Juventus 2-2 Bayern Munich…last rites.

February 24, 2016

I remain in a state of recovery. Still my blood feels alive with war and battle, my body tired yet my spirit a flame, for we witnessed a true marvel when the Germans came to town. Unfortunately I had to head straight the office after the match, from being thrown hither and thither by great […]

Sevilla 1-0 Juventus – Profligate, yet spirited

December 9, 2015

If there was one player who would put us to the sword and still leave me smiling, or rather, avoiding the eagerness to roar and smash the screen, it was Llorente. I have always liked the Spaniard, not just for his selfless build-up play, ability to bring others into an attacking move and his outstanding […]

The Spanish Inquisition – Seville v Juventus Preview

December 7, 2015

When the draw was announced for the group stage of the Champions League I will admit I was a little worried. And this was before I watched us slump into a lethargy on the field domestically as the season drew close enough to embrace. For Man City with their billions bankrolling a fine selection of […]

claudio marchisio juventus

Quick-fire reaction to Juve reaching the Champions league Semi-Finals

April 24, 2015

Our goal was to re-establish ourselves as a top 8 side in Europe. This has been achieved. Perhaps not at a canter in the last stage, but Monaco have only one way to play and in the first leg we worked damn hard for the goal leaving us able to play Monaco at their own […]

Allegri Juventus

Allegri is the new Juve Manager – Early thoughts

July 16, 2014

Far from excited about the arrival of Allegri but the situation could be worse. Also, other than the half season before he lost his job at Milan, he did well enough at AC, especially considering the power struggle with Galliani and dear Silvio, and the hotchpotch collection of parts which would clearly not fit well […]

conte juventus

Antonio Conte needs to learn some self restraint

May 17, 2014

I am inclined to believe that Conte’s posturing includes a heavy focus upon been granted greater autonomy at the club, specifically in relation to transfers. I am likely not alone in my perception of Conte’s despair last Summer at the sale of Giaccherini. The little goblin, as I affectionately nicknamed him a few years back […]

Copenhagen 1-1 Juventus

September 19, 2013

There is much to be said in favour… …of sticking to a system which has claimed the lion-share of two domestic titles and laid the foundation for our re-emergence as any kind of force in Europe last season. Its too hard to even write the word LION without Llorente appearing in my thoughts and demanding a mention… […]

Bayern Munich v Juventus Champions League quarter-final PREVIEW

April 1, 2013

Every Juventini who witnessed the barbed 1-2 away victory over Inter in the derby d’italia last Saturday will be confronting Tuesday’s champions league quarter-final with confidence, excitement yet also a hint of trepidation. Whilst its fair to conclude that we never looked like losing, those with any objectivity must concede that the victory was in […]