Why cant they just leave me alone,
Let me do the job,
THEY pay me to do*

Let me sell their fish,
With a smile on my face,
That I share,
With THEIR customers,
Who pay THEIR wages.

Its not enough,
For me to dress THEIR way,
For me to shave THEIR way,
For me to arrive,
And depart,
When THEY say.

For a spot above MINIMUM wage,
I give THEM my time,
But I wont give THEM my respect,
Because THEY don’t deserve it.

THEY are turning the screw,
Backing me into a corner,
Forcing me to bare my teeth and claws,
Even though,
I’m damn good at the job,
THEY pay me to do…

By being Myself,
I keep THEIR customers happy,
By being Myself,
I make enemies,
Out of human shaped,
Power hungry pigs,
Who see me as…
Even though,
I make more than satisfied,
The source of THEIR income…

I’m close to exploding with profanity,
I’m close to giving THEM,
The reason THEY crave,
To show me the door…

It’s just a matter of time…

And Maybe,
It’s a blessing in disguise,
Because I’ve become too cozy,
Too blinkered,
With the vision of an ugly security in a dead place.

One of THEM has my respect,
Because he is real,
He is alive,
The Rest,
Are a cackle of failed people,
Who have found their calling as supermarket disciplinarians,
Spending their well paid hours making sure,
The grunts keep grinding…

The Lone Wolf amongst the Hyenas,
Wears their clothes,
But there is a sparkle of vitality in his eyes.
The Rest,
I wouldn’t care if they burned…

I’m on my way out,
But I’ll go when I decide,
Until that point,
All I gotta do,
Is try lay low,
‘Cos I know,
For a glare,
For a smile,
For disobedience of bullshit orders,
They can’t fire me…

My card is well marked,
It’s too late,
Too pointless,
To retreat my SELF,
To start buttering Their bread,
To Dirty Rotten Scoundrels…

I’m on my Way Out,
But I won’t be pushed….

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