I am ready to FIGHT.

We are all looking at facebook,

checking likes and shares,

yet ask anyone their opinion on a Saudi masochist promoted to head the UN Human rights council?

and nobody cares…

I am disgusted and perplexed,

asking the stars ‘what does this mean?’

to explain as to why I am more affected and suitably rageful, demanding justice,

in response to what I have seen?

where my mind and heart has been?

concluding that I missed the rolecall for a screen,

which paints ugly as pretty,

mass murder as progress,

which leads me to ponder the outfit worn by the bitchorette,

then consult the world the next day in the workplace on the cut of her dress…

We are directed to focus on nothing that matters, which is intentional, and whilst the living may seem, may feel, fine and dandy, we do right by our kids, we take them to school, we nourish them, we are avoiding what matters more…namely, the steady march towards armageddon.

I meet more people fearful of themselves, than fearful of others. This may be naive, for perhaps they have nothing, have found nothing more precise and proper, other than a prescribed path through existence, than playing their part in a system which is maiming, raping, killing, stealing, profiteering its way through the world, in our name, with our taxes….

The idea of showing love and it being enough has long passed. Part of me smiles, in a mocking manner, as I know I am to write…we are fighting tooth and claw for our own demise. For nuclear war. For total carnage through which few will survive…I was watching old man Corbyn, interviewed by the BBC, which my brethren in the motherland pay for…He was asked, with a smarmy smile ‘are you seriously saying you would not approve of military intervention in SYria, nor would you approve of spending the obviously needed billions on Trident, to do so will clearly encourage terrorism and Russia’?…and I look at Corbyn…and feel his exasperation. Though lack his guile and calmness. When the ‘media’ we pay for, is mocking a candidate for seeking peace, for seeking any possible move to avoid nuclear apocalypse, to steer clear of any policy seeking killing lives to save lives…we have a very serious problem…

Enough. By now anyone with even a half functioning mind connected to a beating heart will know the problem. Whining about it, as I am prone, achieves nothing, and leans me closer to the morons applying badges of moralistic Cool to their flesh and facebook profiles. Calling themselves activists, yet they never act. Roaring with hubris as they denounce the fascists! Down with the Right, I am all about the left? The left of what? Where have these ghouls come from, who are suddenly anchored in a political spectrum where one wing hates and refuses to listen to the other, yet they are both needed to take flight…

I am interested in proper action. And the first move is to spread awareness of our enemy, which on the whole, includes our allegiance and so cheaply purchased obedience, to learning from a machine, a system, we call ‘news’, which has lied to us over and over and over again, at the cost of millions of innocent lives in foreign scorched lands…Do you know our enemy, beyond ourselves, the claws on the levers? They are too far removed from us, and what we see as ‘governments’ are merely their playthings, their spokesmen…They are beyond scoundrels, they are pure evil, who hate us, and mock us, and play with us, sniffing lines of high grade white powder off the thighs of the finest purchased and owned feminine succulence…They never come close to us. Yet they are real. They are pulling at the strings of society. They own the ‘news’. They own the banks, the politicians, the armies, the missiles, the supply of survival or demise…

The first step to be taken is to understand and accept that our widely promoted and guided encouragement to fling meaningless muck towards ‘leaders’ are presenting hollow totems. Attend a rally, a protest, against…an actor. Or perhaps >>>the more potent first step is pondering that this ‘all you need is a beer and a roof over your head’ will be fine to pass on to your children…is the modern fairytale. As substantial as the tooth fairy…

You are believing in Santa Claus. To seriously conclude that the human hordes are moving in any direction but war which will come to our doorsteps, more swiftly from our own apparent overseers before those we are destroying, a portion of them, come to the same conclusion, and head towards the source…which is US. Or more specifically, our real overseers killing in our name and labour.

Without our system which is devastating the planet, ending the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, as we are told to cry for 22 mothers and children at a music concert in our own backyard; there is far less war…yet as we are hugely, wholly invested for the many, in a system where we compete, take more than give, give only in order to take, alerting the many to the reality is too tall a task…no…more brutal methods are required.

I need to keep my hound safe…my only concern with knowing and launching myself towards the point of no return.

There is no co-operative, slow burn, benign uprising…when we are facing an Enemy very well grounded and in total control. Try, as it is hard to do so, to consider an Enemy who rules us, who regularly, daily, smiles, and feels a dark glow rising from within, when they decide the cruel deaths of scores of innocent lives in foreign lands and increasingly our own, which we pay for…

We wail and present ‘solidarity’ on social media, whilst blinding ourselves to our own sickness of the soul.

How many times do we need to be told ‘the suicide bomber was known to the security services’ before we begin to realise, they are working, likely on the whole unwittingly, for the security forces. These people work not for us, but for a vicious, venomous crowd of perhaps a couple of thousand, complicit in the demise of everyone but their own.

We wail…when we are attacked. Choose to support more war, to ‘protect our society’. Those we pay taxes towards are mass murderers. Obama, Trump, May, Cameron…Hollande…It is no wonder that a chap with any connection to Libya brought the war home. He was most likely guided, through any one of a multitude of sinister methods available to our killer priests. Our ‘governments’ were killing us for similar reasons many moons ago, and yet, even regardless of any knowledge of Operation Gladio, people are more prone to believe in the same bullshit, even when it appears far removed from sensible, let alone logically in our collective interests…

History, at least in terms of humanity, moves in circles…cycles…We should all study the Mayans.

Make Love, Make War, Make poetry which moves people in head and heart. And always, always, always…Mean what You Say…Nothing else matters…

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