Schwab is the epitome of EVIL??? Find a Better Way To LiVE…

By tdf, March 22, 2022

I am appalled and close to dumbfounded by the gullible 99.9% of people who are blindly, believing in the same vile corporate/state very much bedfellows scum, who lied to us about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and that ‘quiet genocide’ in Yemen…I paid for the mass murder and mutliation of these people.

Over 1,500 Palestinian children killed since 2000 – Middle East Children's Alliance



Videos expose shocking IDF cruelty - Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

This viral video of an Israeli soldier trying to arrest a Palestinian boy says a lot - The Washington Post

Yemen's Blood Is on US Hands, and Still the US Lies About the War - Toward Freedom

Activists: Syrian troops ambush rebels, kill 62

Famine in Yemen could become one of worst in living memory, UN says | Yemen | The Guardian

85,000 children in Yemen have starved to death: Save the Children report - ABC News

These last images, I find it very hard to even peek at, but I must…YOU must,,,as they are the reality of the WAR of GENOCIDE the US has long been supporting in Yemen. My tears are useless, I can but hope my writing is of more value somehow.

Torture, trauma and intimidation: How Israel treats Palestinian child prisoners | The Electronic Intifada

Amnesty report claims Israel 'kills,' 'tortures' Palestinian children - The Jerusalem Post

How can anyone not see this, and not cry, then rage against this vicious scum? Who are OUR LEADERS. In the UK, in France, in the US, in AU, in NZ, in CAnada with that heinous fiend Trudeau…

We have long been lied to.

We have long paid for this hideous global slaughter,

whilst turning away from the carnage, blaming whoever we are told is the ENEMY,

then focusing on our own virtual ISMS and spastic pride….responding on sociak media with our Vanity Projects.

I am no fan of Putin. He was a brutal swine when coming up the ranks. Grzony especially, is instructive, and yet, even that…ties instantly back into the WEST funding right wing extremists. We make the Enemies of humanity by our inhuman brutality.

As we funded right wing extremists in Afghanistan, as we funded the same in Libya, and Syria and all over Central and South America.

Forget Putin Smeagle man for now,

we need to see ourselves true and clear first and foremost,

before we can find any position to judge others.

We pay our taxes towards a system in which we can enjoy many things. The other side of our taxes funding our overseers I have vaguely shown in pictures above.

We pay to kill, maim, poison, torture, tear limb from limb, in foreign lands,

then turn to the footy and talk of our latest HD television.


What the fuck does that mean?

Do you stand with these neonazis?

Must be russian propaganda eh!

Neonazis boasting of the weapons we have given them, confirming their part in Maidan, doing the work of our overseers…all in front of a cardboard cut out of Stephan Bandera, a nazi collaborator who oversaw the slaugher of 500000 people during WWII.


Immortal technique…roaring so much TRUTH>>>

Rugged Brother takes THIS delving below the topsoil or our convenient more pleasant than honesty idea of system, much further, deeper, and dives grisly into the shadows we ignore.

Lif was prophetic, or just an uncouth, unwanted reflection of what we were.

We have since become much worse.,

Mystics for many centuries, of different aeons, of different ideas of Gods and Goddeses, have often found common paths with their enquiry of existence posed to the killing, the flames, the moon wind and stars…


We have lost all of that magical delving beyond the confines any Society of Control demands we believe in, with anything beyond deemed a threat to us all.

Sagan delved deeper than most humans I know, and brings me odd HOPE.

The war is already on our doorsteps,

we frog march into our own oppression,

What most don’t understand is that these realms we pay to carnage,

reflect back upon us…

As we have seen and felt in recent times,

get the corporate chemicals OR?


Speak of any of the extermination campaign of our own oveseers?


I need to fall into line,

speak to neighbours and colleagues of what burns my soul and play nice,

Little by little,

I have shed too much of my bowiing blindness to all that is FUCKING HIDEOUS,

to happily talk of the footy and tumeric lattes…

Find a BettER WaY To Live.



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