the moon in full bloom and glare,

Not all humans are born of society,

and given their script to speak and live by by Society.

The many…yes,

Born into the mundane,

seeking only the mundane,

the comfortable, unchallenged, predictable…following the safe script.

Some are born of and grow to seek and follow something of the Wilderness.

they seek the flames which burn the brightest, and can never settle for lukewarm…


Yesterday is not enough to become an echo of today,

comfortably mundane does not bring solace and calm joy,

these accursed members of our human tribe are seeking the thunder and lightning,

the moon in full bloom and glare,

the blizzards and the gales…

of making love in the darkness, naked in the forest, with their mutual moans becoming one with the wail of the howl of the wilderness.

but why be so serious eh…

for those same children of the forest seek fun and mischief and play>>>>

This lost tribe of the few are not noted for depth of intellect,

just always of often seeking the primal urges and surges of the wild found within…

its this which stands them apart from the common flock,

of scripted, of hidden, of seeking safety in numbers,

in human outline…

And is found as powerfully in obscure hiphop>>

as lunatic street art prancing>>>

as long in the fang but still wicked late 90s dance>>>


The lyrics are less important than the spirit…which is honest as the forest, wild as the tides throng and throb, reaching towards the lunar energy which is powerful enough to make the Oceans howl.

For when I can find a man of my own mangled poet zeal who always gave his everything, even drunkard, his honesty flows far beyond his words>>>

Eyedea, who has long seemed a mix of an old brother Steve and my hoped for self, comes across as a man intentionally lost, asked to share his thoughts from that place of his uncaring for the outline, placed alongside those trying, trying, trying…to appear sincere, but they are not speaking from the mangled essence…Mr Laursen is. He knew no other way, and close to neither do I. Eyedea didnt try, he just was…



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