QAnon – manufactured feed for the hungry masses.

I am fairly well read. Fairly well traveled. Fairly well lived and prone to existing with my throttle wide open. All of which combines and leads my fairly capable intellect to assume an extremely cynical stance towards humanity. Which includes a scathing assumption of most of our homosap flock at the top of our SYSTEM.

As for the Overseers, as in what we often consider our government…We have come upon a time when information can move lightning fast ubiquitously and simultaneously. A time where War and so much more of our day to day wakefulness is directed by Information found in the Digital Age. Whether that be the latest episode of the latest hit series on NetFlix, the latest match on Tinder, the latest social media ### hagtag campaign of WE ARE CHARLIE. It is all part of the same feed, the same very clearly directed serving up on a plate INFORMATION and sometimes veiled GUIDEBOOK of how to be a good slave.

I know left leaning beatniks, anarchist poets, rugged townies grown wild and fierce and righteous, many more who would be considered tame and far from that spastic term of ‘woke’ by those so indoctrinated into consuming their own bullshit that they can’t see their blinkers, let alone beyond…I also know a couple of QAnon fans who I like, and know they have good hearts and souls. And I admire their zeal, which is real and precious. Would certainly want them on my side if any apocalyptic strife occurred. Yet so would those eager to control them…

My interest in the QAnon routine is probably due to their involvement. And I have delved, admittedly tentatively, for I cringe easily.

Still, I have delved. And found my own considerations of the global power structure echoed to some degree in some of the focus of the QAnon crowd videos and ravings. Some. Its not Ken O Keefe or Chomsky or Hitchens or Count Vlad. Though all of them would also find some sympathy in the QAnon cause with their own stance on How Fucked Up The World Is and Why.

My assumption of the hysterical following the apparently coming ‘storm’ and seeing Trump as some form of rough justice mega warrior on a global footing, somehow sneaked into a position of huge and savage power, was initially along the lines of….

We live in an age where information flows so freely and heavily that hints of the reality of our Governments and their connexions to mass murder rape pillage and scorch the earth seep into the mainstream. This heavy free flow of information in our Digital Age does not, however, mean alone, that the slither of horror of our reality at the Overseer level of Society seeps into the mainstream…for the price of this huge bandwidth of Information sharing at light speed is that propaganda is more powerful than ever before. It is incredibly naive to assume that the very crowds responsible for the major platforms of the digital age are not in total control of these platforms…and that they would allow some mass movement against them to congregate and grow in strength.

If I was in charge of social engineering, I would accept that some information regarding the sinister happenings of the government and their overseers is seeping out, accept it cant be helped, and focus on using this seeping out, to shine the light those folk are seeking bright and blinding in their eyes…and to then direct their thoughts whilst steadily maintaining the idea that they had found the Light which the others were blind to. Hide the shackles and bars from the slaves and they dont know its slavery. Control the debate from all sides, and you control the debate…

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And so…my opinion of the Qanon routine was that it was at root, the very same platforms that those who took up the cause, were so blinded by the light shone in their eyes, that they called it their Enemy when it was feeding them and telling them how Aware they were, and to pity those who had not yet seen the light, or could not see the light.

The mere idea of a ‘high ranking intelligence operative’ delivering their secret information to the Aware, via mainstream platforms…is so ridiculous, so obviously a co-opting of the forlorn hopes of those feeling like they can do something, be a part of something, for serious change…that…I will not finish the sentence with any semblance of insults to some people I enjoy and respect for I often like people who wish to make the world a better place. I just find it harder to see that initial warmth towards  them blossom, when they follow mass hysteria and hold it up as something righteous and something only they can see. Consider me blind for merely challenging the opinion delivered by someone they have never seen met smelt or known…Everything that comes from a screen is manufactured and aimed at finding you. With an agenda.

I delved into a QAnon group on fuckbook of late. Kept pretty quiet for a while just to glean an outline of what was afoot. Some of which, yes yes! touched upon my own considerations of horrific control systems at play, more than hinted at the ritualistic macabre brutality I suspect is still afoot as it has always been throughout the ages within the upper echelons of our accursed flock. And yet…then I started seeing the mass hysteria. And began to comment.

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The religious extremism provoked me. As it seemed bizarre to find people ranting of islamic extremism and Mossad Psyops whilst also professing allegiance to a righteous christian god rightfully engaging in mass murder of non believers through the ages. Millions of non believers slain. Many millions. Righteously.

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No issue with the suggestion of the longstanding ritualistic blood letting still taking place at well hidden strata of humanity, but I find the Adrenochrome routine a little far fetched. Partly because there is zero evidence to suggest any truth to the assumed euphoria if not bathing in and drinking of the well of eternal youth effects widely and proudly written by the QAnon crowd. Mainly due to the far more clear diversion tactic of such a feeding of cryptic crumbs to the flock. Why focus on Hilary Clinton’s connections to death squads, regime change and election manipulation? Instead focus on her Adrenochrome habit…

The tipping point, of a stupid foraging from the off, was reached swiftly by asking a thread starter on the Qanon Australia group how she could seriously be mocking those lacking awareness of the truth of Qanon and God, through use of Facebook, and worse still, adding self righteous berserker zeal of WE ARE THE NEWS…

I was banned for showing contempt for such memes as ‘SATAN IS BEHIND IT ALL’ and ‘ATHEISTS ARE THE LAST TRICK OF SATAN’ and ‘ WE ARE THE NEWS’…

The experience has left me more convinced of my initial inkling that the whole routine is, ironically, what those in the Qanon flock constantly refer to as a Psy Op…the irony is that they are buying into it hook, line and sinker. And cant see the forest for the trees.

A telltale sign of a control system is that the information fed to the flock and their discourse is completely bereft of affirmative action towards any capacity for critical thinking. The message is taken as gospel and delivered in such a way, to such a crowd, that to question the message leads to silencing or mockery, never constructive debate.

Its not just Qanon which draws this conclusion, its the maddening blinkered idiocy of all who take an opinion so clearly mass disseminated to have any effect, by the very crowds those consuming the drivel then rail against. On Facebook and Twitter…For there is little difference between the extreme left and extreme right and extreme anyone focused on consuming a mass media manufactured message. They are both too blinkered to see their blinkers…And Social Dissonance is their mainstay. Which is appalling to any possessing a semblance of that golden fleece of a Free Thinker.

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