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Nemstov put down by MURDER INC

By tdf, March 8, 2015

Former Soviet Leader, old man Gorbachev…”“It’s an attempt to push the situation into complications, maybe even to destabilising the situation in the country.”

putting it country simple. He is not referring to Putin, he is referring to those wishing to destabilize Russia, meaning the US, UK, Israel and related vassal states. Which makes sense…As I always bang on about, the very first and most important question to ask when a matter of potential importance takes place is Cui Bono? Who gains? And you have to be brain-dead to answer that question with ‘Putin’. Who gains nothing, other than his Western and Middle Eastern foes, finding renewed wind in the sails of their concerted agenda of diminishing and engendering hatred and dear towards the leaders of Russia in any way possible…

Who Gains out of this is the US. UK, Israel and other assorted vassal states of the Death INC ranks…If you want to make someone look bad, you create a crime and pin it on them. Oldest trick in the book. Dear Goebbels would be ever so proud of his progeny in the US…Just another chapter in the playbook of Obama the white knight and his cronies…let us make Assad look bad? We will launch a chemical attack on Damascus, the day after Assad invites UN chemical weapons inspectors into his lair!

Brilliant…Fuck, it didn’t work, and worse still the UN says it was our ‘moderate’ rebels who had the Sarin gas, who we have been arming…OK, perhaps we can fuck up Ukraine…military coup, DONE…How can we make Russia look bad? Blow up a civilian airliner and pin it on the russian bear! That will show him! FUCK, the russians showed radar imagery of our new allies the Ukranian army likely downing the plane…best sweep that one under the carpet!. OK, we continue to say Russia has invaded Ukraine, nobody cares if we have zero proof…and next, let’s kill his main opponent, in moscow! everyone will believe us! They believed us on Osama, they believed us on the WMD, they believed us on Gaddaffi! And none of them care that we decimated those last two countries, bombed them back to the dark ages! And lost the war in Afghanistan…indeed, everything is going perfectly to plan! let me hear you all shout…U S A…!!! U S A!!! D E A T H I N C!!! U S A!!!

(Guest Post by Rasputin)

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