Reverie is the totem of Woman for my muddled senses ever eager, when gathered and sodden with the lucidity I despise when it renders me a good corporate citizen, when it encourages me to be not just nicer, but too soft, too accommodating, too fake…and she emerges with one word, one line, as a goddess delivered upon us to challenge beyond the mainstream mantra…

She is amazing. SO open…a force of nature vulnerable, proud, wild…a member of my lost tribe, who to hear and feel nourishes within me the howl of the wilderness which seeks ever to abound, yet hides to stay in the shadows until…


Im not going to find a reflection of the feral howl of my own essence here in the City.

Its best I marry the ocean.

sing love poetry to the rain,

seek the blizzards to flow upon me from my idea of cruel and beautiful divinity driven down from the clouds…

to cleanse of the human babel tower chorus,

burn through the layers of words words words,

return us back to PRIMAL.

The battle is not Men v Women. That is low rent thinking…

The war which none of us are ready to rage is about the power of our Overseers,

who have no gender, no colour, no sexuality..

They are sociopath scum.

Easier to put I AM CHARLIE on fuckbook…

Call yourself an activist when attending a silicon valley ordained ‘protest’.

rant of the white male supremacy.

find a white man who ‘feels you’,

hates himself,

to get between your thighs,

small price to pay eh!

Another who takes me away from such pathetic focus on anything but what matters most to the world,

is Keny Arkana…>>>>

Keny and Reverie are resilient to the mainstream mantra. They merge to become amazing, beautiful femininity fighting the good fight.


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