prancing back in time to regain focus on what matters most…

I miss the 90s.


Moving into my teens.

running as the fox with the wild urban wolves

mega social upheaval.

perhaps the 60s and 70s were shared between the US and UK as epicentres of non violent revolution,

whilst the violence raged as always,

elsewhere, in far flung lands we were told lies about…

I remember dancing to ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb Libya’…

at primary school.

and yet now,

I remain in reverence to this chap>>>

Little love for The Colonel, I get it…

SO will focus on more palatable offerings,

of a period of my life when I was not proud to be british,

but now feel privileged to have been part of that time,

when sparks were flying in all directions,

no judgements,

just dance and play and sing and run naked and wild…

I remain in love with Paula ABdul,

yet have this odd sensation,

that I am more Her, than the Womanfolk I have village idiot thrown my bambi romeo into….

Absent of those desires finding purchase,

I focus on the wilderness becoming me and my circumstances>>>



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